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There is nothing more important than your brand. The reason why so many brands that start off as small businesses are able to achieve incredible success is because they start off with making sure that their brands are built around what’s called a big brand idea that your market cares most about. It’s all about branding that pure desire – something they find significant, relevant, or has meaning. Go out of the way to make sure that the customer will see you offering something that is very unique and distinctive. Be on your way to much greater success as you learn how you can let people know that your brand can and will deliver.

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Pure Desire

Before I get into the content, I want to let you know something about me. One of my real goals here is to build a relationship with you. The way that I want to build our relationship is by giving you lots and lots of value, lots of tips, lots of kernels and lots of insights. Things that can not only help create, strengthen, build your brand in the short run, but if you stick with me for the long haul, it is surely going to transform your business and your life. There’s a lot of branding stuff out there, but I’m a brand strategist. I’m all about giving you the nuts and bolts of what it takes to create a rock star brand because great brands are built strategically. They’re not built visually simply through a logo, a website and stuff that people can see.

We will talk about that on another time, by the way, because that does have its place. Don’t just think that a brand is something visual. It’s not that simple. Part of the motivation for me doing this is to save you time, money and aggravation as you’re on this path to make you more money and to have more impact. I hope that you will take everything that I share seriously and that you will apply it. One thing you should know about me is that I’m all about nuts and bolts stuff and I hope you’re okay because I’m not about fluff, I’m not about rhetoric. I’m all about providing you grade A, top of the shelf solid material that is going to put you in position to create an elite brand of epic proportions, if I may be so candid.

One suggestion that I do want to make to you as you read this is to look out for content and context in terms of what to do, when to do it and why do it. Ask yourself, “Is what Gerry Foster sharing, is what the branding evangelist is providing me, is that principle, that concept, that tip, that strategy, can the thinking be applied to my business?” Rather than you looking for simply an idea that you can duplicate. What you’ll want to do is to create a light bulb and a-ha moments for yourself. I always encourage people to take notes. The key though is to stay engaged because these would dramatically affect the growth of your business. There is nothing more important than your brand. We live in a brand-conscious world. Right now, if you’re looking for more customers, more sales and you want a lot more money in your bank account, then you’re in the best on big branding to make that happen.

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Do you remember this, “Mmm, mmm, good?” Do you know what brand that was? It was Campbell Soup. Do you remember a brand that talked about offering 57 varieties? That was H.J. Heinz. “Flying can be fun,” is JetBlue. In episode three called What’s Your Brand?, I introduced the idea of you nailing down what does your brand stand for. What do you want to be associated with your brand name? I shared some examples of that. It’s no different than Advil because I like to use a lot of big brands so you can make the connection. People seem to be able to relate to a lot of big brands because we’re very familiar with them. If you take a brand like Advil, what they stand for is advanced medicine for pain.

If you go onto the food category and look at Pepperidge Farm, they’re known for exceptional cookies, bread and crackers. If you are someone who loves to play golf and you use the Titleist golf ball, that brand is known for the highest level of performance, which is a big deal to a golfer. HBO, “It’s not TV.” Do you remember that one? My point is that the reason why so many brands that start off as small businesses, which many of you are right now and you’re looking to scale up and ramp it up. The reason why they are able to achieve such incredible success is that they first start off with making sure that their brands are built around. When I say built, meaning created around, what’s called a big brand idea that your market cares most about.

Not long ago I was in another city and I decided I was going to have a hamburger. I’m trying to eat healthier. I really am but I decided to go to Five Guys burgers and fries. I’m not going to put Five Guys in the fast food burger category. They’re not like McDonald’s, Burger King, Jack in the Box, Carl’s Jr. and the rest of them. I checked out Five Guys and I’d been there before, but what I noticed is that they have a really good juicy burger served on a fresh bun and they proclaim that they make perfect French fries. They had me at perfect. Their brand’s story is that they opened up their first burger joint in 1986 and started selling franchises in 2002. In just five years, they had over 600 stores across the country, including Canada and something like 40 states in the US and over $500 million a year.

BBF 4 | Branding Pure Desire

Branding Pure Desire: Go out of the way to make sure that the customer sees you offering something that is very unique and distinctive.

They decided that the way they were going to separate themselves was around their French fries as their primary point of difference. The big brand idea that they want the Five Guys brand associated with. In the fast-food restaurant industry and the casual dining industry, you could say fast food casual, which is where Five Guys might be labeled. A lot of those restaurants serve dehydrated, frozen fries. I’m thinking dehydrated, frozen fries. Why is that? Apparently, there’s water in the potatoes and it splashes when it hits the oil. What they do at Five Guys is that they actually soak their French fries in water and it came up with a method that enables them to serve delicious tasting French fries that do not taste greasy. Their hamburgers are all made-to-order with customers being able to choose from seventeen toppings.

They went on to say that what makes them different is that they use fresh ground beef for their burgers as opposed to frozen beef. That their toppings are unlimited in terms of freshness and they’re very interesting. If you walk in there, they display the potato supplier on a chalkboard next to the cash register. They go on and talk about how their French fries are hand-cut, their ingredients are all fresh, they have a small menu and then they scream words like real, authentic and fresh. After all that, they say, “If you’re in a hurry, there are a lot of good hamburger places within a short distance from here, but we’re not about that.”

There are a lot of other things I’d go on to talk about, but you get my point. They go out of the way to make sure that the customer sees them as offering something that is unique and distinctive. Something that people have not heard or seen before in the industry that customers or consumers will gladly pay for. Right there, by the way, is for some of you a ding, ding, ding moment because that’s where you get to see that branding is not just about your image. A lot of it has to do with what people can see, taste, touch, smell or hear. When you can’t say something different and create an overall invincible perception in the hearts and minds of your customer. That instantly conveys that you are shoulders above the competition, emphasizing how your brand will benefit folks, they’re going to appreciate that.

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That’s what JetBlue said when they said flying could be fun. That’s what we do. We make flying fun. In the mouthwash department, years ago Listerine came along and they distinguished themselves through the taste of their mouthwash. Mrs. Fields cookies said she was going to use aromas, the smell of her cookies being baked when you would walk towards one, typically in a shopping mall, to alert people to the presence of her brand. In the camera market, Canon has always been able to stand out by the sleek and stylish look of their cameras.

The question that you might want to ask us off right now is, “What do I have to offer that is special? What do I have to offer that is truly unique? Is there something that I can say about my brand that is completely different from what other brands in my space by industry category, field of expertise or specialties say? How can I answer the ultimate question that buyers always have, which is what’s in it for me? We’ll talk more about that on another time, but for right now though, it’s all about pure desire. I love it when Maxwell House says that our brand is “Good to the last drop” because it captures the promise, the essence of their brand in a way that is uniquely valuable to a coffee drinker. They’re saying that our coffee will always taste good, not bitter down to the very bottom of the pack.

American Express did the same thing when they said, “Don’t leave home without it.” It all comes down to coming up with a point of difference. That’s another way to look at this whole thing called what is your big brand idea that your target audience will find significant. Something that is relevant, that has meaning and that will go beyond simply what you’re most comfortable with saying. You decide on what you want people to know that your brand can deliver and will deliver and you will be on your way to much greater success.

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