Pallavi Kapoor
Stress Reduction Specialist 

Princeton, New Jersey

“… kept ‘pushing’ me to see my
own brilliance and uniqueness …”

“Before I started working with Gerry, I knew I needed to have some kind of a brand for my business but was clueless as to what it should be or how to go about developing it.

So when I met Gerry & heard him talking during one of his presentations, I could tell he really knew his stuff plus just loved his energy, so felt he would be perfect to work with. And I was not proven wrong!

  • Gerry provided a lot of valuable content to help me understand exactly what branding is, all the different components of it, and provided lots of examples to help me see how to apply it to my business
  • He broke it all down into easy to do assignments, providing lots of feedback, ideas & suggestions to give me more clarity and help me refine my message

Gerry was always able to make sense of my mixed up, not-so-clear message and come up with the ideal words & phrases to capture what I was trying to say. Many times I felt that I had taken on too much since I was a new business and did not have lots of clients to base my research on.

Despite this, Gerry was able to provide me with insights and information that was perfect every time and I was able to come up with the next step of the process. He also provided plenty of encouragement and kept ‘pushing’ me to see my own brilliance and uniqueness for which I am very grateful.

By the end of it all, I was amazed to see how it all worked out seamlessly and I am really happy with and excited about the message I have crafted (with Gerry’s help).

  • It really captures the essence of my business, and I really know how I am different from my competitors now
  • This is something I had no clue about prior to working with him. I feel I can use it with confidence

Gerry was fun to work with, as well as very knowledgeable and understanding. I would not hesitate to work with him again if I have further needs with my branding.”