BBF 25 | Naming Your Brand

More than anything, naming your brand matters. It is what makes you stand out in your area of specialty and what people will remember. Now, how do you find the perfect brand name for you or your business? Host Gerry Foster has got you covered. In this episode, he shares with you some great insights, tips, and tricks on naming your brand – one that will do the marketing for you itself!

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Naming Your Brand

Do you want to know what 24 Hour Fitness, Clear Eyes Eye Drops, Public Storage, Tidy Cats, Best Buy, TurboTax, Miracle-Gro and Lean Cuisine all have in common? Not only are they catchy and unique brand names, but the promise of what the brand can deliver is also captured in the name itself. Here’s the deal, you’ve got to have a great brand name and that name also has to be memorable, easy to pronounce, emotionally appealing and a whole lot of other stuff that goes along with it. More than anything, your brand name has to stand out and differentiate you in your area of specialty, whatever industry or category that may be.

More than anything, your brand name has to stand out and differentiate you in your area of specialty. Click To Tweet

It’s got to be something that people latch on to and get what you do and who you are. Oftentimes people will say to me stuff, “Jerry, Verizon, Starbucks, Google, Sprite, Airbnb, Uber and other names like those names say nothing to me. They mean absolutely zero to me. They say nothing to the customer or consumer in terms of what they promise to deliver.” I go, “You’re absolutely right.” If you have millions of dollars available at your disposal to heavily market and advertise your brand, you can do the same thing because it’s all about the money at that point.

If you come up with a word that no one has ever heard before, it can be words that you made up or invented. For the vast majority of small business owners with a small marketing budget, if they have a budget at all, it’s always best to understand. Communicate as clearly as possible the essence of what your brand means or represents. There’s a whole lot to this topic called Brand Naming. Honestly, we could spend hours on this topic if we wanted to get into the weeds and all the steps involved. However, that’s not the aim of this particular show.

By the way, yes, services can be named too. Brand Naming is not for products and if you offer services and if you have a personal brand, your delivery system should have a catchy distinctive name as well. My aim is simply this. I don’t want you to gloss over this important strategic, big branding element. It’s another tool for your big branding tool box to help consumers identify, remember and separate you from the competition. The last thing you want is a name that feels dull, boring, unimaginative, uninteresting and anything but progressive. The deal is simply this and here’s the fact of the matter. If you choose the wrong name and potential customers have no idea what your brand stands for or what it does, you’re setting yourself up for some hard times.

BBF 25 | Naming Your Brand

Naming Your Brand: It’s always best to understand and communicate as clearly as possible the essence of what your brand means or represents.

It’s okay to exhale. You don’t have to get overwhelmed by this, nor do you have to get cute. You don’t have to try to be this creative mind flowing person to come up with all these vivity things. The title of a previous podcast I did called KISS, simplicity is what helps make your name memorable to your consumers. For now, focus on creating a name for your product, a name for your services in terms of your delivery system that gets the essence of what you do across to potential customers. You’ll be on the right path for deciding upon the best brand name to ultimately go with. Until next time. Take care.

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