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One thing to know about entrepreneurs is that they are ripe with knowledge and wisdom. Where better to ask for them than at a gathering of some of the brightest entrepreneurial minds in the country? Continuing with part two of the Dare To Go Big series, Gerry Foster shares more of the awesome interviews he had with entrepreneurs during the LA City Summit event. Like the previous episode, one thing is for sure: the following conversations will certainly inspire you no matter if you are new to the entrepreneurial journey or already making your name. So follow along with this episode and allow it to show you how boundless the opportunities are to becoming an entrepreneur if you dare to go big.

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Dare To Go Big – Part Two

I am here with Olympia Hostler, The Queen of Wealth. Notice, not The Princess of Wealth, The Queen of Wealth. You can learn about her at You can connect with her via email at Welcome, Olympia. 

Thank you. It’s good to be here, Gerry.

What do you want people to know about the work that you’re doing that is important for our readers? 

It’s important to understand that we all need money. Money can be a taboo in our society, but we need to talk about it. We also need to not be afraid of it because in order to do what we’re meant to do in this world, we’re going to need some money. Even Mother Teresa needed money. She was one of the wealthiest people and she let the money flow through her and used it to do good in the world.

I can imagine there are a lot of self-sabotaging mental blocks that people come up against. How do you handle that? 

What we need to do is we need to clear those and we use different techniques. I have different programs that work permanently. It’s not the mindset program that other people have where you have to use positive thinking, willpower or a million affirmations that don’t work anyway because you’re working on the conscious mind. We go right into the unconscious mind, change the program there and we flipped the switch, so it’s permanently on.

You show them and teach them business strategies and ways to scale.

Once we get those blocks cleared, we got smooth sailing and then whatever you do in business you’re going to have the Midas touch.

You help remove those mental blocks that hold us back. Do you have a special way of doing that? You must have a secret sauce, some delivery system. 

I have the Mind Over Money Makeover Course. It’s a seven-week course and most women will double, triple or quadruple their income within six months of taking that course.

What are you looking for? How can we support you? Is there a particular type of clientele you’re looking for out there?

A woman is a good start. Women who have some amount of establishment in their business, not necessarily a newcomer to the business. They have some traction. They want to get to the next level. They’re up to big things. They have a huge impact they want to make in this world and they need to get out of their own way and they need to open up to the wealth that’s waiting for them and all the impact that they’re going to have in the world.

Check out the work that she is doing, You are delightful. 

I am here with someone that I’ve known for several years. I didn’t know she was going to be here. I’m thrilled to death. Dr. Ida Greene and her contact information is Her phone number is area code (619) 262-9951, her cell is (619) 453-4045. Her website is She is an inspirational speaker and intuitive relationship coach. She channels messages from God. What an extraordinary, amazing woman. How are you doing? 

I’m blessed. I’m happy to meet you again and to connect with you.

What do you want people to know about the work that you’re doing that’s incredible?

What I do is that I’m an intuitive relationship coach. I help coach people in finding the right love and relationship, one that can help them find a soulmate. I help them to get the best out of themselves and that’s awesome. The other thing that I do is that I speak on stage, inspiring people and empowering people, especially women to stand in their power and own that power. I channel messages from God every day. I want to teach people how to do that so that they can be on fire and let the light shine.

You can get on fire and let your light shine. She channels the Lord. That’s incredible. I love that. How long have you been doing this? 

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I’ve been doing that for at least twenty years. I haven’t talked about it. I’m coming out. God is telling me to let people know about this. I’m letting the world know that I can support them and help them develop and grow their intuition.

What makes you different from other people? Others say they can do this stuff with relationships and find that perfect mate and get rich and all that. What is it about Dr. Ida Greene that you’re doing that sets you apart? 

What sets me apart is that I am channeling the message in me. Come directly the spirit from God and people see differences. You can see a significant difference in people’s lives and whenever I talked to them, I changed lives. This is because the power of the Lord is God moving through me.

Dr. Ida Greene, check her out. She’s amazing. You will be blessed. Anything else you want to say? 

God is speaking. Are you listening?

Take care. Thank you. 

We have a beautiful couple, Michael and Robbie Mathews. They are the Cofounders of The Mathews Entrepreneur Group, They’re international speakers and published authors about financial education. They’re coaches, they’re manuscript consultants. They can be reached at area code (708) 634-6784 and their email address is I’m happy to have you here. What is it about what you’re doing that’s special that you want people to know about you as a brand?

A lot of couples don’t work well together and then there are a lot of couples that do. We want to signify that you can work with your spouse as well as promote whatever that mission is or your statement. Our mission is to promote financial literacy education.

What makes you different from all the other people out there who do financial education? “We can help your relationships prosper. We can make it all work.” What is it that you are doing that’s great? 

We are a product of our products. I was at some point in my life homeless with two kids. I educated myself through education. I know with the proper financial education, you can overcome your trials and tribulations as it relates to your finances. It also requires your mindset. You have to think differently. What we do is we start with the mindset. We don’t do steps 1, 2, 3 to get out of debt. We start with the mindset, we start with helping you understand where you are, work on your goals, and then we worry about how do you get there? What steps are necessary?

I like that because I call that in branding, your secret sauce. That thing that you do, that special series of steps that God has laid on your heart to take these people out of midnight and take them to their day. They do call me The Branding Evangelist. I’m feeling that you’re doing God’s work here, especially given your story and what you have come from. Was there a particular moment that caused that shift for the two of you? What would that be?

We were both working. She was the Vice President of a Fortune 500 financial services firm and I was a line instructor for the Chicago Transit Authority. That’s not what we wanted to do for the rest of our life, even though we made good money. Before the market crashed, I wrote our first financial product called Financially Speaking in 2007. She was on a trip to London. I gave her the manuscript and when she came back, she said, “Publish it. It’s good to go.” We took off from there.

I enjoyed having you guys here. Is there anything else you want to say?

On our website, we have a free download that’s called Secrets to Breaking Bad Spending Habits because that’s the first step in getting your finances in order. Let’s break those bad spending habits and then we can talk.

Let’s stay connected. I want to get your contact info. Thank you so much.

We’ve got somebody special here. I can feel it already. This is Karen Perry. She offers A Space for Grace to those ready and willing. Karen is a spiritual executive, energy leadership and life coach to entrepreneurs and cultural creatives. She is a certified professional coach, Energy leadership index master practitioner, certified energy scan healer practitioner, former emerging edge master coach, CPA and financial executive. Is there anything that you don’t do? Karen supports clients globally to live their most authentic life, reflecting their highest vision and deepest desires. She is a creator of Peace-Fully, Play-Fully, Power-Fully YOU executive and leadership coaching process. She loves to expand the spark of creativity and possibility. Karen’s intention, “Expect to be awed and amazed.” She delivers proof that living life in the inside out creates abundance. She is associated with the development of approximately $500 million in multifamily affordable housing in the Southeastern US expressing her purpose of love. Her email address is and her phone number is area code (336) 817-9400. Her website is That’s a mouthful but it’s awesome. How are you? 

I’m doing great.

I understand that you are a support for the disrupters. What does that mean? 

It means that when you’re achieving, we’re out here to change the world. We’re out here to impact and create many things. Those people need support and to help stay open, grounded and completely disrupting that disruption that they’re doing because often we’re open to possibilities or we think we are. It’s about learning how to be in the present moment because everything we have and we need is always right here.

BBF 36 | Dare To Go Big

Dare To Go Big: Money can be a taboo in our society, but we need to talk about it and need not be afraid of it because to do what we’re meant to do in this world, we’re going to need some money.

That’s about being who you are, already are and see others the same. What does that mean?

I love Gandhi’s quote, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” It implies that and we work so hard on efforting, on being something else but we’re already that. We’re the greatness, we have all the pieces that we need. What if we’ll believe that we had perfection?

I would imagine that a lot of people can be all set with the idea of trying to allow life to awe and amaze them and you show them how to get past those blocks. 

We work on what I call V3, getting anchored and tethered in their truth and what that looks like for them. Each person is completely unique and how life wants to express through them. That’s the part of discovering it. V3: Values, and Vision to Victory.

You’re doing some amazing work. You’ve approximately $500 million in affordable housing in the South and to the United States. Anything you want to say about that?

I’m very blessed. It’s wonderful to be able to help people, to empower themselves, to get a step up and to keep improving, keep expanding and keep igniting their own possibilities and taking care of some basic necessity like our housing is critically important.

Karen Perry, thank you so much for being here. God bless you for the work you’re doing, the difference you’re making on the planet and in the world.

I am here with the Digital Marketing Jedi, Darrell Stern. He is a digital marketing expert. He was also the voice of Scooter Computer on ABCs Schoolhouse Rock. He has been helping brands and entrepreneurs grow their profits and influence since 1997. You are a gift to the world and the world needs your gifts. You proclaim that what pulls you from you, all the things that you know and can teach. You pull out their greatness. You’ve even moved the young auto mechanic in Denver to an international influencer who now runs the largest auto mechanic shop in the nation. You’re going to bring theater, drama, SEO, and astounding success to digital marketing. You can reach him at His phone number is (720) 301-5525. His website is

If you guys wanted to go to the Stern Marketing Academy, you can try my $7 a month Marketing Mastermind. You do branding, right?

Yes, I do strategic branding. 

What kind of branding could there be? If branding doesn’t have a strategy, then it’s not branding. It’s like someone doing a logo on your Fiverr that doesn’t have a strategy. Here’s what I say about branding. You live your brand every day. You are your brand. It’s your philosophy, your ethics, how you are and who you are. People get confused because they think, “I need to get a branding.” Like, “It’s something I go shopping for at Walmart. I’m going to get some cereal, some postcards. I’m going to get some branding.” Somebody made a logo and it didn’t make any sense. It’s like, “Clean up in aisle seven, there’s a branding accident.” You are always a gift to the world. The world always needs your gifts. What I do when I do Stern Storming, as I pull from you what those gifts are, we digitalize it and get it out there. That thing that is your gift is out there so that people can learn from you and people can make use of your gifts. Is there nothing more fulfilling in the world for your brand than for it to fulfill its purpose, teach and demonstrate what it knows to the world and help change the world?

Have you been watching my video? He shares my own philosophies. That’s all great. Check this guy out.

I will keep in touch. You’re awesome.

We have someone special right here. I’ll let her say her name because it’s incredible. 

I’m Ragne Sinikas.

She is the Founder of the World Women’s Conference & Awards. She’s a public speaker and a coach. She is a change-maker and she’s doing something incredible called the Ellamo Foundation Advisory Board. She empowers people through education. She creates access and opportunities for employment, education, and investments. She is here to give you a voice and a choice. The foundation is a change-maker that brings the untold stories and hidden heroes to the public. Also, you create awareness and create impact. Her website is You can also go to and She is a rock star. She’s world-class. She’s best in class. She’s elite. How are you doing? What do you want people to know about your brand? 

I would want people to know and understand that every single one of us can be the hero that impacts their own life first and the other ones which are around us. It doesn’t have to be the cover mentors changing their lives. It doesn’t have to be the corporates that are giving the donations. It doesn’t have to be the millionaires and billionaires who are giving money to the charities. Me, you, every individual, every little business, we can do that. We can create access and opportunities for the people that are around us. We can help them to get their education, we can help them to get employment, and maybe they needed a little bit of money to start their business. We are here to support them.

Where are you based? 

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I’m originally from Estonia. I’m living in Mexico and our operation is worldwide. We’re starting also in the United States.

Do you primarily work with women entrepreneurs or are they leaders? How would you define your target audience? 

Our target audience is everybody. Who benefits is mainly women and youth, but change-makers are men and women. We do not limit only to women and women taking over. You and I can be the next change-maker.

What’s she saying here is that we all have the opportunity to be a change-maker, to put something out into the world that people are going to pay attention to because they’re going to fall in love with it. Many people don’t know who they are in that regard. 

Awareness is number one, “Who am I? What do I want? What do I want to give and what do I want to leave as my legacy?”

Who are you? What do you want to leave as your legacy? That’s what this amazing lady does. Check her out. You’ll love her work. Her name is Ragne Sinikas. Go to her website. Thank you so much.

I am here with Dinesh Gauba. He is a dealmaker, Angel investor, startup advisor and consultant. His Gmail address is He loves traveling and exotic cars. Dinesh, how are you? 

I’m awesome.

The first thing he said was he met me back in 2012 at another conference. He remembered me. What are you doing now?

I am doing a lot of different things, looking at a lot of different companies. I’m looking at different deals in different markets, whether it’s real estate, technology, distressed assets. I’m trying to find places that I can help add value, whether as an advisory or as an investor or with my network.

You’re helping people make those magical connections. What’s been a problem for a lot of entrepreneurs and small business owners in that regard? What have you identified as a stopping point for many of them? 

It depends on what stage of the process they’re at. A lot of times, if they’re starting off, they don’t have a good plan or they have a great idea, but they haven’t been able to articulate it as well if they’re trying to raise money. They’re going to the wrong places to raise money, so they’re talking to the wrong people. They either get burnt out or they get misdirected. If it’s a startup that’s already raised some money, then it’s all about deploying that capital and finding the right team.

Can you help with startup capital and expansion capital? 

Yeah. Depending on the company and what stage it’s at.

For somebody who is starting out, do they have to have a product-based business or could it be a service-based business? 

Usually, what I personally look for is some platform or some idea that can impact a billion people or at least a $1 billion market.

Could it be some online businesses? 

I love online businesses because they’re highly scalable.

BBF 36 | Dare To Go Big

Dare To Go Big: Is there nothing more fulfilling in the world for your brand than for it to fulfill its purpose, teach and demonstrate what it knows to the world, and help change the world?

What is it that’s special about what you’re doing and how you do it that allows you to do that?

For me, what’s special about what I do is being in different places and meeting interesting people because the power of connections and knowing the right people in the right situation is magical. I’ve been involved in many different deals because of that because I was in the right place and I knew how to connect the dots and that’s what I’m good at.

Do you have access to Angel investors? 

I have access to VCs and Angel investors.

Readers, if you’re looking for capital and you’re wondering where the money is, this guy knows where the money is. 

For the right idea and the right entrepreneurs. There’s an abundance of money out there for the right people with the right idea. If they can show that they can execute on it and they’ve thought it through, they have a good business plan and if they can surround themselves with a good team, capital is not a limitation.

Make sure you connect with this guy because he has access. He has contacts, connections and more than anything else, he’s a good guy. You can tell he’s got integrity that he lives by certain values and standards. It’s good to see you again and thank you. 

Thank you so much, Gerry.

Take care.

We have a special treat, we’ve got Christopher Loverro and Anthony Simpson. Let me tell you about both of them and we’re going to dive right into this. Christopher is Founder of Warriors For Peace Theater and you can check them out, and his email address is He is an Iraq war veteran. He uses the theater arts to help veterans heal and promote peace. This distinguished gentleman right here, Anthony Simpson, his title is Military Liaison. His email is It’s an honor to have both of you here. This is the branding podcast. The brand means to have something different that people can fall in love with and it’s got to resonate. It’s got to connect with the audience. What is it about what you’re doing that allows you to do this amazing work? 

We’re both war veterans and we’ve been at war for almost twenty years fighting wars on multiple fronts. Twenty-two veterans per day are committing suicide. That statistic has not changed in almost two decades that we’ve been at war. If 22 veterans per day are still taking their lives, that tells us that something more needs to be done than what the VA is doing. I was almost one of those statistics, I almost took my life and what I have found is that the arts, theater, dance were extremely cathartic for me. It helped me heal in ways that no other therapy could. I found inner peace for the first time. I wanted to share that with my fellow veterans. I founded the theater company and our mission at Warriors For Peace Theater is we use the theater arts to provide a form of catharsis for veterans and to promote peace through the theater arts.

First of all, God bless you for that. When I hear something along that line, it comes from above because he has been given both of you a gift in terms of how to help people who a lot of people have abandoned. They go down that path thinking suicidal thoughts and they don’t know where to turn, who to turn to. They may have tried something and they still feel as bad as they were before. What is it about, how you do what you do that is allowing you to have such a positive impact? Anthony, do you have any thoughts on that?

I’m the proof source of the fruits of Chris’ labor. When I met Chris, I was in that bad place that you referred to. I felt like I was alone in a house full of people. I felt like there was no light at the end of the tunnel. If I hadn’t met Chris and he hadn’t called me, I wouldn’t be here. That is God’s honest truth. When I got with Warriors For Peace, something cracked open in me. My life started to change. At first, I was scared. There’s no other word but fear because I had become comfortable in what I was already doing. I needed to reinvent myself. I needed to change if I wanted to save my life and he helped me do it.

We help each other. What’s interesting is, my brother Anthony is the total validation for the work and the mission that I started. What you don’t realize is you saved me as well because when I see how this work has positively affected veterans like you, what more validation do I need for doing this work to help others and have it feel like it’s divinely been ordained? It’s being in the moment when you know that what you’re doing has integrity. It’s like in the military, you’re on a mission and you’re all in, you’re 100%. Something has been driving me to do this work. My brothers and sisters, my fellow veterans, and I see how it affects them. I was like, “Thank you.”

One of the things that thrill me is how brands are born. It seems like each of you went through something that you had to go through, walk through the flames, walk through the storm to get to the other side where there’s always hope and glory. As a result of that, something got birthed in him to go out and help others who are going down that same path. What you went through was for a reason. I have a hunch that the other veterans that you are serving, feel that they get something from you that they cannot get anywhere else. I know there are different programs out there.

There’s PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and there’s traumatic brain injury. Traumatic brain injury affects your quality of life. A few things that do happen from traumatic brain injury, first thing, your vision can shift from color to black and white. The ground will shift. You’ll see all of these things and it will happen and you have no idea what is wrong with you. If you see it and you identify it, you know that something isn’t right, but where can I go to fix it? I didn’t know that there was something or somebody that I could speak to that understood me. I didn’t know that my life would change for the better. I didn’t know that I would start to believe that people in such a wide or huge event care. All of these people, they’re hundreds here and they all care. We haven’t felt that since the military.

The common denominator, the City Summit is that everybody here wants to leave the world a little bit better than when they came into it. Ryan Long and his crew have created something amazing.

We could talk forever about this because what you guys are doing is exceptional, extraordinary and marvelous. It is truly a world-class brand because you’ve got something that is not only serving these other veterans, you’re saving lives. You’re leaving a lasting impact in the world and thank you so much for being here, Chris and Anthony. God bless you both.

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We have one of my favorite people, Lynda Sunshine West. When you have a name like that, there’s only going to be great stuff. She is the Founder and President of The Giving Angels. Her website is You can reach her at Lynda, how are you? 

Gerry, I love you. You’re amazing. I’ve met you at CEO Space years ago. I saw you speak and I’m like, “Here I am being interviewed by you.”

You’re a speaker and author to your fears. What’re your fears? 

In 2015, I decided to face the fear every day because I realized I had many fears. I was letting fear stop me from living. When my mom passed away, one of the last things she said to me is like, “Live your life with no regrets.” I realized I was doing that. It completely changed my life. That’s the year I met you was while I was facing a fear every day.

What was that fear you were facing every day of the year?

Putting it in a nutshell, the most common fear that I faced was fear of judgment. It’s the most common fear anyway, but scared of what people would think of me, what they would say about me, what they would talk about me behind my back. I had a huge fear of judgment.

How did you overcome it? What was your big breakthrough? Anything you can pass on? 

Every morning I woke up, I said, “Here’s my dedication to myself.” I’d asked myself, “What scares me?” I would wait until the answer came. Whatever it was, it was the fear I had to face that day. It could’ve been something as simple as going to a networking event and meeting one new person. There was one where I went to Starbucks and talk to a stranger. Those were big fears for me because I grew up in an abusive household and it caused me to become a people pleaser. I had a lot of fears. What it did though is it helped me to gain a lot of confidence. To be here talking to you is something I wouldn’t even have in my mind a few years ago. It’s done a lot for me.

I understand that you are a bass player in a rock band. You’re rocking it. 

I love the bass guitar. I started playing when I was 47 years old. My husband taught me how to play. I was like, “Teach me how to play bass guitar and let’s start a rock band,” and so we did.

How can we support you? What are you looking for, clients or money? 

What I’m looking for is in addition to my nonprofit, The Giving Angels, our mission is to eradicate homelessness globally. My brother-in-law was homeless for seven years. I saw how it affected not only him, but it affected our whole family. Also, with Women Action Takers, I believe there are many women out there that aren’t taking action. Without action, nothing happens. I am able to help them break through those fears because I broke through all those fears, and you help them to break through those fears to live the life that they’re meant to live.

Check her out because her work is important. It’s I come across people a lot of times who have low self-esteem. They lack confidence. They don’t think they can do it. They’re not sure where to turn, who to turn to and what to ask for. What I hear that you’re doing is something that has come from God itself and whatever you went through to get to this point to serve other people. I salute you. 

Thank you.

You’re welcome. Support her. Take care. 

I am here with Jon Lee Rucker, who was the Visionary Leader, who founded the organization, PermaJam, which teaches human beings to live in harmony with each other and the Earth. PermaJam is a model for gatherings where the people who attend all participate in transforming the landscape into a thriving agricultural productive ecosystem. These gatherings feature indigenous elders, ceremonies, music, yoga, meditation and a wide variety of educational workshops. Perma stands for Permaculture. Jam is the celebration and participation in the regeneration. Jon Lee Rucker, what do you want people to know about what you’re doing and the importance of it? 

What I want people to know is, as human beings, we’ve been incredibly misguided, our society. We’ve become disconnected from the Earth and ancestral ways and because of that our earth is all out of balance. The model that we’ve created helps people to awaken that ancestral memory and it helped to get that reconnection back to the earth. As a four-year model that we can bring to any land where the people who attend these events, we’re transforming this land over four years. When we leave there, there’s food, medicine, abundance for future generations. The event itself is a prayer for future generations.

BBF 36 | Dare To Go Big

Dare To Go Big: The common denominator between the entrepreneurs at the City Summit is that everybody wants to leave the world a little bit better than when they came into it.

Is anybody else doing anything like this? 

It’s the world’s only Permaculture prayer.

How’s it going? Are you getting attendees? Are people coming? You’ve got a movement going on here.

It’s a movement and it’s a community.

Are you doing it in other countries? 

Not yet. We do have people interested in us bringing it there. I’m from New York, so we’re doing it in New York, on 125 acres. It’s our fourth year. We’re coming to Gilroy, California.

I’ve never heard anything like this. It’s timely because of all the things that are going on with the planet from climate change to the virus that we got. We need you. We need each other. What do you want people to know about anything else? Are you looking for donations, support? What are you looking for?

We’re looking for donations. We’ve got to restore a beautiful barn and put solar panels on it and fix up some roads and put some fencing in. We’re building a food forest that’s shaped in this beautiful sacred geometry. We like to spruce up our website and be able to fund our teachers, our educators a little bit better. People are working as volunteers. I’ve been funding this thing myself for years. Thank God for all of it. Check us out at If you’ve got skills to share, wisdom, music, stuff like that, you can reach out to us and we’d be interested in having you be a part of our community.

If you want to add to the harmony and you want to help make this a better planet, check out Jon Lee Rucker. Go to this website. Support this young man. Thank you.


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