Susan Wagers

Susan Wagers
Susan Wagers International 

Greenwood Village, CO

“… a 100 lb. gorilla had been lifted
from my shoulders!”  

“What a monumental day it is!  Upon final review with you of my ‘10 Steps to Big Branding Success,’ I felt as though a 100 lb. gorilla had been lifted from my shoulders!   I got it! I finally got it! Yup that’s right, I finally got my business.

Realizing that sounds funny, I know I’m not the only entrepreneur who has struggled with the question, “What’s my brand?” Like others, I thought it was my website and logo and other business ‘accessories’ but after working with you I got it!

  • Branding is not only who I am and what my purpose is
  • It’s about my reputation and the legacy I leave to the world
  • It’s about making a difference – clearly defined and marketed on purpose

I have finally uncovered my Brand DNA, as you call it.  You helped me find that formula and I’m ready to share it with the world …to Empower Women Entrepreneurs to Get Things Done…to make a difference in the world.   Thank you for your patience and persistent guidance. I’m not the most cooperative student and I tried to take the shortcuts and skip steps.

That being confessed, your sequence of steps was just what I needed. It was well worth my time to go back to those steps I tried to hurry over because the system you have designed, and the details of the process clearly were the keys to me establishing the foundation for a powerful brand.

Thank you, Gerry, for caring and investing in my success.”