BBF 20 | Make Selling Easier

A successful and great brand is built around simple ideas. Simplicity is everything to make a great brand. In this episode, Gerry Foster provides amazing and helpful tips on how you can make marketing and selling a lot easier and leverage your success. He also talks about visual branding, brand preference, how to maximize your sales, and so much more.

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Make Selling Easier

Whenever you’re looking to scale up or when you’re looking for more sales, more impact, more money in your bank account, you need to focus on answering the question, “What will make a difference to your customer?” When I say your customer, I’m talking about your preferred customer, the ones you love the most, the ones you wish you could have more of. We know who they are. We can often describe that person, that company, or that organization. How many times do you take the time to nail down what matters the most to your customer? Since a brand is an experience, your job is to set an expectation of what that experience is going to be like. You want that experience to be fabulous, amazing, or extraordinary. Whatever words you choose, it has to be positive.

If you look at our everyday lives, how many times do we do ordinary things? Sometimes the experiences are great. Sometimes they’re not so good. Everyday experiences like placing orders online to a company, things like going to the grocery store and going to the dry cleaners. What about booking hotels or booking air flights? Every day we do things that we often take for granted. However, there is an experience that is associated with whatever that thing is that we’re doing. What are the keys to big branding? What are the keys to having amazing brand success? It is to make the idea. The expectation around what you’re going to deliver through your brand, you want to make that as simple as possible because great brands are built around simple ideas.

Roundup kills weeds. Charmin is about irresistible softness. Warby Parker is all about revolutionary eyewear at revolutionary prices. The guy said, “We deliver high-quality razors to your front door for a few dollars a month.” The FedEx brand is about absolute reliable overnight delivery. It’s all around a single idea. When you are putting out an idea that says, “This is what my brand is about.” It’s something that resonates with your market because they consider it important to them. You are going to make the “selling” of that brand a whole lot smoother and easier for yourself.

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Are you saying things that people truly understand? Do they have a grasp of what’s in it for them if they do business with you? The whole goal is to make selling easier. The whole idea here is to build up trust, love, and recognition for your brand by making sure that you say something that nobody else is saying in your space, your category, your industry and your field of expertise. You have to have a stand-alone brand. Once you become known for something that no one can find anywhere else, you make the idea around what that brand is offering. It’s something that people can get excited and delighted about. Your selling is going to be a lot easier, not to mention how much more effective your marketing is going to be.

When people are aware of your brand, they start to pay attention to it. They feel that they now get who you are and the unique value that they can count on you to deliver. When they’re clear on that, everything is going to fall into place for yourself. A lot of it is about giving people exactly what it is that they want, if not giving them what they need. That’s a whole separate conversation right there. Are you giving people what they want? Are you focusing more on what they need? Even though they may need something from a product, service, or business like yours, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they want it. Don’t confuse the two. Right now, you might want to make sure that you are in alignment with what your brand is about so that if you are seeking to correct recognition, awareness and desire for what it is that you offer. People are more inclined to want to “work with you” and buy from you. They perceive you as offering something that deserves their time and attention, if not their money.

If you’re instead telling people, “This is what I do. Here are all the services that I offer. Let me tell you about myself. Can we show you our satisfied customer list?” That’s not going to get people excited. It’s not only by building what’s called know, like, and trust, which means that you are known and you are trusted. You want to be loved. You want people to literally fall in love with your brand. When people feel that you’ve got something that is valuable to them, that means a lot to them, you can then build up your case in terms of bringing forth as much proof and evidence that your brand can deliver exactly what you say you can deliver. What’s going to happen is that your likelihood of getting a sale is highly maximized. You can’t depend upon a logo. I was talking with someone who couldn’t grasp that branding was more than what people can see. I said, “It’s not about how great your logo is or how pretty your colors are. It’s more about giving people a compelling reason to choose you over the competition.” Sure, the packaging has a lot to do with that. For example, I don’t think that some people prefer Coke over Pepsi because Coke is in a red can. I don’t think that some people prefer Pepsi over Coke because it’s in a blue can. No, they have built brand preference because of how the soda tastes.

BBF 20 | Make Selling Easier

Make Selling Easier: When people feel that you’ve got something that is valuable to them, that means a lot to them and your likelihood of getting a sale is highly maximized.

If you’re focused on trying to do all that visual branding stuff, “I got to get videos on Instagram. I got to get some videos on my website. I know what I can do. I need to make sure that my website is loaded with all types of images.” You’re missing the boat at that point because that’s not what is going to make selling easier for you. The whole basic premise here and what I’m getting to is that simplicity is everything. You don’t have to make this complicated. You don’t have to get into some debate with someone around, “Strategically, this is what we should be doing,” and start developing a laundry list around all these different brand ideas. You come back with your tactics as far as marketing and promotions are going.

The whole idea first is to nail down what is it about your brand that is going to be simple for your target audience to understand? At the same time, it makes it easy for you to communicate. That’s all you got to do. It’s all about clarity and consistency. It’s all about making sure that you are known for something that nobody else is. It gets captured in your tagline. It gets captured in your messaging. It gets captured in the content on your website. It gets captured across all of your communication platforms and your brand platform. Focus on answering that question that I posed at the beginning. What is it that is going to make the most difference to your customer? What matters to them? Don’t become irrelevant.

I talk about great brands like Blockbuster. Blockbuster mattered at one time. What made a difference to people was going into a Blockbuster store and we could rent videotapes and then later we could rent DVDs. Along came Netflix and we discovered that we could get our movies by demand online. You could argue that Blockbuster missed the boat on that one because people cared about something that they were not offering. It does have a lot to do with being innovative. It does have a lot to do with being progressive and forward-thinking in how you are approaching the construction, the architecture and the building out of your brand. You don’t want people to see you as being any kind of imitator. It all ends up coming into the experience of the brand, at the end of the day. It’s all about how do people feel about working with you. It’s all about making sure that the simplest things are taken care of.

One time I was at a restaurant. I asked the waiter for extra bread and sauce for my pasta. You would’ve thought that I was asking the guy to do something that was going to create havoc for him. He had this bad reaction. I’m thinking to myself, “All I did was ask for some extra bread and sauce for my pasta.” Don’t act like this is a big deal. Act as if you’re going to do something for me as a customer that maybe you not normally do, but you know that it matters most to me. Maybe in this whole thing about doing what matters the most for the customer is doing the things that you should be doing anyway. Perhaps going over and above what you might normally do because all that matters is the customer. What should you be doing that will mean the most to your customers? That’s what I want to leave you with. Until next time, take care.

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