Jerry Llewellyn

 Jerry Llewellyn, President
Amera Consulting Group 

Austin, TX

“… Gerry presented … a breadth
& depth about branding.”

“In regards to my thoughts about Gerry Foster, for starters let me say that I was thrilled with the branding project and his training and coaching. I cannot think of any series of trainings that I have ever been exposed to that was as useful, insightful, productive, and downright helpful as my work with Gerry has been.

Not only did Gerry train me, but also joining me was my wife, Carol Anne, who has supported my marketing over the years, as well as one of my business partners, and all of us felt supported to the hilt by Gerry to get our brand in order.

  • Gerry’s approach was very organized, easy to follow, filled with step by step branding concepts all of which were relevant to my company
  • Being an executive with midsize companies for 25 years and being in management consulting almost 10 years, I thought I understood branding and marketing
  • What Gerry presented, however, was a breadth and depth about branding that I had never been exposed to and I was amazed at what I learned and how incomplete my knowledge had been before Gerry’s program

By the end of our training, I truly had a clear understanding of the essential elements of branding and how my company could go to market for even greater success.

Also, thanks to Gerry’s very personalized coaching, I came away with a unique differentiation for my business that I felt great about and had the steps in place to move forward with my new opportunities fully empowered.

In short, I wished that I had come across Gerry earlier in my career and am most grateful that it has happened now. What a truly amazing resource he is!

I am open to receive phone calls to discuss my support of Gerry as an extraordinary branding business consultant and trainer, who is in addition one of the finest human beings that I have ever met. My intention is to have a lifelong relationship with Gerry and if that is the case, I will be very fortunate, and so would you.”