Mary Ann Russo

MaryAnn Russo
Aspiring Entrepreneur

San Diego, CA

“He brings a wealth of branding

experience from P&G …”

“Gerry gives tremendous value!  Through Gerry Foster’s big brand system, we were able to develop an initial branding platform for our consumer products company.

With Gerry’s personal coaching, handouts and assignments we were able to think through what made our brand different, what were our core values and creatively develop a big brand identity that was relevant to our target audience.

He brings a wealth of branding experience from P&G and other client experiences that helped us formulate our ideas and direction.

  • Gerry makes the branding process easy to understand through his materials and coaching and gives tremendous value for his step-by-step approach to developing a brand

With Gerry’s guidance we can build on what we have developed. Thank you, Gerry, for your creative branding system and your insightful coaching.