Ria Johnson, Solutions Provider
North Peace Communications 

Dawson Creek, BC

“… Gerry Foster’s coaching and training
is Top Shelf …”

“I just wanted to say a BIG THANKS for all your help and training Gerry –you sure taught me a lot of information. WOW!! 

  • Gerry is a professional at Branding, and an excellent teacher as well. It’s true what you said, you could of done it for me, but then I wouldn’t have learned what to do
  • Thanks so much for taking the time and all your effort and revisions
  • I did end up with some great statements and tactics of what to do and not do, what was good value and what was not, this has made our business stand out

I really appreciate your strong finish: the final products were produced and now are visible for the world to see on our web page. Check it out. I really like your videos, very personal, and entertaining! And you can review the lessons as much as you want to.

Gerry Foster’s coaching and training is Top Shelf, you just have to be a good student and have a strong desire to learn more. It’s worth it. And Uncle Gerry will lead the way, oh and did I mention he’s a real great guy too??  Thanks a lot Gerry; you have made a difference in our life and business.

From another happy student of Gerry Foster’s teachings.  To all of your future successes; thanks for all you do!!”