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In our society, up until just recently, there’s been so much conditioning around staying in our lane, sitting down, and shutting up. We’ve been told to be passionate but not so passionate, to speak up but not to speak out of line. However, Leslie Medley found the opposite to be true in her life, claiming that the more messy she allows her life to be, the more clarity she receives and the more fun she has. Leslie is a world traveler, international conscious entrepreneur, speaker, coach, and co-founder of American Wanderlove. She joins Gerry Foster on today’s podcast to encourage everyone to get dirty, have a little more fun, and discover more! For those of you who want to free yourself and begin living your one and only adventurous life, stay tuned to this amazing woman.

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Get Dirty With Leslie Medley

As you know, I’m committed to having interviews with what I consider to be some of America’s great thought leaders. You may not have heard of some of these people, but mark my words, they are people out there making a difference, making a contribution to the planet and doing amazing things with their extraordinary gifts and skills. One of those types of people is my special guest and that is Leslie Medley. This is one exceptional woman. Let me tell you about her. Leslie is the Cofounder of American Wanderlove and Wanderlove Retreats, an international breathwork facilitator and speaker. She’s also a sattva yoga teacher, a freedom life coach and her favorite title, she’s human.

Leslie is a critical care registered nurse who left it all to pursue the calling in her, which was to hear and travel the world and create massive change within herself and the world around her. Leslie is a world-traveling gypsy soul who loves nothing more than wandering barefoot in the jungles abroad, immersing herself in foreign cultures or guiding individuals into freedom. Not ordinary freedom, the best kind of freedom, personal freedom, freedom from self. Some of her favorite facilitators are adventures, international travel, yoga, meditation, breath, work and ceremonial Kaiko.

She has studied for over 500 hours at the base of the Himalayas in India with her master and is passionate about bringing these ancient time-tested yoga technologies from the East to the Western world for modern-day people to free themselves and to begin living their one and only adventurous life fully. For those of you who want to be able to free yourselves and begin living your one and only adventurous life, then you want to stay tuned to this amazing woman. Leslie, welcome. How are you?

I am fabulous. I’m grateful to be here with you.

Tell us about yourself in terms of what you’re up to now. When you and I first connected at a virtual summit, I want our readers to know that we had this magnetic wonderful connection. It was psychic. It was full. It was about who we are being in the world.

As you ask this question, I get chills and I feel in what I’m about to share my prayer, my intention in what I’m about to share, it would give other entrepreneurs, other high-level thinkers permission to be human too. Thank you for that beautiful introduction and yes, all of that is true, including my favorite title, being human. I, myself, as I think many of us have found, I’m in a huge transition in my life, in my personal life and in business. I think that it’s often, especially as thought leaders, as leaders, as speakers, we’re in the arena. Typically, we have all eyes or at least a few sets of eyes on us. We also experience very human things. If anything, we’ve learned this year besides presence from 2020 in COVID-19 and the global revolution, is we’ve also learned that there are quite a bit of things out of our control.

It doesn’t matter how much mindset training we’ve done. It doesn’t matter even if we’re a worldwide mindset coach or leader like myself. I share this to say because you ask how am I being, I’m personally returning back to the basics. I am taking care of myself in a new way. Let’s be real. The way I describe it is it’s like all of the pieces of our life, I don’t know if anyone remembers those little toys when we were younger, you had to put the star in the star spot and you had to put the square in the square spot and we were learning our number, circles and shapes. I feel like in 2020, all the pieces of our life, some that we don’t care about, some that we’ve forgotten, some that are out of alignment, some that we like. It’s like it was shaken up inside this little toy and completely all the pieces went everywhere.

It’s almost like we’re waiting for the dust to settle. I keep hearing over and over for life to return back to normal. I’m sharing this from my own heart and personal experience, the key is I decided to do something different this time. I’m a strong person. I’m a go-getter. I think all of you reading probably are too. We are queen and kings of putting out fires, especially in business. It’s almost like what we’re good at. For the first time, I decided, “With these many things changing, with these many things crumbling, I’m going to sit down. I’m not going to go put out the fires. Could I? Sure.” I’m saying this with such conviction because I know that there’s someone out there reading that has been experiencing this as well in 2020.

I decided to sit down and allow the dust to settle, allow the clarity to come, allow things to literally die off, crumble and burn away. Here we are, 6 or 7 or 8 months later throughout this wild adventure of 2020, there’s still some dust. It’s still not settled. My 4.5-year relationship with my business partner, as well as a romantic partner has come to a completion and everything that comes along with that. I know many of us have experienced business changes, whether it’s financially or the way in which we run our business. A lot of relationship changes, a lot of personal inquiry happening. I’m going to share with you how I’m being and I share this to give permission to all of you. Maybe there’s a lot of dust in your life and you can’t see things clearly because many things have changed.

What I’m doing and my invitation to all of you is to literally sit down, and sitting down is not a passive role. In fact, it’s a very active role. If anything, it takes more to surrender to the discomfort, surrender to the change, to literally let go and allow and let God work some magic. For us, it’s easy to be strong. It’s easy for us to try to control everything that’s safe. The real work for me in 2020 and I believe the work that we all get to do personally, professionally on a global scale is to sit down and evaluate what needs to be burned away. What’s already crumbling that I’m holding on to for dear life and what’s working?

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You are dropping some gems right there. Let the dust settle. Let’s start with that for a moment because I’m sure there are a lot of people who are learning what you’re saying about, “I can let the dust settle, but I don’t like the dust.” What are your thoughts on that? I think for a lot of people in this thing called life, in terms of what we all bump up against, what advice do you have to people who are out there? One of the things I found for myself is that there are those moments when it seems like so much is falling upon us, especially if you said in the midst of the pandemic, yet I got to put both hands on the wheel and hit directly toward what I want, making sure that what I want is as clear as the full moon peeking over the horizon, which means I got to stay in my lane. I got to keep working. I can’t be venturing outside the lines but at the same time, the dust is all around me. What do we do?

I say get dirty. In our society specifically, even still there’s been so much conditioning around sit down, shut up, stay in line. Like you said, “Stay in your lane, take care of business and keep pushing forward. Don’t get messy. Don’t speak. Be passionate, but don’t be too passionate. Speak up, but don’t speak out of line.” I have discovered over and over in my life, the messier I allow it to be, not only do I receive more clarity and honestly have a little bit more fun because who remembers playing in the mud when we were younger? It was fun. Not only do I have more fun and I discover more in the long run because I’m not sitting there trying to control the outcome. I’m in a space of receptivity to receive. I’m on the court, in the mess. I’m on the court, in the dirt. I’m not standing. I’m not in the stands of my life like, “There are so much dust and dirt all over the place. What am I going to do about it?” You’re worrying about the dust and dirt.

You’re not sitting down and being present to the fact that clearly, something in your life is not working. It doesn’t make you wrong. It doesn’t even make what you used to do wrong. It’s like, “Something is not working.” Are you going to fight this change which is going to cause stress, struggle, anxiety, all the hormones that we don’t want to be released into our body, ultimately ending in disease or what if you allowed yourself to get a little dirty, to actually mess up? It gets to be as messy as it needs to be until you learn your lesson. I know for myself, when I was sitting here by myself after my partner walked out the door and I found myself almost like the second time this has happened in my life. I could have easily been like, “The dirt, him.” It was like, “I need this to be as messy as it’s going to be until learned my lesson because clearly, I haven’t learned yet.”

That’s good because that’s part of this whole thing. I love your wisdom here about life. Not wanting to, “I want off this merry-go-round. I want off this roller coaster ride.” That roller coaster ride during the tough times, to your point, we got to be willing to get dirty and hunker down underneath our own thunder clouds. Especially to those of us who own businesses because thunderclouds and dirt come with the territory. I’ll speak for myself. I’ve learned and I’ve disciplined myself that when I’m on that crazy ride, like this has been in 2020, I’ve disciplined myself to sit down, keep my hands, arms, legs and everything else inside at all times and go where this ride takes me until it comes to a complete full stop whether I like it or not. Therefore, I have to be okay with discomfort because part of the dirt is can you handle the discomfort? What are your thoughts about that?

I have full body chills as you’re wrapping over there. If you can’t be with your own dirt, who can? I know that’s not a pill that we want to swallow. Even when reading this blog, it’s all about business and branding, you didn’t necessarily know that you were going to have these horse pills that you’re swallowing. This is where the work is. I believe that entrepreneurship is the greatest spiritual journey and awakening. It has been for me anyway. It definitely stretches us and tests us and grows us. If you can’t handle your own dirt, your own mess, who can?

We always have to remember the things never stay the same all the time. Bad times don’t last. We have to be willing to keep our eye on the prize and do our job with humility and maintain a fundamental core of integrity and be generous of heart. Always being authentic, realizing that faith, talent, workmanship and a little bit grit will carry us over the finish line and far down the line as far as where we need to go. Many people, to your point, they can’t handle the dirt.

As soon as it gets a little messy, it’s like, “Let me try this next business venture. This one didn’t work.”

At the same time, destiny awaits all of us. Our destiny is there for us if we’re willing to go through the valleys, to get to the top of the next mountain. The problem with many people is that they want to skip the valleys. They want to get to the top of the next mountain.

I’m going to read you a quote that I’ve been sitting with. It’s almost exactly what you said. When I discovered this quote, I was like, “First of all, how did I not know this quote before because it’s me in a quote?” It says, “Somewhere between the bottom of the climb and the summit is the answer to the mystery of why we climb.” We’re looking for clarity. We’re looking like, “What’s my why? What’s my Dharma? What’s my purpose? Why am I here? What is the answer to the clarity I need in my business? Where should I take my branding? Who’s my ideal client?” You’re at the bottom and you’re wanting to be up there and I’m going to bring this up in regard to business and in life and to another point you made that I see happen often is the climb. The moment in March 2020, in April 2020, that is your life.

I keep hearing, “I’m going to wait for life to get back to normal and then I’m going to start hanging out with people. I’m going to wait for life to get back to normal and then I’ll start this idea.” This moment right here is your life. Are you resisting your life? Are you trying to change your life or are you being in your life? It’s on the climb. I tell people all the time and this is exactly why I personally use experiential learning as my main facilitator and what that looks like is adventure retreats. I take people to Bali and we climb mountains. I tell people all the time, and insert change mountain to any big mountain struggle, adversity, challenge that you’re up against, “You can talk about climbing the mountain, you can prepare, train, get all the high, expensive gear, strategize, map it out, but until you climb the mountain, you will never viscerally understand what it’s like to climb a mountain.”

BBF 47 | Get Dirty

Get Dirty: It takes more to surrender to the discomfort and the change than it is to be strong.

I’ve been in the game for a long time. I’ve had my own company now for many years. I love what you said there because I’ve climbed a lot of mountains. I’ve been to a lot of valleys. I know what it feels like to be dirty. As I was listening to you and what you were sharing earlier, I think about that word dirt, which is a powerful word because it doesn’t always mean that it’s bad. We can get dirty in different ways. When I think about dirt, I think about how it can come from charcoal. If I have some charcoal in my hand and I started rubbing it on my body or on the bottom of my feet, all of a sudden, I look at the soles of my feet and I see that my feet are dirty.

However, that dirt may also come from the char that results from the fire. Part of life, especially, being in business for ourselves, you and I are both solopreneurs and doing what we are meant to do, called in what we are supposed to do, we have to be willing to endure the fire as we’re climbing up the mountain. One of the things that I’ve discovered for myself is that over time, I’ve learned how to deal with the valleys. I learned and discovered the hard way that I had to climb over the, “Does it feel good?” stuff, walk through the flames, go through the storms and build up a tolerance for frustration to get to the other side where there’s always hope and often glory. There are hope and glory on the other side, but we’re still caught up in the dirt in the flame and the, “No. I don’t like it. It’s doesn’t feel good.” We want to go crawl up in bed and put our thumb in our mouth or something.

I definitely had those moments like, “I want to crawl in bed and put the blankets over me and hide.”

At least you’re still in the game because you haven’t taken the bait and try to go down that rabbit hole of, “I got to get away from all of this. Do something else. Go out and find a job or something.” No, because there’s a calling on your life. You’re supposed to be doing something that’s special. What do you think that is? Especially, as you are dirty.

I am dirty. I’ll even add that I’m in my rawest, most authentic expression. That’s what I also want to share. I’ll definitely officially answer your question, but to add to what you shared and then to this question, oftentimes as you said, we do relate to this dirt like it’s bad or messy or even the fire, the discomfort. It’s like, “I’ll overcome it, but I don’t want to.” However, what I’m present to within myself is I am the rawest and it’s sensitive, but I also feel a sense of connection and power of like that stripped away down to nothing, feeling the zero, the breaking the ground. That can be stressful and overwhelming and a lot of change. It is exciting. It has me see myself in a new way.

It has me experience myself in my raw power, not in the forced power or in this like, “I’m going to show up and be a leader,” but everything I’ve shared with you even on this episode is my experience. I want the readers to utilize this as a mirror. Gerry and I are your mirrors. The words that are being shared, the wisdom that is shared in this episode, use this as like you’re staring into a mirror. If there’s something we say that either excites you, causes passion within you or causes a little bit of discomfort within you, chase it, follow it, investigate it, inquire about it. “Where is this coming from? Why is this arising within me?” Keep fanning the flames. I think I even started this episode by saying, “I’m going back to the basics.”

Even if you’re not a mindfulness teacher, but you teach people to overcome their obstacles in business, go back to the basics of your teaching. That is what life is asking us to do right now. I feel in my own life is laying a very solid foundation for the new way, not the old way to come back. We are emerging. This is a new way. Every breath you take, every word you speak, every action you take right now matters more than ever because you are literally laying the foundation in a new way for your life and all the generations to come. It’s going to look different in different phases of my life. However, I know for a fact I am put on this planet to teach and to guide women and the modern generation into freeing themselves to be the most authentic version because we’ve done the whole try everyone to be the same, try to conform.

It works in society to a point, but it clearly is not working anymore. We need people who speak up. We need people who shine. We need people who are willing to get messy and takes the most authentic version of you. Not the one your mom told you to be, not the one that society told you to be, but the one that you know you are at the deepest, most core part of you, but maybe you were told it’s not okay. Maybe you were told a girl shouldn’t be like that or a boy shouldn’t do that or you shouldn’t be emotional or you’re too much. Do you know how many times I’ve been told I’m too much in my life? Now I’m like, “Good. I used to be like them.”

You’re authentic and transparent. I want to acknowledge you for that. What you opened up for me was this whole thing about being our very best self. I don’t want to sound cliché, but this whole thing of being the best version of ourselves, this whole thing of living at a level of our higher self versus our lower self. If more of us could stay attached to who we are and are clear on why we’re on this planet and even those things that come along with whatever that happens in life, that causes trauma, let alone dirt, but trauma and despair. We all know that the stuff that can happen in life. We always have to remember that we can’t make that lunge for that golden ticket.

Especially in entrepreneurship, it’s not about expecting instant oatmeal microwave success. You have to be willing, and I want to circle back to one of the words that you said that also struck me was the word discomfort and being uncomfortable, which comes along with the discomfort. One of the things I want our readers to notice that’s amazing about Leslie is that as Leslie and I have been getting to know each other, she was teaching yoga and ballet. I’ve got to tell you a story, Leslie. I got introduced to yoga in 2016. Yoga and I didn’t get along too well. I tried hot yoga. I did regular yoga. When I would go into these rooms, I’m looking at these men and women who are bending like pretzels.

I would go on to the furthest darkest corner I could find. The yoga instructor would come by and say, “It’s okay. Let’s sit in here. Let me help you.” I share that because it was a discomfort for me, those moments of practicing yoga. I probably went to yoga classes at least twenty times. I said, “I’m going to push through the pain of discomfort because life is about pushing through the pains, believing that on the other side of pain is something special for all of us to experience and accomplish.” I also think of marathon runners. I’m looking at these Tough Mudders, marathon runners and triathlon.

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I’m saying to myself, “There’s something that we can learn from these extraordinary athletes who are willing to handle the discomfort, pain, dirt, misery, and everything else that comes with that.” That’s this whole thing about doing, which I think you are about, Leslie, and that is digging deep, knowing that it’s going to require every ounce of our energy to cross that finish line. Therefore, we must keep our hopes alive and keep our heads high.

Staying connected to what matters, especially athletes, entrepreneurs, anyone that has their eye on a certain prize. It’s important that we return to why are we even doing this to begin with? Why am I even pushing through? You don’t have to, that’s the thing. You get to, or you get to bow out. I would even add to what you shared is pushing through the discomfort. What I like to say is how comfortable can I become in the discomfort? That is going to be true self-mastery, business mastery, life mastery. Sometimes that requires us to show up when we don’t want to and “push through.”

However, how can I find comfort in the discomfort? How can I learn how to dance in the storm and have fun in the storm? It’s like, “Leslie, you’re pushing it. You’re asking me to have fun when my life is falling apart.” Don’t forget what I said. That moment of discomfort is your life. If we’re always waiting for these moments of comfort or the summit or the final prize, that’s only a couple moments in our whole life compared to each day-to-day moment. I don’t know about you, but I am not willing to miss out on that much of my life.

I’m a little older than you. I tell people I’m a 35-year-old Baby Boomer, but let me tell people this, there may be snow on the roof, but there are still plenty of fire down below. I’ve been running my own marathon for a long time and I’m in my fifth decade. What’s great is I think about what you’re saying is that I’m not running out of gas. There is no part of me that’s pumping the brakes nor am I winding or slowing down. When I look at all of this, all of the discomfort, the pain and all the things that come along with what’s part of the game, a lot of people that I know, people I went to school with, they’re winding down and I’m gearing up. I haven’t hit my prime yet.

There are people out there who can learn from you and me because like great athletes, it’s all the evolution of our game. We have to be willing to acknowledge, and this is what I’ve done for myself and it may be useful for the reader, I said, “I’m flowering and fuller than ever. I’ve got the energy and the ambition that I had 25 or 30 years ago.” As the saying goes, “I am not done yet.” The best years of my life are in front of me. As I’m listening to myself and I’m thinking about you and I’m looking at you, do you think that people need to start pulling toward the life they desire?

My first initial answer is everyone needs to be doing breathwork, meditation, sitting with themselves for a few minutes every day to tune in. I don’t tune in. I’m not this connected to my life because I’m avoiding myself. It happens, but I have my daily accountability, daily routine, daily practice and outside coaches, teachers and tribe that hold me accountable when I fall off. What I will leave you with because that would be a whole other conversation about breathwork, meditation, all the tools. If you’re interested, reach out to me, I would be happy to send you some resources. In fact, I believe we’re going to be tagging in a resource where you can download your own daily practice to get started.

I would say, follow your charm, what excites you, what sets your soul on fire. It might not make sense. Grandma might not like it. Mom sure as heck might not like it, but do you like it? Does it excite you? It’s funny that we talked about fire almost in this burning, but this is the fire of transformation. This is your passion. Your passion activates change because you try something else. It excites you. You get this idea, clarity. “Let me try this. I didn’t like it. That didn’t excite me.” If it’s a heck yes to your soul, it’s a heck yes to you and if it’s a heck no to your soul, it needs to be a no.

I remember one of the first times I felt free, not the only, but one of the first is I remember someone told me, and this seems so simple. There are two things they told me. One is, no is a complete sentence. I know the women out there, “I need to justify myself.” Secondly, you get to change your mind. I spent not only hundreds and thousands of dollars, but hundreds and thousands of hours becoming an ICU trauma, critical care, certified trauma nurse. My last job was in the Arizona burn intensive care unit.

I walked away from my career after 1.5 years. That’s not even long enough to cover my whole schooling. You are allowed to change your mind, but you have to be okay with it. We spend so much time looking for this person’s approval, the right moment when we can know. Follow your charm. Stay connected to your fire through playing in your passions. I promise you, if you spend more time playing in your passions, you will have more clarity. You will feel more alive and you will be guided beyond what your mind can tell you.

I would add to that, do what makes your life worth living. For me, when I think about my work as the branding evangelist and how I bless many people over the years, my work is my spiritual calling. I don’t know how much you know about my work, but branding is all I’ve done my entire adult life. I read an article. The average American changes a job 10 to 15 times in a lifetime. I’ve never done anything but branding my entire life. If I go back to college at USC, I majored in Marketing, deep study in branding in undergrad and graduate school. This is my spiritual calling because what I get to do and what has kept me and enabled me to be okay with the discomfort, the dirt, the fire is that my work is the intersection of what I’m good at, what I love to do and meant to do.

You use the word once with me when we were talking about intention. I continuously get to intentionally and passionately add value to people’s lives and make a difference. Best of all, I get to do it the way I want to do it, with gratitude, spark and zest. I sense that about you as well. I regard you as someone of incredibly high expertise because what you do with that same enormous gratitude and spark and zest that I possess as well. I think for people who are reading this episode, they have to get in touch with their value.

BBF 47 | Get Dirty

Get Dirty: Entrepreneurship is the greatest spiritual journey and awakening.

We’ve mentioned it a little bit, your why. In fact, it’s funny you’re mentioning values. That’s the first phase I work my coaching clients through is we establish their value pillars. This is what you’re building your life on top of. Even for those reading, if you’re an entrepreneur, your business probably has a mission. When you hired your business coach, you probably filled out all the questionnaires of like, “What’s your brand? What’s the voice and the message? With the client’s avatar, what do they like to watch on TV? Where do they shop?” We’ve all filled those out. At some point, you probably established values for your business or at least pillars of your business. Oftentimes, we haven’t done that for ourselves. Even if we have, we do it and it’s an activity and it feels good.

It gets put on the back burner or in the drawer or in 1 of our 5 journals. Your why, your values, what matters most to you is unique to you and that is why you’re here. I love even between Gerry and myself, I’ve already in my short life, changed careers many times and have what I call many phases of Leslie. Whereas Gerry had one career. However, even if you were to look at a timeline of my life and you’d be like, “From wellness to the theater to mindfulness and mindset, fitness.” When I look at it all, it’s like, “Okay, you were trying to figure yourself out there for a little bit,” but there is a common theme. I know if you were to do a timeline of your life, you would find a common thing theme too.

For me, the common theme is I am a teacher. It didn’t matter what I was teaching. I taught theater, wellness, fitness, nutrition and now I teach mindfulness. The truth was when I reflected back on my life, I was always in the front of the room, always leading, always teaching and sharing value. That is one of many, but one thing I have discovered about myself. For me, my life did start changing when I created my life, my day even. That sometimes is like, “You want me to create my whole life?” Let’s start with your day. When I started creating my day around for me, love, freedom, passion impact, these are some of my top values.

How often do I feel free in one day? Not much, but it’s what matters most to me. If family is your number one value, but you haven’t gone and visited your mother in months, is that your value? It’s okay if it’s not. Is that your value or are you saying family’s important to you because that’s what sounds good and that’s what good people do? I care about family. That’s not my top value and I’m not wrong for that. Freedom, love, passion, humanity, these are my values. I create my life around that. Family gets to be part of it.

I love that and the other thing that I’m hearing that’s also special about you when you were sharing your career path and the different twists and turns you’ve taken, as a commonality though, is that you have been granted a gift, a canvas to paint with your talent. You have been painting your canvas throughout your journey. You have literally provided and given a gift to many people. I have a hunch that the people who received your gift and all those different ways, from the health through the theater and fitness, you give people joy, hope and a whole lot of other things. The other thing I want to circle back to is what you shared at the beginning about the breakup and all of that.

One of the things that I’ve learned from myself is that a lot of times people come into our lives, friends, significant others, lovers, whatever words we want to use. I know it sounds cliché, but it is this thing about people who come into our lives for seasons and reasons. I can think back on people that are such great friends, my best friends, that I haven’t talked to them in years, but yet during that time period, there was a season and a reason for that friendship or that relationship. You are doing such remarkable work that the higher you climb, it may get lonely, the less we may be liked. I’ve learned to see that as a sign of progress.

I’ve learned to let it be okay with not being liked by everybody, because we have to let the haters say what they want to say. If everybody’s pleased with us, then maybe we’re not doing the great work that we’re being called to do. I have a hunch that the best is in front of you and the worst is behind you. What’s coming will be better than what’s been for you and that your tomorrow is going to be far better than your yesterday because you are extraordinary and you are special. Is there anything else that you’d like to share to sign us off here?

I have full-body chills. I think we’re going to end on that note. I truly appreciate you. You are such an evangelist. I love it. Thank you for this conversation. I want many more of these conversations, it doesn’t matter the niche. We all need these kinds of conversations because no matter how much work we’ve done on ourselves, maybe we’re running multi seven-figure businesses, it doesn’t matter how high we climb or maybe you’re on your summit and you’re looking down, there’s something within you. You’re human. We have emotions. We are literally a bunch of energy particles.

Basically, a miracle made of a bunch of energy particles and energy never stops moving. It’s always changing. If one day you’re motivated and you’re excited and the next day you’re sad, create space for it, allow for it, discover, inquire and then get yourself back on that path towards your summit. Thank you for having me. I would love to follow-up with any of you that have deeper questions. I welcome, “Yeah, buts.” It’s like, “Yeah, but I heard you say this, but what about this?” Send them my way. Let’s jam. Let’s talk about it and ultimately, I’m here to support you all.

For those of you who would like to learn more about Leslie and the amazing work that she’s doing and continues to do and has done, be sure to check me out at my website, This is someone that you will definitely not only stay in touch with but to soak up her wisdom and all the amazing, extraordinary, remarkable things that she does. The word that came into my mind about you is the word sage. Take care.

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