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More often than not, people get disappointed with how hard, difficult, or stagnant life is. What is really hindering us from making the dreams in our hearts come true? Today, we discuss how to overcome pain, push the self to move forward, and actually realize the dreams in your life with Tamara Wolfe. Tamara Wolfe is an international life coach, Neuro Coach, Neuro Leader, Mindset and Results Expert, Speaker, Author, and owner of Full Spectrum Living. Tune in and learn how to realize your dream in the one life you have!


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Making The Dreams In Your Heart Come True With Tamara Wolfe

One of the things that I love when I do these shows is when I have the opportunity to connect with someone so exceptional and extraordinary at what they do. All I want to do is interview them, which is the case where our special guest is Tamara Wolfe. How are you doing, Tamara?

I am doing great, Gerry. It's great to be here with you.

It's my pleasure. If you don't mind, Tamara, please give our audience and readers a quick overview of exactly what you do.

I am a life coach. I also got certified as a neuroscience coach and leader. Truly what I do is help people gain crystal clarity on where they are with their goals and dreams, whether it be in their personal life or professional life. I then show and take them through a whole system of how they navigate the gap so they can really get to that higher place of what they would absolutely love. We do that through one-on-one coaching or group coaching. It's a beautiful process where, in the process, they're becoming more alive and stepping into their higher potential. When we do that, it's the best place to be. My passion is to help people live at their highest level of aliveness and joy.

You said something very interesting, which is find their gap. Is the biggest problem or one of the biggest problems you solve for your clients is they have a gap and probably don't even know they have a gap?

Absolutely. It's an interesting concept. Oftentimes, people say, "I have a dream." Immediately, there's that inner voice that says, "You can't do that." If they really do, what I do, and I support people in doing, is there is a way, but there's a process. Here we are over here, and this is what you want. To get over there, that gap is where all those voices are and the obstacles you start out in the process. You're all excited, and all of a sudden, and this is a brain experience as well, all those voices start going, "Who do you think you are?" For instance, during middle age, mine was, "How do you think you're going to step into a new career?" All the voices start taking over.

Fear comes up. That's where most people fall off the tracks. We're on a track, we're going this way, and the fears come up, and it gets uncomfortable. People tend to say, "This doesn't feel good," and they step back. This is where so many dreams are lost. What I'm doing is helping people understand that it's a brain function. Your brain is setting off the alarm, "Something's going on here. Gerry's on a different path." It then shoots up these voices, and we feel it in our nervous system. That's where I come in with re-patterning those voices that are more in support of you and physically teaching ways of calming the nervous system so you can keep going and get to where you want to go.

I love what you're saying here because we all have these voices. The question becomes, how loud are they? How loud do we allow them to be? My question is, how do you differentiate yourself? How do you set yourself apart from others who claim, "We can make those voices go away, get you to think better about yourself, and reprogram your thoughts and all that stuff?" What makes you different from other folks in your industry?

That's a great question. I truly believe it's the training I have with a top person who has been in this field forever. It's a tried and true system that's been used for over 40 years, and I was certified in that way of thinking. I myself can say from my experience and knowing others that it's proven. You can track the results with each of the clients and those that have gone before. It's something that has been tested and tried by thousands around the world. The other piece that's different in this process is that we can have a dream. We think, "Because I would love that, this is good for me." Not always. We have you go through a test to make sure that the time you're putting in is going to serve you and that this dream is good for you.

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One of the last pieces I love about this test is this, "Is it good for others?" We're not here just to live our dreams and not have an impact. This is the piece that I love that I bring out and help people understand that you may not think having a better relationship brings impact to others. When you are in something like that, people around you are lighting up, and you're having that impact.

There's that key piece that it's a proven system. What makes it unique for me at this point that I'm bringing my special sauce in with my background now in neuroscience is when we learn about navigating the mind, the mind has the ability to direct the brain. When we understand how the brain works and use our mind, then we have this information to collapse time and get to where you want to go more quickly.

I love an innovative proven system. You've got your secret sauce added to it, which makes me think there are a lot of people out there who are looking for someone like you and probably wasting a lot of money and time on other stuff. What are your thoughts about that? What do you see people wasting time and money on? What bugs you the most when you think about the work you do?

I've heard clients come to me who said they had done the same. There's no knocking it. We have online programs. People are doing online programs where they don't have a mentor. They don't have time to take what they're learning, be accountable, and meet with a mentor or a coach who's helping them understand the tools and how to bring them to life and apply them to the goals and dreams they want. That's an extremely powerful process that needs to happen. Truly, my clients have said that.

They've said some who have gone through those programs didn't work, "It was great while I was listening, but I didn't know how to integrate it." The piece that's so important is having someone who can help you integrate it so that you can use it. This system that I teach, too, is something you can use over and over again. You're retraining your mind for success and how to keep it on track when you're challenged. The difference is having that accountability and someone to unlock and understand these steps that you're taking.

I love that. Good for you. Give our audience an idea of who you serve. Who is your ideal client? What type of people tend to come to you?

My background is I have many years of personal development. I've been an entrepreneur for that many years as well. The people that are attracted to me are those that are solopreneurs who are wanting to go to the next level of their success. They've hit that set point. They might be feeling stuck, and they have that pull to, "I know there's more, and I'd love to do that," but they're not sure what it is they're bumping up against. For instance, I have a client that enrolled with me. She happens to be in an industry I was in before.

She's a leader in sales. She had hit that certain set point and wasn't quite sure what it was. What we're uncovering as she stepped in, she came to me because she knew my background. She knew that I had the system, but she also knew that I had experience in that whole arena that was similar. What she found was she wanted to uplevel in business, but the thing that's keeping her stuck, as we spoke about before, is the voices from her mom from the past. We had that moment where she said, "I hear her every day saying, 'Don't ask other people for help. You don't need that. That makes you look weak.'"

If that's the continual thing going on in your head each day, we know that we can't do this alone with anything we're doing. When we're going to the next level of success, in particular, we want to ask the questions. We want mentors. That was a big epiphany. We're breaking through that with her re-patterning, "What's a better voice that we can create that you are saying to yourself every day that's shifting now?" I have a whole system for how they set it aside.

BBF 61 | Dreams Come True

Dreams Come True: We know that we can't do this alone with anything we're doing. When we're going to the next level of success, we’ll want to ask the questions there. We want mentors.


What a powerful question, "What is a better voice?" Tamara, what's your background? How did your background prepare you for the work you're doing now?

The common thread throughout the process of leading me to where I was, and this is probably like my third career, is I'm very strong in listening to my intuition. I have that voice within. There are lots of voices that we have, but the voice of intuition, for some of you who may not recognize that for yourself, it's a calm inner voice of wisdom that's in the service of you. It's not the one criticizing you. It's the one that's in the service of you. Right before I stepped into my coaching, I was a leader in a sales company. I loved what I did. I was mentoring and getting all recognition and all of that, but there was that voice, and it had been whispering for years, "There's more."

I was mentoring a sales team, and I was getting neuroscience training. I was applying that. I remember one day when clearly the voice said, "You want to teach this to more people. I want to teach more out beyond just this group that there's more that I have here." That worked on me for several years. I kept saying, "What could be better than what I'm doing now? I have flexibility. I can control my income, all of those things." I'm going to throw out this concept about the whole idea of good being the enemy of great. Many are sticking to the good. For me, it wasn't where I wanted to be. I knew that I was here to fully serve, and there was more that I could give.

I had a pivotal day where that inner voice was firm and loud. It said, "Stop." I was going to see a friend. I was getting out of my car, and it spoke. It said stop. It brought me to tears because I said, "You caught me." That was a pivotal moment. I then had a health scare as well. That woke me up to figure out either fuel my passion even more for what I'm doing. When we're a leader, when the vision isn't there, the people will perish. I knew I needed to up that either get me back on track or do something different. I was divinely led truly to my now mentor to an event. I stepped over the line at that time.

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I love that. When you connect with a potential client, what are some of those initial questions that you ask him or her to see if it's a good fit for the work you do?

I do clarity sessions. I call them. This is really important. We're both evaluating whether you need more support. We do three things in that clarity session. We're focusing on, "What are your longing and discontent?" I look at four areas of life, health and wellness, relationships, time and money, and freedom of vocation. "Where is the pain right now? What is it that you're wanting to improve?" We hone in on that. I spend a lot of time having them speak it. I take notes and reflect it back to them because we get to see if the pain's enough. There's that whole idea that if you don't have enough push of pain and enough pull to your vision, you're not going to get the results. You're not going to have enough pull to overcome those voices.

We work on the pain, and then we highlight, like if we wave that magic wand, "What would you love three years out?" It's a brain trick. "Calm the brain down. You don't have to worry about the how, but wave that magic wand. What would you love in that area?" so they can step into, "This is where I would love to go," and we look at the gap. It goes back to the gap. We also fuel, "What has it been costing you, and for how long?" We got to make sure that's there because I'm looking for people who are ready, "I've done what I can. I don't know what the next step is. I'm ready to go to that next level," and they need support. I wait for them to say yes, and I know it's a good match.

You remind me of myself from this standpoint. I've also been told that I see the unseen, and that's what you do. What I'm picking up on is that people have these voices. They have these past issues. It may have to do with some trauma. They have no idea that there's something there that is standing in the way of them having the life they want. You have this gift to uncover the invisible. You see the invisible.

It's right. I call my business the invisible side of success. We're a picture in a frame, and we can't see those paradigms or those limiting beliefs. We can't see what's pulling on us. That's the value of a coach. We hear it in what you're saying. When I'm meeting with clients, we spend a lot of time overriding and reworking those words that will speak at that higher level. What's the story that's coming up as you share what I call the lack talk? It's like, "I can't do this because. I never do this. I always do this." We're helping them reword it because whatever we're speaking is what we're thinking. Everything starts with our thoughts. I have a whole system called the Results Formula that I help them understand. It all starts with our thinking. If you don't like what's happening in the results, it goes back to your thinking.

BBF 61 | Dreams Come True

Dreams Come True: The coach is the invisible side of success. We're a picture in a frame, and we can't see paradigms or those limiting beliefs. We can't see what's pulling on us.


This is great for our readers because what she said was she has a system called the Results System. What aspects of life are you in, Tamara? Personal, family, business, any area? Where are you with?

As I was saying before, it's the solopreneurs oftentimes wanting to go to the next level in business. Sometimes we're working on two areas. The time and money freedom might be in there. They go together. Also, they might start out on the vocation, and they are seeing it's the relationship, and the relationship has been the thing that's blocking them. Once we can work with that, they can go up to that next level. Going back to that system, that was my missing piece when I was a leader in my sales. I was getting great training, and many of the things that I'm using now, I'm grateful for.

I had some idea about it, but the piece that I didn't know was to stay connected with the system. "When you do this, you will collapse time," and I love that. Wouldn't we all like to collapse time on our results? That's when you stick to the system. I always tell my clients, "There's some rigor here, but it's rigor in the service of," and almost immediately, I'm seeing people recognize the confidence in knowing and understanding that they can rewire their brain and that it's in the service of them moving forward. I see them come alive pretty quickly as we start the whole process.

BBF 61 | Dreams Come True

Dreams Come True: Almost immediately, people recognize the confidence in knowing and understanding that they can rewire their brains and that it's in the service of them moving forward. They come alive quickly as we start the whole process.


I like that. People should know that they can rewire their brains, and it's okay to rewire their brains. Give me a client success story that you're particularly proud of.

I don't know why this one's coming first to mind. It was a young woman who found me. She was from Canada. She was single, had a young boy, and had just had a breakup with the father. She was coming to me because there were some things that she was doing that weren't serving her in terms of getting into little alcohol for coping. She was a nurse, and she was on a gap in between. She knew that she wanted to be the best mother that she could be, and there were things that she wanted to uplevel and go back to a nursing position. She came to me to get some support because she knew she wasn't thinking the right way.

She got clarity on what it was that she wanted. She wanted to have a great relationship to be able to even have a marriage that would support where she was and also have the flexibility and a nursing job that was close to home so she didn't have to commute. One of her other things I love is she wants a Mustang. She was someone who was ready. She was ready to get in. She stuck with the whole process. During that time, she reconnected and built a relationship with the father of her child. They upleveled that. I will say she did get pregnant out of surprise from that whole experience. What was beautiful and powerful was had she not been in this work, she may have let that child go.

She was able to come back to absolutely knowing, "I don't know how this is all going to come together, but I want my son to have a brother or sister. I would like to keep this child." It was a beautiful process for her to make that decision. She connected with her boyfriend. She threw many rigorous steps. On the last day that we were together and finishing the program, she found a job in the hospital right down the road. That was beautiful.

Three weeks later, she took a picture of the Mustang. She had been researching and finding her way to do that. She showed herself in front of her beautiful Mustang convertible. She was clear to say, "When my kids are older, we have our other car." It was a beautiful process of her sticking to it and overriding it. The voices could have easily thrown her off with all that she went through. That's one of them that came to mind, and she was so grateful.

What a beautiful story. One last thing, if someone reading wanted to take the next step with you, what should they do?

Connect with me to have a clarity session. I'm making it simple. They can email me at TamaraWolfe@Cox.net. We'll connect and set up a clarity session and have that opportunity to see if we're a match.

Awesome. What's your website URL?

It's www.TamaraWolfe.LifeMasteryConsultant.com. I have a business Facebook page that is simply Tamara B. Wolfe. They can go on the business page as well.

Are you on LinkedIn or Instagram?

There's LinkedIn. They can go in and search that out. I'm out on YouTube. If you google Tamara Wolfe there, I have presentations out there as well, like The Power of Decision. They can see us in that way.

Outstanding. Before we say goodbye, is there anything else you'd like our readers to know?

Understand and know that if you have a dream in your heart, you can make it come true. There is a system to support you. We only get one life. Truly take that to heart. What are you doing today? We don't know what tomorrow may bring, so live your best life today. Be excited to know that if you have a dream, there's a way to make that happen. Find your dreams and live from that.

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What a precious way to conclude our interview. This has been a delight. As you know, I'm one of your biggest fans. I think the world of you. You are exceptional at what you do. You make an incredible difference in the lives of other people. Thank you so much for being a guest in this episode.

Thank you so much, Gerry. It's been an honor and privilege.


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