Big Brand Formula Programs

Big Brand Formula Programs are …

An invitation to small business owners everywhere who dare to dream big!  If you have something truly remarkable to offer the world and want to turn it into a world-class brand, you’ve come to the right place.

We pride ourselves in being a global center for branding smarts where owners learn big brand creation – no matter what you sell!

As a 30+ years Brand Development & Training Company, we know you have dreams to seize and goals to achieve.  Thus, we provide you a wide range of the friendliest support – big branding strategies, training, advice and wisdom – to meet the call for:

  • Finding your uniqueness
  • Tearing down walls of buying resistance
  • Accelerating what you’re out to accomplish

and we do it as a team.

Is Your Brand
Distinct or Risking Being Extinct?
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Big Brand Pyramid Resolution Formula

Finally! You Can Have a World-Class Brand

Big Branding programs are offered through our Big Brand Academy.

With Gerry Foster’s proprietary Big Brand Formula, we provide a guided system that takes you on a 3-step Excite, Delight, Ignitejourney to organically transform your product or service into a powerful, identifiable brand. Since branding is much more than a logo, our comprehensive system allows you to:

  • Clearly and all-powerfully communicate your magnificence by distinguishing your business from the guy or girl down the street (be different)
  • Get buyers to see you in a favorable way by delivering unrivaled value (be better)
  • Build your reputation by exceeding your customers expectations and making sure they are well taken care of (an immeasurable experience) 

While we cannot guarantee your outcomes, we promise that if you follow the steps outlined in any of our programs, do what we ask you to do,  put in the time, sweat, and energy needed to develop your brand … then effectively market and sell it … you will see positive results.

From declaring your brand purpose to tagline creation, we make it easier for you to get new customers!!  Woo-hoo!! Cheers, beers, and a little bubbly.  Attaboys and high fives.  Throw the confetti!

Our Big Brand Academy

The Big Brand Academy was created to be the ONE place to help you create a world-class brand that can scale your small business over time.  With all the varying layers, aspects, or components that are essential pieces of a strong brand, we wanted to simplify the process so you can grow and stay strong. 

Whether you are starting a business for the first time, doing it part-time, or you are already an established or advanced owner, we offer top-shelf programs (i.e. services and educational tools) to help take your business to the next plateau. 

Simply stated, if you are ready to progress your company by making sure all the strategic, big branding bases are covered, take a look at our programs to find the best fit for your needs.

Big Brand Academy – 
serving you 4 ways

VIRTUAL - Big Brand Formula

Big Brand Formula

The FOUNDATION for creating your world-class brand …

Ever wondered how to devise a best-in-class brand?  Be it a business, nonprofit, product or personal brand? Well, wonder no more!

These 7 Workshop Videos and Action Guides are designed for small business owners who want to use Gerry’s Big Brand Formula process to build something extraordinary and superior to your competitors – so consumers are more likely to buy from you.

From the very first video, you engage in hands-on exercises that help you:

  • Plant your flag and claim your brand’s unrivaled value
  • Craft an irresistible promise
  • Put together messaging to drive more sales … and more!

In the end, you’ll be able to forge a magical, wonderful experience for your customers that says, ‘I know how awesome you want to feel after working with me or using my product!”

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Big Brand Formula

This online group coaching program is for the owner who wants to create a world-class brand …

Put yourself in a place with other owners where good things can occur and receive hands-on assistance
directly from Gerry to create a powerful brand for today’s global marketplace!

Whether you’re fairly-new to business or already established, Gerry’s popular online Group Coaching Program is a transformative group experience designed for you to achieve greater and faster success.

  • You need to know what’s required, what works, and what doesn’t work when it comes to branding
  • Align yourself with Gerry and other like-minded owners to get the proper amount of information, coaching, and support
  • Excel more in a collective setting that calls forth accountability, achievement, and collaboration with others

Let’s big brand together … for bigger results.

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Big Brand Group Coaching Program
Group coaching with small business owners at CEO Space Int’l. Business Growth Conference 
Gerry and Dave Wallace

Pictured with past private client Dave Wallace, President & CFO,
Massage Escapes, Phoenix, AZ

Big Brand Formula

This program is for the owner who wants to work with Gerry 1-on-1 to create a customized, just-for-you, world-class brand …
IN 6-10 WEEKS!

In this program we position you to become dominant in your industry, a must-have brand purchase, and level up your marketing efforts.

Gerry, as your own personal ‘Branding Sherpa,’ directs your steps and serves as your sounding board and collaborator to ensure your brand is properly and sequentially put together.

  • During each session, Gerry will work with you on your critical strategic Big Brand issues
  • You will receive specific, practical guidance, advice, and ideas
  • Your brand will be constructed in detail from setting your business apart to creating a powerful brand promise, to designing your message

Since all the sessions are conducted by phone, SKYPE or ZOOM, it does not matter where you work or live. Gerry also puts everything in writing up-front to make sure you ‘get what you paid for,’ all your issues are addressed, and questions get answered.

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Big Brand Formula

Spend 1-on-1 time with Gerry at your location creating a world-class brand or getting re-branded (a makeover) …

As a mover and shaker and game changer, is your time limited to work on your brand? Then step into Gerry’s laser-focused, fast-paced VIP 2-Day Intensive.

This tailor-made format is for select clientele who want to move forward at an accelerated pace.

  • You will work with Gerry in-person
  • You will receive extensive guidance, ‘brand-storming,’ and feedback to get maximum results in a highly structured format
  • Your brand will be strategically defined in detail using Gerry’s comprehensive formula which maps the creation of your Big Brand

If you want to walk away with a Big Brand Growth Strategy that can be used to build out and launch your new or revitalized brand in the upcoming months, then the VIP 2-Day Intensive may be the answer you seek.

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Gerry with Satyen Raja
Pictured with past VIP client Satyen Raja, President & Founder, WarriorSage, Langley, BC