Lenny Morgan, Founder
Balloon Animal Farm 

Denver, CO

“I am getting stellar results …
quadrupling my income …”

“I knew your boot camp would help me with my current business. What I didn’t know is that it was going to put me on the right path to my life’s calling. From 5 hours of Big Branding from you:

  • I not only realized that my current business was out of alignment with my life’s calling, I also discovered a way to capitalize on it
  • I am now on a mission to bring the fine arts back into schools that have had to cut music and other programs (and yes, I will be able to make money with it too)

Secondly, while I am developing this business, I have decided that I want to get back into teaching music. I just thought you would be tickled to know that the ME ONLY statement I was able to develop from your boot camp was used on the resume process and I am getting stellar results.

For the last 5 years I have tried to get a job teaching music and tried to express my background in the Army and as a business owner as strengths to no avail.  Now I am able to explain those strengths 1000 times better and so far I have moved from the back of the line, to the front.

  • I never would have been able to express these deep inner passions and experiences of mine had I not done the work in your boot camp

Additionally, in the middle of the boot camp, I was able to change my language in such a way that I started to get more parties with my entertainment business and I was also able to charge more, effectively quadrupling my income (twice the parties for double the usual price).

Thank you so much!”