Martie Pineda

Martie Pineda
Ambassador of Joy, Health & Happiness 

Silver Spring, MD

‘… a solid brand foundation laid
for the next chapter of my life!”

“I met Gerry last summer and the last thing on my mind was a branding guru! (Even though I was getting ready to start my next business).  And it wasn’t even my idea to call him when I did! It was my friend’s idea!

  • After a quick conversation with Gerry, where he explained why it would be valuable for us to talk, I proceeded to fill out his initial Big Brand Assessment questionnaire and even though my answers (the few that I responded to) were dismal, Gerry was gracious and helpful!
  • Gerry went on to explain how many businesses make a fatal error in not putting the proper foundation in place upon which to build their businesses by not having a strong brand strategy, supported with juicy and enticing messaging to get customers and make money
  • After he explained his theory and approach to branding it made complete sense that businesses would flounder aimlessly without a road map to develop their enterprise

And since I was relatively clueless about the direction I should take with my brand new health coaching business, I thought after investing all my money on my education that it was a good idea to invest in working with someone as knowledgeable as Gerry Foster to get a solid brand foundation laid for the next chapter of my life!

Wow, was working with Gerry a smart decision!  He has been really great in helping me to coax and fine tune my personal brand and his expertise in the field of strategic big branding is really genius! I feel so blessed to have wandered into the workshop he conducted at the eWomen Network International Conference I was attending.

  • I have total clarity about my direction and how I will implement my plans!
  • His ground work curriculum is the perfect foundation for any business!
  • It creates great clarity from where to launch anything and everything as it relates to growing your business, whether you have a product, a service, or even yourself like I’m doing.

I’m proud to be able to now say,I have a big brand!”  I highly recommend Gerry to anyone who is looking to start a business, or re-launch or re-invigorate their existing business.   It all starts with having a great brand that paves the way for success.

Gratefully and Joyfully …”