Terry Fox

Terry Fox, L.Ac, RMT, MSTCM, Owner & CEO,
Artesian Spring Oriental Medicine 

Fort Collins, CO

“I now know I have a true Brand,
instead of just a logo!” 

“To anyone considering working with Gerry Foster:

Having grown up on a cattle ranch in Wyoming, the only thing I knew about branding was how to slap hot iron on the backside of a calf.  Gerry Foster changed that.  He enlightened me as to what a Brand actually is (and what it isn’t.)

I wasn’t taught much regarding business in my Massage Therapy or Acupuncture schools.  So, Gerry’s online training was absolutely eye-opening.  The concepts were easy to comprehend but quite powerful when put into action.

I now know I have a true Brand, instead of just a logo. I’ve spent the last six years wracking my brain to figure out a tagline for my business

  • Gerry’s expertise helped me form one in a matter of days
  • In my profession, my statement of mastery is groundbreaking.
  • It definitely separates me from the pack and puts me in “blue ocean” territory.

I now have a distinction and uniqueness that draws people in.

My sincere thanks go to Gerry for helping me create a solid Brand that will bolster my professional success.  More people will be pain-free, healthy and happy because of the time that Gerry has taken with me.

When it comes to Branding and Marketing, I highly recommend him as a teacher and mentor.  You won’t be disappointed.”