How to Create a Mega-Impact,
Awe-inspiring, Lucrative Brand

In these 7 Workshop Videos and Action Guide training modules Gerry Foster provides a 3 step system for creating your own unique, high impact brand using his highly acclaimed Big Brand Formula!

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Successful Brand Creation

Big Brand Pyramid Resolution Formula

Say hello to charting a path towards reaping greater rewards … and leveraging the value you provide!

If you feel stuck or struggle to separate yourself from competitors with a clear and compelling brand, my Big Brand Formula Virtual program (BBFV) will ensure you brand effectively like the big companies do

combining the best in entrepreneurial branding with the best thinking, methods, and approaches from the world of big branders

around 3 simple steps to create an exceptional brand from scratch or extend the power of your existing brand!

You’ll gain confidence and clarity through my proprietary Big Brand Formula™ – a 3-step ‘Excite, Delight, Ignite’ journey.  It’s a guided system that enables you to organically develop a big brand and a strong message that sells, to make it easier for you to get new customers.

Ready to Create a Brand that
Actually Works?

Your brand is everything.  It’s your reputation.  It’s your legacy.  It’s your conveyor belt!

Your brand combined with your marketing and selling activities are the three (3) most powerful tools you can use to grow any business, especially if you’re in a competitive market.

  • Gaining clarity around what distinguishes you as a ‘big brand’ helps you scale your mountain – faster, further & farther 
  • This alone can take you to higher ground immediately


With this self-study program you can follow along and see step-by-step exactly how to Big Brand your business, nonprofit, product, service or even YOURSELF as a personal brand.

  • No mater your location, how big your company is, or even if you’re an up-and-comer, BBFV is ideal regardless of your situation
  • No longer will you have to feel frustrated about where to start, what to do, or how to strengthen what you already have



Your Benefits

Here are the main 8 REASONS WHY this program will catapult your success!

Follow this paint-by-the-numbers system to:

  1. Identify the ‘something special’ you were born to do (and meant to accomplish)
  2. Distinguish yourself from the competition and gain an edge for the long haul (that makes you “you”)
  3. Pinpoint eager, ideal customers who fit the profile (a ‘hungry crowd’)
  4. Anchor in what you do best (your DNA) and uncover your secret sauce so you can claim brand superiority
  5. Stand out even more by answering the question, “How should we come across?” (your logo)
  6. Formulate a one-of-a-kind promise that will make your brand irresistible (your Statement of Mastery™)
  7. Craft a fundamental core message that makes people sit up, care, and buy (the right words)
  8. Spur consumers to remember whether they like your brand or not with a catchy tagline (a punchy slogan)

Bottom-line. When you learn the art of defining, differentiating, and developing an elite brand that represents the qualities your ideal customers care about, getting MORE SALES and benefiting MORE PEOPLE becomes a lot easier.


Look, Here’s the Deal!

If you’re like many owners, you’re probably confused about branding versus marketing to get customers.  More than likely you’ve been been told or taught to focus on marketing to promote your business and drive sales.  Just connect and convert, right, only to come up short on revenue and profits.

Come on, you know the drill:

  • Capture emails, communicate through social media, use videos, get lots of followers and subscribers, build your list, etc.
  • Or do offline stuff like attend networking events, advertise, work trade shows … and on it goes
  • Everything you’ve learned stresses using this marketing tactic or that sale pitch to make money.   Get someone to say, “Yes. I’m in!”

Putting Pride Aside

Be honest with yourself.  Do you see that these approaches can be very hit-or-miss?  All too often you risk turning people away from your website. Or folks say they’re going to buy but don’t!! Or they buy less and/or later!

I mean, who wants to spend their time chasing after disinterested strangers.  You must be the honey not the fly.  Let business come to you instead of you chasing after it.

Deep down inside you know there must be a better way. Well, help is here!

  • This proven system shows you how to lay down a solid foundation to build a strong BRAND upon!
  • No more are the days of putting ‘all your eggs in one basket’ by relying solely upon marketing and selling
  • Learn exactly how to clearly communicate with your customers and tell them why you’re better and different from your competitors

Then weave that into your marketing and selling activities to best build and monetize your brand.

OMG!  There’s an elephant in the room!!

But here’s the problem.  Do you think branding means having a logo?  Or a ‘website, book, tagline, or something else visual’?

Perhaps you think ‘branding is something only big companies do.’ This is more common than you might think; but the truth is, in order to have a profitable business, you must create a big name for yourself that distinguishes you and builds a magnetic reputation.

Be honest.  It’s time to shift your mindset around branding.  It’s more than any ‘face’ or visual reference for a company.  It’s not just about aesthetics. You want the secret:

  • To actually having a brand that up-levels your business, rewards you handsomely for doing something you love, and gives you a sense of freedom & latitude to truly enjoy life?
  • And why I developed BBFV?

Here it is:

Peek behind the curtains, access the computer code, and unlock the vault to grab the secrets of big branders!

This foundation, behind-the-scenes training will empower, guide, and support you in doing what truly matters for a breakaway, stand-alone brand no matter the type of business you have.

It’s about out-thinking, out-maneuvering, and out-flanking your competition, and not being just another face in the crowd.  In the world of small business, where every dollar matters and every mistake can cost dearly, don’t make the mistake of overlooking the importance of branding by thinking of yourself as a business and not a brand.

Maybe these three words will help: EXCITE. DELIGHT. IGNITE.


Here’s What You Get

BBFV contains 7 Workshop Videos and 7 Action Guides containing my complete set of PowerPoint slides to accompany  each of the 7 videos (btw, they are loaded with juicy content) and downloadable worksheets within each Guide to get your Big Brand up-and-running so you can indeed excite, delight, and ignite your market. Absorb it anytime, anywhere on your schedule to maximize your value.  I go deep to go big by helping you assemble & cement together the essential elements of your Big Brand foundation, to make it invincible and lasting.

You are more than welcome to take this course at your own pace. There is no right or wrong way to work through the material, and your access to the materials will remain open even if you need to spread out your learning process.

The 7 Videos …

Specifically, here’s a peek at what you’ll discover in each training video:

VIDEO 1: Brand Purpose

Craft Your Vision and Mission Statements

Great brands serve a higher purpose. You first need a ‘reason for being’ or fertile ground. Like a farmer who prepares the soil to grow crops:

  • We root your brand with a powerful and compelling purpose that stands for something beyond just making money
  • Declare the bold stand you’re taking to provoke customer enthusiasm about your brand

VIDEO 2: Differentiation

Break from the Pack

Gain a robust advantage as you learn to masterfully ‘separate yourself’ and push your product or services ahead of the competition with ease.

  • Isolate what’s uniquely brilliant about what you offer – those key differentiators consumers value highly, making you a highly distinctive brand
  • Provide a me-only experience so you are the preferred, sole provider for what they seek

VIDEO 3: Niche

Find your Ideal Customer

Great brands are built by a community … your tribe or avatar … individuals or organizations who are a perfect match for your product or service.

  • Discover WHO your perfect customer is and WHERE he, she, or they are located
  • Confidently know the people to concentrate on connecting with, paving the way to create messaging that will drive effective marketing and selling

VIDEO 4: Brand DNA

Concoct your Secret Sauce

Bountifully harvest your mix of special ingredients – standards, differentiators, proprietary service delivery capabilities and patentable product attributes

  • Conceive a sustainable edge that will be hard for competitors to duplicate or negate
  • Learn to shape a consistent, treasured customer experience for superiority, that says your brand is second to none and better than other alternatives

VIDEO 5: Image

Catch your Consumer’s Eyes

Cash in on all the clichés: “Image is everything”, “A picture is worth a thousand words”, “First impressions leave a lasting impression.”

  • If you feel your brand image or logo looks outdated or you want to be recognized by more customers, find out how!
  • Discover the 5 most important elements of the ‘look’ for a 6 or 7 figure commanding brand, including features & benefits to promote

VIDEO 6: WOW-ing

Promise & Connect with Words

Position your brand for high market impact, craft a one-of-a-kind Statement of Mastery™ (promise of irresistible benefits) and wrap it with emotional messaging.

  • Marvelous possibilities await you with heart-felt, value-driven words you can load onto your website, social media, and other marketing
  • The best name for your brand (your product or delivery system) can also be developed here, along with value-added stuff you could provide

VIDEO 7: Tagline

Reinforce your Unique Value

Grab the attention of consumers, better compete in a global marketplace, and do wonders for your business with a great tagline or slogan.

  • Devise a clever tagline that further tells why you’re different and inspires interest!
  • Help consumers decide whether to buy from you or someone else and remember you when they are looking for a brand like yours

Gerry’s 7 Action Guides …
Here’s what you’ll get:

Along with 7 Workshop Videos you get 28 pages containing apply-as-you-go worksheets, explanations and tools to support you to:

  • Get clear on your defining Brand Purpose mindset
  • Nail down what makes your brand different
  • Locate your ideal, lucrative niche customer to target
  • Answer the question, “What is your Secret Sauce?”
  • Determine the right logo for your business
  • Put together a gotta-have-it Statement of Mastery
  • Sprout juicy messaging and a clever tagline

PLUS: the strategies included in each Module has immediate, practical application. You can use them right away to get new customers, improve cash flow, and have more impact.


You can also get this …
Big Brand Review Sessions

Only $197 – that’s crazy!!

(Value $3,000 – I’m waiving my normal $500/hour fee)

You can participate in a live Q&A “Once a Month with Gerry” group call for 3 months to minimize frustration, eliminate the stress, and have fun creating your brand with grace and ease. Specifically, by Zoom, Gerry will review your Action Guide worksheet answers.

You can feel more confident with this whole process.  Gerry will:

  • Discuss specific questions you may have
  • Propose and make recommendations to make your brand stronger
  • Support you in getting more SALES!

Best of all, you will be able to leverage the perspectives and thoughts from others on the call to ensure you benefit.

Now is the time to Bring Your Gift to the World

Gerry will also:

  • Also record this session for you to review the many ideas, tips, suggestions and recommendations discussed during your calls with him
  • That way you can have it for future reference, or to share with someone else

And if that’s not enough, you also get a FREE 60-minute Private Coaching Session with Gerry by phone to review your brand development.  So, if you’re ready to scale your mountain and make getting customers easier with a Big Brand,  he can’t wait to support you!

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