Spend 1-on-1 time with Gerry at your location creating
a world-class brand or getting re-branded (a makeover)

If you are a mover and shaker … a game changer and your time is limited to work on your brand … then step into Gerry’s laser-focused, fast-paced VIP 2-Day Intensive!

Gerry with Satyen Raja
Pictured with Past VIP client Satyen Raja, President & Founder, WarriorSage, Langley, BC

Deep-Dive Immersion into your Brand…

This is my most intensive, focused, and customized private coaching experience. It is offered in limited quantities, by application only.  VIP 2-Day Intensive is ideal for select clientele with time constraints who want full immersion coaching to:

  • Create a big brand from scratch
  • Level up or refresh your existing brand
  • Take a quantum leap in your branding (either a business, personal, product, or non-profit brand) and get it done quickly

I Come to You!
This is where we meet at your office or home, just you and me (plus members of your team if necessary) and we develop a detailed blueprint throughout the two days that will outline your entire Big Brand strategy for:

  • Standing out from the crowd
  • Finding people who want to buy
  • Messaging that pays off …and so on

After our work is complete, all you must do next is build (integrate all we develop into your marketing) and launch (market and sell your brand to your targeted market). Any specific action-launch activities can then be added.

Pretty cool, huh?

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You get…

A brand developed people immediately connect with that will put a big ol’ smile on your face! Simple to understand yet impossible to ignore. Since great brands distinguish themselves at multiple levels, in this 2-day Intensive your brand will get created one pillar at a time.

Specifically, we will define and develop your:

  • Purpose (your ‘something special’ you were born to accomplish)
  • Differentiation (your undeniable, perhaps radical competitive advantage)
  • Avatar (your ideal, dream customer to draw in)
  • Secret Sauce (your proprietary, addicting, customer-pleasing ‘recipe’ to leverage for growth)
  • Positioning (your distinct, highly appealing ‘parking spot’ in competitive terrain)
  • Image (your image or visual identity for WOW impact)
  • Promise (your declaration or guarantee of unrivaled value you provide)
  • Tagline (your clever, catchy slogan to help people remember your brand)
  • Message (your suite of the right words said the right way to the right people)
  • Name (your face of the brand to further WOW & make a powerful impression)

Here’s What This Remarkable
Past VIP Client Had to Say

Past VIP client, Scholar’s Choice
Owners (Scott & Cindy Webster) & Vice Presidents (Sales & Marketing)
London, ON, Canada

Past VIP Client, CanTrust Financial Services Inc.
South Surrey, BC, Canada

My Work

Here are a few more past VIP clients.
Their end goal was to establish and communicate unrivaled value!!

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At the end of the 2-days, you’ll walk away with…


A customized, detailed, step-by-step blueprint or Big Brand Growth Strategy that can be translated into solid marketing tools. Just like my Private Coaching program, you literally get something you can:

• Grab onto

• Wave proudly

• Follow for rapid growth

It will summarize and map out all the above areas, so you know PRECISELY what to say, to who, and how. I will personally write it up for you when I get back to my office, usually completed and sent to you within a week.

And if that’s not enough:

I pledge to continue working with you by phone at no additional cost if, for some reason,
you are not pleased with what we accomplish!

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Brandtabulously yours