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Why Big Brand:  A Message from Gerry Foster

In today’s noisy, crowded, internet-based marketplace, you are competing with thousands if not millions of similar businesses around the world that are vying for attention. False perceptions occur.   Standing out is getting harder and harder. It’s as if you’re invisible.

The Big Brand Formula was created to help solve those problems. Positioning YOUR brand as preeminent in your industry – #1 in your specialty – is at its core. In a world filled with more possibilities than ever before, the better you can set yourself apart from the competition, the more you can soar.

It’s all about getting noticed, remembered, and desired.  My job is to assist in getting consumers to choose YOU, especially when they must choose between close alternatives!

  • The Formula will help pinpoint and elevate your uniqueness, so people think of and choose YOU first!
  • It’s your WOW factor
  • When thrown into the pot with the right ingredients – smart marketing and rock solid selling – you get the perfect recipe for MORE customers, sales, and profits

Go Against the Flow

Serving up something mouthwatering that’s fresh, original, and perhaps even radically different that will surprise even your most skeptical potential customers is what the Formula is designed to accomplish. It’s not a luxury.  Nor is it reserved for products. Services, a business, nonprofit, or people (a personal brand) can be big branded too.

The Formula is a blueprint with a sequence of steps to create a world-class brand even if your budget is small.   It provides the strategies, not just information, needed to break-out and get consumers to perceive your brand as deserving of their trust, respect, and hard-earned money.

Big Brand Formula is here for you. I’m here for you. And my team is here for you.

Brandtabulously yours,

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