This online group coaching program is for the owner who wants to create a world-class brand …

Put yourself in a place with other owners where
good things can occur and receive hands-on assistance
directly from Gerry to create a powerful brand
for today’s global marketplace!

Big Brand Group Coaching Program
Group coaching with small business owners at CEO Space Int’l. Business Growth Conference 

A Shortcut to Faster Sales

Some people create opportunities and luck for themselves
by  taking an unusual path. 

They go in a different lane than everyone else. 
Big Brand Formula INTENSIVE is such a path.

I will personally mentor, guide, and direct you to create an incredible
business, nonprofit, product, service or personal brand that can
rock, rattle, and rack in the results you want!

VIRTUAL - Big Brand Formula


What is Big Brand Formula INTENSIVE?

Big Brand Formula INTENSIVE (BBFI) is the most comprehensive online program for formulating, creating, and constructing an exceptional brand.

BBFI is the only transformative group experience program of its kind that not only shows you exactly how to develop your dream brand  — we co-create it by providing do-it-with-you,
in-the-trenches, hands-on assistance 🙂

By the end of this program,
you will have:

  1. Identified the ‘something special’ you were born to do (and meant to accomplish)
  2. Distinguished yourself from the competition and gain an edge for the long haul (that makes you “you”)
  3. Pinpointed eager, ideal customers who fit the profile (a ‘hungry crowd’)
  4. Anchored in what you do best (your DNA) and uncover your secret sauce so you can claim brand superiority
  5. Stand out-even-more-power by answering the question, “How should we come across?” (your logo)
  6. Formulated a one-of-a-kind promise that will make your brand irresistible (your Statement of Mastery™)
  7. Crafted a fundamental core message that makes people sit up, care, and buy (the right words)
  8. Spured consumers to remember whether they like your brand or not with a catchy tagline (a punchy slogan)

What exactly is included?

Look, this is my signature program!  It’s my baby … my pride & joy.  BBFI is a guided methodology that works for any type of small business.  You get everything contained in my Virtual program.


  • 7 Big Branding training topics
  • 7 Workshop Videos rich with conversational, down-to-earth delivery of content, so you won’t bump up against any confusing big branding principles, terms, and approaches.

… each Video training is straightforward, easy to understand right away, and engaging.

  • 7 Action Guides containing downloadable worksheets so you are creating your brand as you go through the training, helping you integrate everything you learn in the videos

… each Guide can be absorbed anytime, anywhere on your schedule to maximize your value and get your brand up-and-running … so that after the completion of BBFI you’ll have a clear roadmap that can lead to effective marketing and selling

During this 2-Hours a week experience, you ALSO GET...

  • Group coaching calls with ME & other like-minded owners in a structured, collective setting that includes collaboration and accountability.  These will be 7 live Q&A “Weekly Office Hours with Gerry” calls to minimize frustration, eliminate the stress, and have fun creating your brand with grace and ease. Specifically, every Friday (as my schedule permits) you can spend 1-2 hours with me by Zoom reviewing your Action Guide worksheet answers (I coach as many as I can during our sessions together) where I walk you through the creation of your big brand or make any necessary ‘re-branding’ changes that lie at the core of my branding philosophy
  • Each call is devoted to you receiving direct support, feedback, and guidance (and answering any other questions you may have)
  • In a nutshell, these coaching sessions are a time to check in, stay encouraged, and get your questions answered to ensure your brand is customized to your business and put together the right way with my personal input, support and guidance 🙂

Ready to Get Started?

If you believe you have something exceptional to offer consumers – be it a product, service, whatever – now could be the time to clearly capture your rarity and learn how to:

  • Make the impact you’re here to make
  • Maximize the possibilities ahead
  • Set up your brand legacy

It’s tantalizing, isn’t it?   Just imagine for a moment what your business, world, and life could be like.


Want Proof?
Budding Entrepreneurs Make Dream Come True

Rebecca Willingham, along with boyfriend Tyler Orstein, asked me to brand a product they created called Tylers Coffee. With a goal to become known as America’s first “Acid Free” coffee, I worked closely with them on their messaging. We were able to convert it into a remarkable brand.

Now, Tylers Coffee can be found in various stores across the U.S. and on the Internet. How did this happen? They chose to think brand not product.

They discovered that a strong brand message leads to strong sales.

“Gerry is a branding genius!”
No other branding coaching program can compare! You will discover vast amounts of information to be distinct not extinct. Gerry can help you learn how to dominate the market so customers happily pay for what you offer.

It’s all about outthinking not outspending your competition so you can beat the competition. Implementing Gerry’s methods will help fortify your business and take it to unoccupied Blue Water territory you deserve. Do the right thing for yourself and do the right thing for your business, start fortifying what you care about most on Rock instead of Sand.”

Rebecca Willingham

More Proof!!

Another one of my clients overcame his 15-year battle with acne and turned it into a very prosperous brand. Check this out …

As a kid growing up, Chris always felt embarrassed by the way his skin looked. Blemishes, pimples, zits … it was horrible.

He vowed to himself that one day he was going to discover a way get clear skin. And he did. He didn’t want other people to experience the same kind of agony.

Chris developed a formula that could get rid of acne in 3 days. When he came to me in the middle of a horrible recession, my coaching program showed him how to strengthen his brand and get his company back on track.

He more than tripled his sales and at last check he was making $60,000 a month! His Ginale Skin Care business is finally growing the way he always dreamed it would and Chris is now known as a natural skin care expert.  You can check him out at


A Small Sample from Some of Our other
Awesome Alumni …


Mandi Susman
President & Founder, Sus4Media, Inc.

Tina Greenbaum
The Optimal Performance Specialist

Theresa Hartman
Life & Health Coach

Lenny Morgan
Denver, CO

“I am getting stellar results …
quadrupling my income …”


Mina Watkins
Tustin, CA

“… my coaching practice is now
receiving brand recognition …”

Mandi Susman
Bronx, NY

“I’ve seen 100% increase
in my revenue!”

Drew Orgel
Moorpark, CA

“in just my second week …
I tripled my effectiveness.”

Michael Ferrera
Los Angeles, CA

“I picked up 45 new clients
and $25,000 more in sales!”

 Cheryl Trell
Scottsdale, AZ

“… thank you for your generosity
… I got what I needed …”


Wait, there’s more!  I’m including 


to support you in joyfully & confidently creating your big brand! 


Access to Our Members Only
Big Brand Social Network Community For “Life”
(Value $497 annually)

Your enrollment in BBFI also includes lifetime access to our exclusive Social Network community for BBFI students and alumni. Imagine having 24/7 access to other BBFI students to exchange knowledge and information, support each other and perhaps even land a new customer.

Superbrand for Super Profits
Free Audio!
(Value $97)

This downloadable digital program, taught ‘live’ in front of about 1,000 small business owners from around the world, is a 45-minute motivating talk that WALKS YOU THROUGH my Big Brand Formula process. Great for listening at home, at work, or in your car.

You’ll have a basic understanding of how everything works, fits together, and what steps you should take in what order. We suggest listening to this to prepare you for the 7 workshop videos.

You’ll also receive my downloadable 11-page SuperBrand for Super Profits Special Report which you can use to clarify your thoughts, take notes, and start building your super brand.


Free Brand Critique!
(Value $1,000)

You can email me your overall brand message, logo, any visuals, a marketing piece, calls to action, direct me to your website, etc. and I will personally critique it. Meaning, I will spot what’s missing, tell you what needs to be added or revised, and what a better approach might be, so you don’t leave money on the table!