Bhavna Srivastava’s name is synonymous with The Golden Light. A powerful visionary and thought leader, Bhavna has been chosen to bring the golden age on earth. She is the creator of Golden Light Healing, a system that heals people from trauma and pain by giving them clarity and peace. Through her books, podcast, speaking engagements, coaching and mentoring, Bhavna works with people at the soul level to help them manifest an abundance of love and money into their lives. Don’t miss this episode, where Gerry Foster brings her in for an enlightening conversation about this unique and interesting alternative healing modality. Listen in and let Bhavna help you shine your light with her Golden Light.

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The Golden Light with Bhavna Srivastava

One of the things that I have always focused on through all of my podcast interviews is bringing on the most amazing, extraordinary, and exceptional people in various fields of expertise. While the theme of my work is always around big branding, the whole idea of having a big brand is the ability for anyone who has a business, particularly those of you who offer any kind of expertise, skill, talent or ability is being able to make big things happen through the gift that you’ve been given. Such an individual is my special guest.

She is known as the Bhavna, the Golden Light. Before I bring her on, let me share with you a little bit about Bhavna. She is a powerful visionary, thought leader, and Founder of Bhavna’s Wellness Group and Saving People. She is the bestselling author of two books, Confused! Love, Lust or Spirituality? and Healing Trauma and Self Care. She is the chosen one to bring the golden age on earth. She is a transformational speaker, coach, mentor, trainer, Reiki master, Golden Light. She is the creator of Golden Light Healing.

One of the things that are so great about Bhavna is she works with people at the soul level, what their soul codes to bring an abundance of love and money into their lives. She teaches them and shifts them and their journeys to the next level. The next level of either with your relationships or work or money. Bhavna’s mission is very clear, simple, and powerful, which is to create a ripple effect of love and peace with golden light, experiencing more happiness in your relationships, connecting with each other, living and being in balance, creating the golden age, where there is equality for all, and everyone is joyous, harmonious, conscious, compassionate, and kind with one another. You’re going to learn a lot about Bhavna in terms of how to get in touch with her on my website where this interview will be parked. For now, she has a website which is You can also find out about her podcast and all the amazing things that she does when you come to my website. Without further ado, Bhavna, how are you?

I am wonderful. Thank you, Gerry. Thank you for the beautiful introduction.

It is great to have you here. I’ve been a big fan of yours for a while now. You and I have been doing some work together in terms of your branding. As I’ve gotten to know you, I find you to be an amazing person. First, tell everybody what is Golden Light.

Golden Light is unconditional love and peace within you. The part of you, which is your higher divine self. That is what is very peaceful. I have been re-awakened to be that and living in the human form. I reawakened your part of that divine, which is a saint because we come from that one unconditional love space. When we come down here, we forget all about it. When I connect with you, I awaken your divine self within you to recognize that you are unconditional love too.

How does that help people?

Let’s put it this way. When we go through life or when we are stuck in the traumas of life, what we are and who we are shifts. We are so pulled in the energy of the pain. The light who we are, which is a beautiful golden light shifts, and the darkness or the pain comes in its space. Who you are, that being inside of you, the child you, the divine self you shifts from being unconditional love to painful you. When I bring in that light, I’m clearing all those and refilling you up again with my golden light, to be you to recognize who you are.

If I had to give you an example, this is a glass of water, it’s filled. You can see the water. I see the water and I see the air. For me, this glass is not half empty. It’s full because there’s air too. What a normal person would see is just the water, not the air. I’m seeing the whole thing. It is still full. If life happens and this becomes murky water. Now what you’re seeing is the murky water. You’re still not seeing the air. I’ll take out this murky water and make it clear water again. This is still there.

BBF 48 | Golden Light Healing

Golden Light Healing: The Golden Light gives people direction by bringing them clarity and peace.

That’s pretty powerful because as I’ve gotten to know you, a lot of your work is about providing transformation for different types of pain that a lot of people go through in their life. Can you talk about that? I know you’ve done a lot of work with people who are suffering from an illness or they’re looking for a way to move forward because they feel stuck or unsatisfied with the direction their life is heading. Can you talk a bit more about that in terms of how to go that might help those people?

Golden Light helps in giving them a direction by bringing clarity for them. I take them through my golden light process or method where I do some clearings on them. I also call myself the soul healer. When I go in with them, I am looking at who you are. For me, when I see you, Gerry, I see this beautiful, wonderful soul. I see your light coming out. Sometimes when you go through trauma in life or heartbreak, that light can get dimmer.

If this is you, the trauma has made you not shine. What I do is releasing and clearing these layers. You are back up again and shining. I take and do the clearing process in that you start to shine. You start to get some clarity in what you have to go and what you have to do. The other part of me is bringing in peace. I start to bring in peace within you in your mind. Your mind, which is a chatterbox, loves to talk. Sometimes people can’t sleep because they’re going through so much trauma. They’re having a difficult time sleeping.

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That starts to calm down and you can start to sleep. When you sleep, your body starts to heal faster and better. It goes hand-in-hand. I take you through a process of doing that, feeling calmer, feeling peaceful, then I reawaken the love within you for yourself. When you have that, sometimes we become such a big giver in our lives that we are giving, and then we become empty from inside. When we are still empty, there is nowhere to go. Who can refill us? That’s what I do. I love doing that. I refill them with my Golden Light.

Someone should choose the Golden Light when they are dealing with something or putting up with something. What do you find to be the best type of clients?

I never put a thing on myself because I love helping people in all different areas and variety and wide aspects of themselves. They could be in trauma. They can come to me because I would hold them and start to clear the trauma so they’re not stuck in a pattern. I then bring their light out, and then my light becomes the torch for them on the path of their journey. My light helps them being the torch as they’re walking with their light on.

I like that because the Golden Light is all about spreading love, peace, and protection in the heart of all beings.

That’s where the protection comes in. I am in front of them, protecting them and letting them see what is there. If there’s something, I’m going to push that away for them so that they are safe.

Can you share some examples of people you’ve worked with were some incredible things have occurred? I know you’ve worked with different people in different types of scenarios. What can you share with our readers?

I have worked with thousands and thousands of people since I started and accepted my work. 2012 is when I had my reawakening. I have evolved since then. I’ve been humbled at the same time become powerful to help people in their healing journeys, processes, and spiritual classes. One of the interesting parts was a lot of people when they have relationship issues, they come in when the heartbreak happens. They are at rock bottom in their lives. They are so lost, they don’t know. I have had some people who were doing amazing in their lives. They had a six-figure income and separated, and then hit their rock bottom. They might still have the money or not have the money.

I lift them up and rebuild them up from scratch. I then empowered them to start their business or start their journey back up again, and start to see who they are and the powerful self that they are. During that time, I’ve shown them who they are through their fuller self. One example was someone whose husband cheated on her, and she was taking care of the kids and didn’t know what to do. As she came to me, I took her through the process of clearing, healing, empowering, and then bringing her light. Now she’s writing a book. She’s already opened her business. She’s already received so many places where she’s been invited to come as a guest speaker and talk. They also are paying her to come and speak because with her story she’s becoming such a powerful speaker.

She was a housewife before and stayed inside with the kids. She’s going out there. She comes back to Bhavna, “I can do this.” The vulnerable part of the way she’d received abuse and everything is not stopping her from hiding where before it was. She was stuck. You could imagine somebody going through a divorce and be like, “Let me get through this, and then I’ll do all this.” All those she did with me while she was going through the divorce.

You get a lot of people who are dealing with relationship issues in terms of the divorce, separation or they’re in a relationship, perhaps a marriage that’s not working. You’re able to free something where that love emerges and that connection occurs.

As I said, I’m all about love. I love to bring people back together. When people in their marriage later on or sometimes even early on are falling apart, but they do have love, bring them together because I know there are counselors and people like that. When I go in that energy, I can see who they are at the core level. Do they have love there left or not? If they have love, it’s just that so much has been put on top of it. It’s way down here. They cannot even see that. I release all that from the top. I light and bring it up so they can recognize it in each other and come back together. Focus on that within each other and respect that.

BBF 48 | Golden Light Healing

Golden Light Healing: People who are having trouble with their marriage still have love left in them. It’s just that so much has been put on top of it.

Talk some more about the core level work you do because I remember there were four levels, four types of pillars, whatever that word is you want to use. Can you speak about that?

For me, it’s very important. My integrity, honesty, love, having a passion for people, and kindness in your heart, and also who you are within your values, what you have received. I always say all the time, even if you’ve gone through a trauma in your life, you are not who you are made by your parents. You are who you are at that soul level you came down because you come with your own blueprint. It’s important to see that blueprint.

I liked that because many people out there are not only feeling stuck, but you’re not feeling good. I love how you offer people many benefits. When people work with you, they can be transformed to choose feeling good, having happiness, enjoy loving relationships, moving forward in life, peaceful, calm, and bliss. There are many things that are available from the Golden Light. I’m wondering what have you seen as a mindset that keeps a lot of people from going in this direction with you? You said something where some people think they can go to a marriage counselor, or some people think they can take a course or they’re trying to expand their business or build their career.

You’re doing something though that is exceptional because you are that me-only brand, which is you’re putting something out into the planet that nobody else is doing. Speak more about that because people need to understand that it’s okay to step outside the box, the nine dots, and do something that they maybe never have imagined before called the Golden Light. It’s not some woo-woo crazy thing. Can you speak about that?

It’s not at all woo-woo when people talk about it. It’s not there. They don’t know about it because I have not been awakened before. I haven’t been there. Now I’m here and I’m ready to shine my light. Up until now, I’ve been doing and helping people who come to me. Now I’m ready to shine my light out. That’s why this is the time when I’m speaking up about who I am out there to help people. Let’s come back to what I can do. If you look at a tree in the summertime and I’ll take you through the seasons and how similarly I help people.

If you look at the spring season, it’s filled with flowers. If you looked at a tree filled with numerous pink flowers, you go, “It’s so beautiful.” That makes you feel so nice to them and that catches your attention. That’s how we come into this world. If you’ve stayed through the marriage, then you have your kids. Now, the kids are leaving. Also, somebody has broken your heart. You are in pain. Let’s do a clearing on that. Every chapter I tell people, take that book. It’s 60 pages, but every chapter you read-only for a month. Once you’ve done that, for a month stay with that chapter. Let that clearing happen and go to the next chapter next month.

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Bhavna, this has been a pure treat to have you here. Is there anything else that you would like people to know from you right now?

I am here for people as they grow in their journey to find themselves. I help them rediscover themselves. I help them make a beautiful evolution, not painful. I want people to know that the process from a caterpillar to a butterfly is beautiful and not painful. When you become that butterfly and you’re flying in your journey, going to every flower and taking that, and then again flying and bringing that love and spreading that can be beautiful. Each one of you can do that. I can support you in doing that while I protect you so that you don’t fall off. I wanted to say one last sentence, I help you shine your light with my Golden Light.

Thank you so much. For those of you who are readers, Bhavna, all my podcast page, you will see all of her links to all the incredible things that she offers in terms of her books and the wellness work that she does. You are such a gift to the world. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you, readers. Take care.

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About Bhavna Srivastava

She is a Philanthropist, Transformational Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Trainer, Mentor & International Speaker, NLP Practitioner, Best-selling author of 2 books on transformation and healing Traumas and relationships. Professionally she holds an MBA in Banking & Finance from NY. She’s also a certified Community Health Worker, Patient Navigator and is certified by Livestrong training for Cancer. She is a Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Scheim Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal Healer and she is the Creator of a new ancient Modality, Called Bhavna’s Golden Light Healing .

She is the Golden Light and became that on 21st Dec 2012 at 11.30pm. The Golden Light is all about spreading Love, Peace & protection in the hearts of all beings. It is the blessings she has received from the Entire Universe to serve the People of this world. The Golden Light is nothing but the Unconditional Love which flows through her and shifts people to be loving in their hearts & their lives. It is also followed by Peace as they both are connected & intertwined together unconditionally. This (the Golden Light) has become her unique energetic signature, The blessings together from all Divine beings, which was gifted by the universe. A true awakening of her soul and was told she is the oldest living being in the entire Universe. As she embodied the Light she has ascended the next level of living in unconditional love for all beings. Bhavna, The Golden Light is here to create the Golden Age to create ripples of Love & Peace within all. To live in Harmony & Peace. To know & to teach what is unconditional love. She is very Compassionate about serving people, honest being with integrity and love for all.and empowers them to lead a happy stress free Peaceful life.

Bhavna’s mission is to create a ripple effect of love in the hearts of 100 million women, children, seniors, & veterans, which would lead to peace in families, communities and the world; replacing anger, hurt, pain, traumas, ptsd, negative emotions, fears, sickness, illness, ill treatments, mental/emotional/physical /sexual abuse and much more.

Her vision is to create a holistic centers with the collaboration of like-minded beings all over the world to create balance in mind, body, heart & soul.

Her mission further is to provide help to women, children and seniors to have basic life necessities along with education and medical treatments and helping other nonprofits offering these services.

She works with many non-profits, missionaries, shelters, schools in U.S, and India providing support to them.

She is being called and looked by people as a Great Being here to awaken the Consciousness of Love & peace. She is an exemplar of force of spreading love & Peace within the hearts of all those she connects with.

Her calling in life is to provide transformations for 4 different types of pain people go through in their life. For those who are suffering from an illness or looking for a way to move forward because they feel “stuck” or unsatisfied with the direction their life is heading. She offers individual/groups/webinars,workshops/ sessions/classes.

Bhavna also creates Wellness & Spiritual Retreats that provide intensive meditation, energy connection and creating a ripple effect of the energy in your aura helping you connect and receive the energy of the Divine ancient places, churches, temples or places in different parts of world and offers intensive classes for those who want to experience some of the most spiritual sites in the world. She designs these retreats to provide for the mind, body and spirit of each participant. If you would like to learn more about upcoming retreats, Email Bhavna –

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