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The Dare To Go Big series has showcased the exceptional minds of entrepreneurs who are out there making a difference in their own ways. The LA City Summit has truly been an experience that highlights how boundless the opportunities are to becoming an entrepreneur, especially if one dares to go big. Rounding out this series, Gerry Foster shares a couple more of those great interviews in this episode. When all is said and done, may the series help you find the hope and inspiration you need to continue your entrepreneurial journey.

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Dare To Go Big – Part Three

I certainly hope that you got some value and were inspired like I was from the twenty interviews that I conducted in parts 1 and 2 all by exceptional, extraordinary people. They are out there with their gifts, skills, talents, abilities, making a difference, making a contribution, providing something extraordinary that will be difficult if not impossible for others to ignore. I also want to acknowledge the nonprofit people as well because some of those interviews were with people who are creating and starting up nonprofits that are out there making a difference and a contribution as well. I want to tip my hat off to all of these people for who they are and who they are being in the communities that they are serving. To round out the interviews, here are a couple more. Enjoy.

I am here with Jon Lee Rucker, who is the visionary leader who founded the organization PermaJam, which teaches human beings to live in harmony with each other and the earth. PermaJam is a model for gatherings where the people who attend all participate in transforming the landscape into a thriving agricultural productive ecosystem. These gatherings feature indigenous, elders, ceremony, music, yoga, meditation and a wide variety of educational workshops. Perma stands for permaculture. Jam is the celebration, participation, and regeneration. What do you want people to know about what you’re doing, the importance of it?

What I want people to know as human beings, we’ve been incredibly misguided in our society. We become disconnected from the Earth and we become disconnected from the ancestral ways. Because of that, our Earth is out of balance. The model that we’ve created, it helps people to awaken that ancestral memory. It helps to get that reconnection back to the Earth. It’s a four-year model that we can bring to any land where the people who attend these events were transforming this land over four years. When we leave there, there’s food, medicine, abundance for future generations. The event itself is a prayer for future generations.

Is anybody else doing anything like this?

It’s the world’s only permaculture prayer.

How’s it going? Are you getting attendees? Are people coming? You’ve got a movement going on here.

It’s a movement and it’s a community.

Are you doing it in other countries?

Not yet. We do have people interested in us bringing it there. I’m from New York so we’re doing it in New York on 125 acres. We are in California and we’re coming to Gilroy, California next winter.

Respecting mother earth starts with respecting our mothers and our women. Click To Tweet

I’ve never heard anything like this. It’s timely because of all the things that are going on with the planet from climate change to now, we’ve got this virus. We need you. We need each other. What do you want people to know about anything else? What are you looking for? Are you looking for donations, support?

We’re looking for donations. We’ve got to restore a beautiful barn, put solar panels on it, fix up some roads and put some fencing in. We’re building a food forest that’s shaped in this beautiful sacred geometry. We like to spruce up our website and be able to fund our teachers, our educators a little bit better. People are working as volunteers. I’ve been funding this thing myself for years. Thank God for all of it. Check us out at If you’ve got skills to share, wisdom, music, stuff like that, you can reach out to us and we’d be interested in having you be a part of our community.

If you want to add to the harmony, if you want to help make this a better planet, check out Jon Lee Rucker. Go to his website. Support this young man. Thank you.

I’m here with Jenny Carrington who was walking across America for climate action. She’s walking across the United States of America. That’s incredible. She is raising money for a startup organization, We Are Mother Earth, which is seeking $80,000 for a proof of concept Spark Pod, which is an educational greenhouse that is zero carbon emissions. The proof of concept will take place at Free LA High School and support STEM education for formerly-incarcerated youth. A fun fact she said that you should know. You can find Jenny on Spotify and iTunes by searching, Baby, I will go down. Jenny, how are you doing?

I’m doing well. Thanks for having me.

It’s my pleasure. I’m the branding guy. Is there anything about what you’re doing as a brand that you think people should know that says, “I’ve got something here that’s special?”

I do. We’re in a time where a lot of women are starting to find their voice and step into roles of empowerment. We Are Mother Earth is a recognition that we all come from the same mother. We’re all a part of the same creation on the same shared planet. That respecting Mother Earth starts with respecting our mothers and our women whether or not they’re actual mothers. We’re all a mother of something. We’re all creating something. This movement is about finding the balance between the masculine and feminine. We’re doing that by taking the hardware innovation of a zero-carbon emission greenhouse, which is designed with high tech and then the educational components of yoga, mindfulness, and self-development. We’re integrating them together to create a Zen space for youth who have had trauma, formerly-incarcerated youth, to find their voice and to learn how to heal.

You’re walking across the country. Why did you choose that as your way of bringing awareness?

BBF 37 | Dare To Go Big

Dare To Go Big: We’re in a time right now where a lot of women are starting to find their voice and step into roles of empowerment.

Walking across the country has traditionally been called the pilgrimage. About 250 individuals have done this to raise awareness for nonprofit causes, starting with Peace Pilgrim, who was protesting the war. It’s a way to gain attention. That is what it is. It’s a feat that less than twenty women, to my knowledge, have completed unsupported. When I complete this last 450 miles from Phoenix to LA, I will fall into an elite group, which for me, it’s not about the notoriety, but it’s about what the notoriety can bring to our mission. How we can get that global attention to get this proof of concept going and scale it globally.

I know a guy who ran across America about several years ago, so I get the significance of it. How is it going with the fundraising?

I’ve made it this far so I have to say thank you so far to all of our donors. I did start off with some funding to support myself, but I had a partner who left in the middle. As we were supposed to be fundraising for the Spark Pod, it’s now shifted to needing to fundraise to finish the walk. I’m in a dire situation to be honest with you. I’m seeking immediate funding for my basic needs to finish this last 450 miles. For anyone out there that wants to see a woman complete this athletic feat for a great cause, I hope that they’ll visit our website or you can text Mother Earth to the number 64600.

Support her, give her love. What she is doing is significant and it’s something that we can’t ignore. Thank you for being here. Continue. Good luck with it. This is going to work for you.

I am here with Micah Fitzgerald, otherwise known as The Catalyst. He is the keeper of truth. You can reach him and learn about him at and You’re an active recording artist, designer. How are you doing?

I am blessed to be here. Thank you for having me here.

What do you want people to know about you and the work you do?

I’ve been in LA for a few years. What I would like people to know about me is that I’m here to make a difference and being part of projects that make a difference. People may see me as a villainous character in a movie, TV series, commercial, music video, or a video game. At the end of the day, the man behind the actor, I lived to be able to make stuff that does make a change. It’s a little crazy because I moved to Hollywood a few years ago wanting to make movies that were inspirational and empowering. I’ve been blessed to work on projects like Westworld for The Walking Dead, Agents of SHIELD, From Dusk Till Dawn. In Hollywood, a lot of times they’re not about breakthroughs. They’re just about making money and portraying a character. I found I need to create my own venue to be able to create the material that I want to.

What do you see is your calling? What I’m hearing is someone who has a real purpose. There’s a reason for you doing what you do. What is that?

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That calling has been more revealed to me as I’ve been called to seek the Lord. The more I have come to know the word of God, received the word of God, and take the time to read the Bible from front to back. Not that I’m the greatest biblical guy as far as in growing up in the church because I didn’t grow up there at all. It took me 45 years to find the courage to read the Bible. It’s the most empowering book you’ll ever read if you take the time.

I’m a fellow believer.

I studied guys like Billy Graham. That’s my number one guy. When people ask me and they go, “Why do you listen to Billy?” Billy was the best evangelist of all time because there’s nobody unless you can travel to 200 countries and develop the gospel like he did and sent back to God at 99 years old. He touched me not until after he left. A little Billy Graham is coming down every time I listen to Billy from heaven. He is coming down here and reaching me. That’s the power because they said he was dead, but he’s never dead.

He’s more alive than he’s ever been. As I play characters of wickedness and I understand as many people come to Hollywood, they don’t understand the industry. Most of us, we look at the industry on the outside and we go, “That’s a cool commercial. That’s a cool promo. Look at that trailer. Look at that print job.” They have no clue of the psychological programming that’s happening to you. It’s a cold truth. At the end of the day, it’s not until you’re in it, do you know it? Me, I get hired to play spiritual hosts of wickedness. I do know it well because they use my body to do it at the end of the day. That wasn’t what I came here to do. It was what the industry does to you. It takes you and it puts you in a box. They look at you and they go, “He’s this.” That’s the nature of the industry.

That’s why a lot of people and artists have to create their own door. If you take a look at a lot of the entertainers, at some point, they had to say, “Forget the industry. I’m going to go do whatever God or the spirit has told me to do.” Finally, in the last few years, I’ve been working on these films now. I’ve been growing and your courage for yourself as far as your confidence and what you can do grows after you’ve booked a lot of different projects. I’ve done commercials for AT&T, Geico, Slim Jim, Netflix, Assassin’s Creed. I’ve worked with Drake, Lil Wayne, Tyga, The Black Keys, Cruella, The Offspring, Slayer. I’m not saying these names to impress you. I’m saying they’re all just people.

What are some of your projects? What are you involved in now?

My focus is launching The Catalyst Road, the production company and the music. My album is called The Catalyst Road. Catalyst Road Productions is the production company that I’m launching the album through. I’m continuing to act. I did a big commercial working with Pepsi and another major wireless company I can’t name. I’m a working actor. For the last few years, I haven’t done anything else other than entertainment. I wouldn’t suggest it for anybody else unless you’re willing to hop over the fire and walk on water at the end of the day or have to go to the pawnshop or take a lot of loans. It’s the nature of it. Most people have to have another job.

When you look out into the world, is there anything that bothers you as The Catalyst? You’re saying, “If I could wave a magic wand, this is what I’d want to have shown up.” Where do you want to make your footprint? What is it that is like, “Yeah?”

I would love for my life to be awake of being able to bring my brothers and sisters together at the end of the day. I see a world that we have the greatest technology, but we’re miserable. I see a world we all know that none of us chose our skin color, but we still judge each other over it. I see a world where many have billions of dollars and many have nothing. I see a world of a lot of injustice. There are a lot of beautiful things in the world, but I would love to have my life represent something more than a monster on screen.

BBF 37 | Dare To Go Big

Dare To Go Big: Through the power of Christ, you can love the unlovable, reach the unreachable, hear those who nobody wants to hear, and look at those who nobody wants to look at.

I’d love to have my life represent something that’s a catalyst for people’s change. That’s why the name, The Catalyst, which is not just me The Catalyst, but to me the catalyst is almost the Christalyst because it’s the power of Christ in our lives. All I’m doing is representing it. Where God is using a fool like me to be able to deliver a message of infinite wisdom that is beyond man’s way of processing the world. As I’ve come to understand, the foolishness of God is wiser than men. My whole life, many times I was running as a rebel fighting something I didn’t understand. Many times, it’s spiritual warfare out here. What you’re feeling is not just a feeling.

It’s something that’s gone through you many times. It’s something that came before you. Once you realize that, it’s not by happenstance. It’s not going to go away tomorrow. There’s no jacket. There’s no girl. There’s no car. There’s no mansion. There’s no job. There’s no booking in the world that’s going to fix that problem. Once you realize the true mechanics of the spiritual affliction that many of us go through, it hurts me to see my brothers and sisters hurting so I have to help them. At the end of the day, through the power of Christ, I can love the unlovable. I can reach the unreachable. I can hear those who nobody wants to hear. I can look at those who nobody wants to look at.

This is an amen, hallelujah moment with this guy here.

Thank you. If I’m going to proclaim anything, it’d be a fool for anybody. Let it be a fool for God.

Good luck. Thank you.

We’ve got the Lord. We don’t put it on luck anymore.

We’ve got to give it to God because He will deliver us because He is the sword. He is true. He is the one who would deliver us through all that we have to go and be delivered from. Amen. I appreciate it.

Thank you for letting me share this message. Thank you for having me out here. Look out for The Catalyst Road. It’s coming out. I have a song called Make America Pray Again. It’s a powerful revitalization song for people, as a country, anything. We’re going to have to be able to make sure that we have something greater than ourselves and own technology. There’s a power that’s much more powerful than any of that.

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