Big Branding Philosophy

How Big Do YOU Want to Be?

Are you working on your brand? Are you wondering how to build a brand that attracts die-hard followers?  Do you want a six-figure brand, a million-dollar brand, or perhaps even a billion-dollar brand that impacts hundreds of thousands if not millions of people around the world?

Perhaps big is not so much about the amount of money you make. Rather it’s about feeling more relevant, fulfilled, and having a platform that allows your brand to impact the world positively.

Want to ditch your day job?

Or maybe you dream about quitting your job and starting an online business you can do from home.  Might be you already have a part-time business in the so-called ‘gig economy’ which allows all of us to become our own bosses:

  • A ‘side hustle’ that helps you bring in some extra cash
  • But you don’t make much and you want your side hustle to become your main hustle

Well, whatever BIG means to you, I want to support you in achieving your dreams and goals. I work with small businesses at any stage, in any industry, in any market. From rookies to veterans, products to services, creating apps to disrupting industries to freelancing platforms to maverick entrepreneurs … it doesn’t matter.  Go big or go home!

Henceforth, based on many years of doing this work as a brand strategist (i.e., brand architect), I humbly submit the big branding philosophy – my core brand values & principles – that guide the work of me and my team. Some of them are fundamental in nature (and not presented in any order of importance) yet each is significant:

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The customer decides

The easiest way to grow any business is realizing the customer is in command!  Like a king or a queen, he or she dictates the rules and demands superb experiences.

Putting out a brand that attracts and pleases people so you can increase sales, sustain profit growth, and thrive in their Kingdom or Queendom requires letting the customer guide you … being customer-centric. Always think, ‘customer first.’  Pay attention to what your target audience wants.

  • It requires getting to know their pain points, for helping someone avoid pain is often more motivating than their pursuit of pleasure
  • When they see that you understand their troubles, and that you have a remarkable, practical solution, you will make your brand more appealing
  • It also means being relevant; giving people precisely what they’re looking for and making sure your brand delivers … always performing the way they want and expect … making decisions in their best interests … and being fluid in what you create, how you serve it up, and not set in your ways

I’m not minimizing the importance of great design. Well-polished websites, edgy color schemes, eye-grabbing logos and packaging, powerful marketing materials, and anything else visual have their place in your overall brand development.  Certainly, for instance, a killer logo is important; it helps you stand out and get noticed.  But your logo is not your whole brand.

The fact is:  Design is not the driving force behind rapid brand growth! Because design alone doesn’t capture what I call ‘brand power,’ which I define as the massive power of your brand to:

  • Create an engaging, emotional experience consumers want to be a part of
  • Successfully compete in a market
  • Make money

And for your branding to be so good it helps you become very well known – a leader – in your ‘space’ (i.e., industry, category, or field).

Brand strategies build brands, not design

Purpose-driven brands rock

Prosperity (wealth, fulfillment, inner peace) occurs when you have a big dream and know how to bring it to pass. Game-changing brands give us energy and passion. They inspire us to accomplish something bigger than ourselves. Dreams do not have deadlines!  For there is no greater sound than a found purpose; clarity of purpose is the foundation of a big brand.

I define innovation as the conversion of a product, service, or talent into a ‘Me-Only’ brand proposition. It’s often about forging new territory and doing things differently than your competition (which you have, don’t pretend otherwise).

  • Facebook made the world smaller by changing how we keep in touch
  • AIRBNB, Groupon, Uber and even old-school traditional big brands, like McDonald’s, TV Guide, and Coca-Cola, were innovators not imitators in their categories
  • “Me-Only” rules! “Me-Too” stinks!

Leverage innovation

Non-conforming brand positioning provides traction

Highly distinctive brands first, create unrivaled value.  They stand for something. It’s usually unique, believable and highly-regarded. They don’t follow the crowd.  The primary objective is to generate more love for your brand by making it unforgettable and favored by your target audience.

  • The most successful brands accomplish this by owning a word or phrase that captures a benefit which emotionally connects with the consumer, especially in the world of product branding. Think Nike and performance. Dove and fresh, beautiful skin. Pixar and witty, innovative, animated stories. TOMS and making shoes that matter
  • This same concept applies to service branding (which would include a personal brand). You can win the positioning lottery if you own a place in the consumers mind built around a specific area of appealing expertise that highly distinguishes you from other similar brands in the market

People respond to messages that clearly state what you do and how you can make their life better in some way.   People won’t spend one red cent or a dime on you unless you send a lightning bolt to their hearts, strike a chord, and make them feel “your brand makes sense to buy.”

That said, a crystal clear message containing the right words, phrases, and copy-flow carrying over and reaching out through your marketing, both online & offline to build perhaps even a global audience … combined with effective selling of your brand … will make you a happier, wealthier, small business owner.

Captivating messaging makes money

Keep God first

As a Christian, I conduct my business and those who work with me in a manner that brings glory and honor to my God (please note that whatever God YOU believe in, my divinity recognizes YOUR divinity whatever it may be).  I honor & respect your spiritual beliefs.  For all of the programs we offer, the work we do, is about helping others and creating opportunities.

I will always look for ways to “be a blessing.” I am grounded, cheerfully doing what God has called and chosen me to do for the benefit of others.  With humility I commit to fulfill God’s destiny for my life.  I accept my divine assignment and know everything we provide our customers & students must be marked with excellence … and a passion for doing the right thing.


  • Setting the highest professional standards & performing at optimal levels
  • Listening ‘with purpose’ and being a cut above
  • Going the extra mile, above & beyond what’s asked of us, doing more than necessary with full integrity and 100 % honesty always; no prejudices

As a person of excellence, I also embody the fruit of the Lord which includes having a spirit of gratitude, patience, giving, serving, faith, and joy.  I treat people  with civility, compassion, and respect.  Always welcoming, kind, and generous. Consistently doing what’s right, moral, ethical, and legal.

Without hesitation my team and I will do the best we possibly can, hold ourselves to a very strict personal code of ethics, and conduct ourselves in accordance with those ethics.

We love, give, and serve.