As the straw that stirred the drink,
I love seeing how her exceptional brand has evolved over the years

Dr. Judy Cook, MD
Psychiatrist for Inner Peace
Gunter, TX

“Gerry is an incredible resource for anyone moving out into a world where they need to brand and market themselves!

For me as a physician who trained when doctors weren’t allowed to market themselves but is now moving into a world of writing and speaking – where your brand and marketing are a major piece of what has to happen:

  • He has steered me kindly, patiently and ethically through the whole process of building a brand and building a platform based on it while making it an enjoyable and thought provoking challenge

Most important, it has given me a much better sense of the kinds of ‘products’ I want to put out and how to put them together to catch the attention of the market.

Gerry has such an awareness of what is needed in this over crowded, highly competitive world.  I feel confident my move forward will move much further and faster than it would have without his training.”

(October, 2015)