As the straw that stirred the drink, 
I love seeing how her exceptional brand has evolved over the years

Linda Hardenstein
Owner, Executive & Career Coach, Hardenstein Consulting
Pacific Grove, CA

“Gerry Foster is an expert at guiding a business owner through the maze of pulling all the pieces together to create a very strong brand!

After working with Gerry, I walked away with a crystal clear, consistent message for my brand that I can put out there to attract clients. Not only does Gerry provide clarity around the whole process, he has a real gift for just making it all make sense!

Before coming to Gerry, I didn’t even know what to call myself or what to say about what I do. Now, with all the critical branding elements in place, I feel confident and competent about being able to “target message” and effectively market my business.

I wish I would have met Gerry months ago! He could have saved me a bundle in marketing costs.”

(August, 2012)