Joyce Mathie

Joyce Mathie, Founder/Owner & Julie Verrinder, CEO
Sargent Steam

Salt Lake City, UT

“… the experience has been
nothing short of amazing!”

“We have just had the privilege of working one on one with Gerry Foster – the experience has been nothing short of amazing!

Before we met Gerry, we couldn’t figure out why our marketing was less than effective. He knew immediately what was missing and guided us through filling in the gaps.  Gerry helped us bring our focus together to create a very comprehensive brand identity that has really made us stand out from our competitors.

  • His step by step process is so easy to follow. What Gerry helped us create will be used over and over again in so many ways – advertising, hiring new people, creating a more cohesive team, interaction with our customers, etc.
  • We love working with Gerry – he’s very enthusiastic and passionate about his job. He’s warm, caring, patient and very easy to work with throughout the whole process

Thank you Gerry for your vast knowledge, expertise and experience. You have an uncanny ability to ask just the right question so we can easily come up with just the right answer!”