Jennifer Brown

Jennifer Brown, Interior Designer

Calgary, AB

 ” … we have an elite brand
that reflects what is special ….”

“We are a family owned Architectural and Interior Design firm in Calgary, AB and hired Gerry to walk us through the steps of
re-branding our business after 11 years. Gerry’s program allowed us the flexibility to complete the stages, video viewing, assignments and conference calls with Gerry at our pace.

He has been able to act as a fourth wheel in our scenario to introduce a different perspective and new ideas. Gerry got us to clearly see what we bring to the table and how to build our brand around what we are really good at.

  • I’m proud to say, we now have an elite brand that reflects what is special about us, what distinguishes us from other interior designers, and why we are better
  • Completing the brand strategy work with Gerry, the sky’s the limit in terms of how much more business we can bring in

We feel fully armed to attack the next stages of creative development, execution and brand management. We would highly recommend Gerry’s brand coaching services. It has been a pleasure working with him.”