BBF 12 | Path To Branding Success

Many people think of branding as shortcuts, something that is produced with the end in mind other than thinking of how it can actually help. For this reason, many businesses fail to connect with their customers. They never take the time to think about the problem people have before offering them a solution. In this episode, Gerry Foster shows you the path to true branding success. Learn how big brands made it and start taking action to apply it to your business.

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The Surest Path To Branding Success

Welcome to episode twelve, The Surest Path to Branding Success. I came across a quote from Einstein who once said, “If I had an hour to solve a problem, I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and five minutes thinking about the solutions.” It’s been shown in branding that when you can create and craft and pivot your brand around helping to solve someone else’s problem so that they can be happy, so that they can feel satisfied, so that you can perhaps enable them to achieve success, you have now put yourself on the right path. However, the only way that you can determine that and get someone to buy your brandwhen I say your brand, it can be your product, service, business, supporting your nonprofit or yourself as a personal brand. 

The only way that you can get someone to buy into you and pay the prices that you want them to pay, when and where you want them to pay is to know exactly what they need and what they’re looking for from a brand like yours. It’s never about us. It’s never about what you want. It’s true branding success and how all these big brands, these super brands that you’ve heard me referencing in previous episodes, they quite often started off as a small business. One of the main reasons they became household names is because they figured out what others wanted and how they could solve other people’s problems. 

BBF 12 | Path To Branding Success

Path To Branding Success: Game-changing brands are successful because they help customers avoid pain, get out of pain, or prevent the loss of something dear to them.

Airbnb saw the problem called, “Where can I stay that’s nicer or as nice as a hotel, but a lot cheaper?” Google people certainly saw the problem called, “How can I quickly find what I’m looking for on the internet? saw the problem around, “How can I email large files and get past all those restrictions? From GEICO Insurance who provides us with the lowest automobile insurance rates and the ability to manage your policy online, to Enterprise Rent-A-Car that provides more than just traditional car rental, to Lyft that enables finding a cab be a thing of the past and having the ability to pay for transportation without having to use cash. The whole rideshare industry was a savior for so many of us. 

People buy brands for a lot of reasons. One of the things that are definitely true with so many successful money-makinggame-changing brands is their ability to help customers avoid pain, get out of pain or prevent the loss of something dear and important to them. What’s the problem that your brand is going to get rid of? What are you willing to raise the level of your performance to so that you can certainly say to your consumer and your targeted customer that you are going to relieve them of something? You’re going to liberate them from something. You’re going to help them overcome and get past something. What is that real problem that you can solve through your brand? 

They say that one of the biggest challenges for so many small business owners is that they don’t think like this. You may be one of those owners providing a product or a service or whatever. You’re so focused on providing your “services” or your products as opposed to linking your product or service with a problem that’s causing misery, heartache, headache, sleepless nights and sweaty palms. It’s causing stomach aches and all types of problems instead of linking your “brand” that results from your product or service with being able to get rid of that. All this is going to leave you with is having to compete on price because now people see you simply as a commodity. 

True branding success is figuring out what people want and how you could solve their problems. Click To Tweet

The most exciting brands, the ones that we love the most are the ones who step out there and relate to their consumer by letting them know that help is here. Be a problem solver. Be a solver of other people’s problems. If you can focus on helping others, if you can position your brand to be around enriching the lives of other people. When I say other people, I’m talking individuals, organizations or companies or whoever your target market is. If you can have your brand be perceived around your commitment to solving problems, enriching the lives of other people and helping others and on and on, you’re going to be looked upon as the brand to purchase. Don’t be like the rest of the crowd. Don’t just say, “This is what I do and what I offer.” Instead, have people look upon you as a savior. Until next time. Take care. 

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