Dr. Gloria Askew & Jerre Paquette,
Nutrition Experts, Eat to Save Your Life 
Blind Bay, BC

“… pulled our thoughts … into
a single, sharp focus …”

“We met Gerry in one of his energized and stunningly clear, helpful, and disciplined presentations on branding. By the end of his presentation, we were determined to acquire his big branding advice.

Within a few weeks of our commencing work with him on our project:

  • We had in place all the elements we needed to launch a brand, and we had his assurance he’d be there for us at every step we took
  • One of us lives on the east coast of Canada, the other on the West coast, and Gerry is in California
  • Yet he made us feel like we were all in one room together creating ideas that he was no less enthusiastic about than we were

Through video lessons and telephone conferences, Gerry pulled our thoughts, expectations, and visions into a single, sharp focus that kick-started our business and left us with confidence and excitement for our business future.

Thank you, Gerry!”