Thomas Coats

Thomas Coats, CEO
Working Earth Solutions 
Denver, CO

“… I gained ten times the dollars
& time I would have spent …”

I am very pleased that I chose your program to help me develop my brand. The results exceeded my expectations.  By using your program, I rediscovered my product from the stance of the consumer. It was an amazing discovery.

In the process of creating a brand your systematic approach helped me check, point by point, basic aspects of my business.

The discovery was such that I decided to stop everything and focus on brand development first, less I spend development dollars with a product that did not reflect the brand I wanted to create.

  • It proved to be the right thing to do.  It paid off in dollars and in time
  • I am glad we started to develop my brand early on. For me, it was the perfect sequence
  • It saved me tens of thousands of dollars in development costs

The entire business plan and strategic capital plan had to be adjusted and it all was done early enough.  My “pitch” improved significantly.

I learned that branding is not only for the consumer but is a powerful element of communication with investors.

I highly recommend your big brand program. It was easy working with you and for every dollar invested in brand development I gained ten times the dollars & time I would have spent later ineffectively.”