This program is for the owner who wants to work with
Gerry 1-on-1 to create a just-for-you, world-class brand
IN 6-10 WEEKS!

In this program we position you to become dominant in your industry, a must-have brand purchase, and level up your marketing efforts.

Pictured with past private client Dave Wallace, President & CFO,
Massage Escapes, Phoenix, AZ

How to Work Privately with Me…

To inquire about working with me privately, one-on-one, fill out this brief YES!  I’M READY TO BIG BRAND!form here.

For over 30 years, I have advised and helped owners stay on the leading edge of strategic branding technology. I have helped my private clients:

  • Identify and amplify their differentiation
  • Birth new brands and re-position themselves as driving forces in their industries
  • Increase sales and improve cash flow
  • Revitalize existing brands and develop compelling messaging

 … and lots more

(from some truly gifted, phenomenal people)

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Kerri Salls
Founder & Managing Director
This Way Out Group
Framingham, MA

Brand Clarity Gives You an Edge

Dr. Charles Glassman
MD, Speaker, Author
Coach MD
Pomona, NY

Finding Your Unique Message

Mary Allen
Best-Selling Author, Speaker
America’s Inner Peace Coach
Laguna Niguel, CA

YOU Are Your Personal Brand
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Patricia Barnett
Transformational Leader, speaker, & coach

Dr. Geoffrey Cly,

Jacquelyn Jones
President, Jacquelyn Jones Consulting

Dr. Linda Wiley
Author, speaker, & relationship coach

Derek Doepker
Author, speaker, & consultant

Barry Rumsey
President, Bio Harmony Inc.

Stephen Hercy aka ‘Dr. Fitness USA’
Founder, International Institute of Body Design

It’s Your Choice

Small business owners choose to work with me privately because, as one past client quite bluntly said to me,
“Gerry, I want YOUR brain wrapped around MY business!”

If you seek the most direct pathway toward getting the exact Big Brand strategies, direction, and advice you need –
individually or as part of your team – then you’ve come to the right place. I’m here to provide you the extra “hands & feet”
that can put you on a faster track for growth.



FACT IS:  Million-dollar and billion-dollar brands, or even those in six-figures, aren’t created with sprinkle magic dust.

It requires a lot of thinking, analysis, smarts, brainstorming, creativity, insights, planning, and execution

The mere thought of finding the time to do all that doesn’t easily fit into the typical daily activities of most small business owners.

Yet you know it must be done.

My Approach

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m fueled with and guided by an ancient Chinese proverb which says,
“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

My education-based approach to Big Branding is a do-with-you, collaborative, ‘let’s co-create your brand’ format
where we engage in my proprietary 3-step ‘Excite, Delight, Ignite’ Big Brand Formula signature process.

It’s a 3-tiered approach designed to help level up your marketing, achieve the best outcomes, and get you moving through the use of intuitive insight, cutting-edge big branding techniques, and customization.


Find Your Voice

FIRST, peppered throughout our work together you will watch 7 Big Branding videos I created.


These are content-rich, detailed, inspiring 2-hour PowerPoint presentations recorded ‘live’ on the Internet to audiences of small business owners. The videos will:

  • Deepen your understanding of each Big Branding topic
  • Spark branding ‘a-ha’ moments & revelations
  • Enable me to PULL your Big Brand ‘out of you’

Below is a description of what I cover in each video, the ‘deliverables’ you receive as a private client.

VIDEO 1: Brand Purpose

Craft Your Vision and Mission Statements

Our work begins here because distinctive brands don’t just sprout up on their own. You FIRST need a ‘reason for being’ or fertile soil.

  • We simplify and clarify who you are, what you stand for, and feel most passionate about … what you are meant to provide others … and ‘lead customers to’
  • That ‘something special’ you can put your whole self into and THEN develop a top-shelf brand around it to avoid look-alike comparisons

VIDEO 2: Differentiation

Break from the Pack

You want to stand out as the best brand to buy! We nail down how you are the same, similar, or different versus the competition.  We will:

  • Land you squarely in being able to say to a prospect, “I’ve got exactly what you’re been looking for and you can only get it from me”
  • Separate you from crowds of similar products or services … be seen as an innovator, not an imitator … become the exception, not the rule

VIDEO 3: Niche

Find your Ideal Customer

Who loves you? Using lots of analysis, insights, smarts and brainstorming, we identify a hungry crowd of ‘Grade A’ consumers who would be motivated to buy from you and profitable to target for sales.

  • We identify, profile, and pinpoint your ideal or perfect customer
  • They become your Avatar – your community or tribe who will appreciate and buy the unique value provided through your brand

VIDEO 4: Brand DNA

Concoct your Secret Sauce

We create your special recipe for brand success.  This will be your combination of the ‘right stuff’ that will transform your product or service into a thrilling and original brand.  It’s:

  • Your proprietary technology (for a product) or delivery system (for a service) you can leverage to scale your business
  • What will support your brand as the superior choice, in a way you couldn’t have before

VIDEO 5: Image

Catch your Consumer’s Eyes

We’ve all seen lousy logos, packaging, and other images. To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, we provide the direction you need to create images and a logo that will make the strongest impressions.

  • We make sure the 5 most important elements that provide the ‘look’ of a 6 or 7 figure commanding brand are nailed down and identified
  • Your key brand features & benefits to spotlight on your website and other platforms also developed

VIDEO 6: WOW-ing

Promise & Connect with Words

Cutting down and slicing through all the marketing noise and jungles of consumer resistance is ever nerve wracking. Finding the right words that stick so you don’t sound like your competition. Saying them the right way.

  • We position your brand for success and captures its spirit and authenticity in a Statement of Mastery™ promise or performance claim no one else makes
  • You get a juicy brand message; a name for your product or delivery system can also be created

VIDEO 7: Tagline

Reinforce your Unique Value

Taglines or slogans are not just for TV commercials. You need a tagline with benefits your ideal customers want.

  • We create something clever, bonding, and memorable that compels folks to buy
  • To stand out even further in today’s global marketplace, a strong tagline is a must

Create with Purpose

SECOND, to accompany each video, you receive 7 Action Guides. These are:

  • 28 pages worth of complete-as-we-go Big Brand creation worksheets
  • Explanations and tools to support our work together
  • Organized to facilitate the crafting of your brand

What’s more, I will work with you in a very structured format, with specific ‘deliever-ables’ provided to you in writing. The strategies we develop can immediately be applied to your business-building, marketing activities.

Exceptional Service
You see, our goal is to create the ultimate customer experience, providing you ridiculously good service!

Therefore, I – or anyone on my team who might get involved with your project – will NOT:

  • Work you in a whimsical, let’s-make-it-up-as-we-go-along, throw-it-against-the-wall-and-see-what-sticks manner which is quite common with a lot of flaky folks who say they do ‘branding’

We are all about structure, accountability, and guaranteeing the quality of our work!

  • You will get a written brand strategy document that can be translated into actionable, solid marketing tools to help expand your business

Don’t be Left Out!

Join 100s of Small Business Owners
Who Chose to Work Privately with Gerry Foster!

Here’s a Brief Portfolio

Check out these other past private clients.  What do they each have in common?
At one point, they decided they wanted a world-class brand.

Something that distinguished them.  They weren’t sure where to start.  That’s usually how it begins.

These wonderful owners also wanted more than simple courtesy.  Much more.  Passion.  Talent.  Dedication.
A satisfying branding experience from me.  Call it what you want.

Sure.  I worked with some of them up to 10 years ago.  I just love being the straw that stirs the drink!
Many have come a long way since we worked together.  I’m so proud of them.  🙂

Yet there are some websites that could use an update to reflect the NUANCES of our work (I’m just sayin’)!
Regardless.  Each & every brand reflects awesome people … living up to their greater potential!



Past private client, Alena Chapman
The Master Manifestor

Here’s how my Private Coaching Program works:


  1. First, you must apply for admission into the program. This is because I only have time to work with a select number of clients and I’m VERY PICKY about whom I take on as a client. You should only apply if you are serious and committed to investing in your business to create a big brand that could hyper-grow your business.  In addition, you MUST be a joy to work with (I don’t have time for grumpy, pain-in-the-you-know-what clients). Simply fill out this brief YES! I’M READY TO BIG BRAND form here.  I’ll review it to make sure this is a smart move for you at this time.
  2. Second, if you qualify, we schedule a 60-minute phone call to discuss your individual situation and begin the interview process. During the call I will answer any questions you might have and discuss specific deliverables you will receive from me.  We will also review Big Brand Coaching Package options I offer (e.g. from 2 days to 1 week to 6 or 10 sessions big brand development) to see which one fits best with your time, energy, and budget.  I also do Start-to-Finish Big Branding which includes developing your website, social media strategy, or other marketing methods to launch your brand to your target audience (inquire for details).  Whatever you decide, I first determine whether or not I feel you are ‘coachable.’ Meaning, whether we are a good fit for each other in terms of what’s required on your part to receive maximum value.  During this step we “finalize the deal” and discuss next steps in terms of payment for the Package you choose.  This could include planning your fees payment schedule if required.
  3. Third, after selecting your package I will schedule a 45-minute planning call. I’ll review any information you wish to send that will further familiarize me with your business.  This could be a business plan, marketing materials, and anything else you feel I should review, inhale, and know.  When we have our call, I will then walk you through the detailed steps we’re going to take to create your customized brand (provided in writing).  We will also schedule our coaching sessions.  What’s more, we can assist with the IMPLEMENTATION of your branding through your marketing.  In this capacity,  we serve as advisors and consultants to ensure proper creative development.
  4. Fourth, we get started. All coaching is done by phone and computer. My clients are as far away as Denmark, Bermuda, Germany, and the upper regions of Canada. You get to work in the comfort of your home while not having to incur expensive air travel, lodging and meal expenses associated with “live, in-person” coaching sessions.

And if that’s not enough:

I pledge to continue working with you at no additional cost if, for some reason,
you are not pleased with what we accomplish!

Private Coaching Duration


I also do a 1-hour consult to troubleshoot your branding challenges
and come up with some solutions, if necessary.

Let me point out, if you prefer electrified Big Branding, check out my VIP 2-Day Intensives for qualified applicants.
Those 2-Days are typically held at the client’s office, anywhere in North America or overseas. Startups are welcome.

Brandtabulously yours