As the straw that stirred the drink,
I love seeing how his exceptional brand has evolved over the years

Dr. Charles Glassman
Coach MD
Pomona, NY

“Gerry is more than a master at branding!

He is a visionary and mentor challenging me to discover and understand my unique message, so that I am ready to bring it to the world with purpose and passion.

Many of us want to bring to fruition the dream of a purposeful and fulfilled life. We may even go far enough to develop a product, start a business, or in my case write a book.

True, it all starts with a vision, but often something happens when we try to connect the dots. The enormous peaks and valleys along the way become frustrating and discouraging.

What Gerry Foster has done for me is connect the dots, so that I am focused and my journey is smoother. He has helped me lay out a sensible and implementable plan that has me positioned to take my project to a much larger platform.”

(March, 2012)