Big Brand Formula


Big Brand Formula is a step-by-step, guided system that makes it easy for you to create a world-class brand. It lays out precisely what to do each step of the way, right down to creating a unique identity that can set you apart from the competition, and what to say to get sales.

We’ve also found our Formula to be especially appealing to female owners who want a process for creating something unique that can:

  • Provide a greater sense of personal fulfillment & relevance, propel you into your destiny, and leave your mark on the world
  • Eliminate feeling stuck, uncertain about what their brand should be, or confused about how to make more money
  • Align with their core values, make being in business a lot more fun, and fire up consumers to fall in love with their brand

No matter your age or stage, sex or color, it’s time to create that distinct brand you’re SUPPOSED to have!  It’s time to live an exceptional life!

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Excite - Big Brand Formula


The Big Brand Formula system begins here because great brands don’t just sprout up on their own. To develop a top-shelf brand, you will first need fertile soil, meaning you must be clear on that ‘something special’ – your significance – you feel most passionate about, are meant to provide others, and can immerse yourself in.  It’s declaring how your brand will impact the world!


You want to stand out as the best brand to buy! We start by determining, “What is the void in your market – a big hole you can fill?”  So you can, in turn,  provide something – value – no one else does.  This enables you to say to a potential customer, “I’ve got exactly what you’ve been looking for, and you can only get it from me. No one or anything else does that or even comes close!  I am fearlessly original!!”

Whether you’re looking to create a new brand from scratch, refresh an existing one, or give yours a complete makeover, standing out from the pack requires being regarded as a stand-alone, we’re-the-only-one-who-does-what-we-do brand. This can get more people to see you as satisfying customer needs and wants, unlike no competitor. It’s putting something into the marketplace that’s different from what’s already out there; being me-only for optimum success.  This applies whether you want to big brand a business, nonprofit, product, service or even YOURSELF as a personal brand.

Here are a few ways our Big Brand Formula can help you stand out:

  • Root your brand in an inspiring Brand Purpose Statement that provides a clear pathway forward and magnifies what you stand for
  • Plant your flag in Blue Ocean market space, known for offering something unique & different … not heard or seen before
  • Harvest effective differentiation to help drive home your competitive advantage and activate customer engagement
  • Uncover your distinct voice and carve out your me-only image even in a crowded marketplace
  • Kiss goodbye being lost in the crowd!
Delight - Big Brand Formula


Using lots of analysis, insights, smarts, and brainstorming, we identify a hungry crowd of ‘Grade A’ consumers who would be motivated to buy from you and profitable to target.  Quite often they represent a gap in the market, a segment that’s not served well by your competitors.


We uncover and concoct your ‘secret sauce!’ This will be your combination of the right ingredients that can transform your product or service into a thrilling and original brand – your ‘recipe’ consumers can welcome, enjoy, and want to soak up the experience.

A stand-alone, me-only brand is only the beginning. Attracting customers also requires promising and delivering something special and memorable. It signals that what further sets you apart is crushing conventional ways, redefining customer expectations, and going beyond the predictable. It’s your secret sauce that can make people hungry for more.

Here are some Big Brand Formula methods to help you be desired:

  • Locate your ideal customer – your avatar, tribe, community – the people most likely to love, appreciate, and buy your brand
  • Anchor your brand in the DNA of your business – the differentiating way you please customers that is individually yours – that would be difficult, if not impossible, for your most fierce rivals to duplicate, imitate, or negate
  • Unleash your secret sauce – the way you ‘productize’ your services through a proprietary delivery system locked inside of you OR perhaps a patentable product feature – to demonstrate in-a-class-by-itself superiority for delivering value in a way no one else can
  • Jump-start growth with unrivaled value you can claim as your own, that speaks to ‘the matters of the heart’ of your ideal customer
  • Confirm your credibility, so your brand is as relateable and appealing as possible to your avatar
Ignite - Big Brand Formula


We’ve all seen lousy logos, packaging, and other images. To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, we provide the strategic direction you need to create the ideal images that can help make the strongest impressions.


Cutting down and slicing through all the marketing noise and jungles of consumer resistance is ever nerve-wracking. Finding the right words. Saying them the right way. Getting people to stop, listen, and ‘hug your unrivaled value’ so you can speed up sales. You get a good, brand-led, value-driven message.


Taglines or slogans are not just for TV commercials. You need a tagline that provides benefits your ideal customers want. We can create something clever, bonding, and remarkable that provides a picture of what you do.

Highly differentiated, lucrative brands clearly communicate their competitive edge and industry leadership. From clarity comes increased sales. You can make money faster with emotional messaging, a consistent tone of voice that helps connect, entice, and engage your ideal customer through your website, social media, videos, podcast, and other brand communication platforms.

Here are proven ways our Big Brand Formula can help increase sales:

  • Position your brand as a must-have purchase by making it more interesting and appealing to the people who matter most … giving them what they seek and what they want … not looking, feeling, or sounding like the rest … and more; it’s your ‘unique angle’
  • Get rich content – juicy, top-level, emotional WOW messaging – from that sweet harmony of the right words, sentences, and catch-phrases to make a heart, not head, connection that helps highlight, illustrate, and elevate the special advantages your brand offers through both your verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Make a powerful, one-of-a-kind Statement of Mastery – a bold, iron-clad promise that spotlights the meaningful benefits your brand can be counted on to deliver that can exceed customer expectations
  • Wrap your brand around a creative, punchy, rock-solid tagline to help reinforce your unrivaled value, capture the essence of your one-of-a-kind promise, and be remembered
  • Package your brand (i.e., product or service), and solidify what your logo should seek to convey, so you stand out even more