Ron Grout

Ron Grout, DDS, FAGD
Grout Family Dentistry 
Highlands Ranch, CO

“… Gerry is your man to get you
to the top and stay in the game.”

This is a letter of recommendation for one of my favorite people, Gerry Foster!  He has been inspirational in helping me grow in my marketing knowledge.

He challenged me to see how rebranding our dental practice to reflect who we are would make a difference in our profits. He helped me see the importance of differentiation in a very competitive marketing environment.

Under his tutelage:

  • I have defined and developed a statement of excellence
  • The process entails mastery in developing a strategy that includes tactics for each marketing segment
  • These segments include: Brand Development and Marketing Action Plan culminating in an Executive Summary presenting Core Values, Purpose and Vision, SWOT Analysis, Statement of Marketing Goals and Objectives with a planned curriculum to achieve these objectives

This was very important to me because, after having been in practice for over 43 years, it was essential that we established ourselves as the premier dental practice in the area.  Simply telling people that we were good at what we do was not enough.

Gerry showed us how to communicate the unique value of our services in a very fresh, impactful, and compelling manner.  In addition, he was instrumental in helping me establish branding tactics that include:

  • Assessing my Target Marketing Audience and Brand Positioning, Brand Promise, Competitive Advantages and Weaknesses
  • Developing a Marketing Budget with Controls, and finally creating an office Tagline and Branding and Marketing Summary (Executive Summary)
  • Components of the Executive Summary in our stated Lasting Guarantee and a Master Branding Letter included the three major problems everyone has when trying to find quality dental care

I am convinced that if you have specific business needs, as I have, Gerry is your man to get you to the top and stay in the game.”