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Setting yourself on the path towards becoming an entrepreneur is not an easy feat. That is why, no matter the reasons you have for starting a business, being one is admirable in and of itself. With all the painstaking challenges entrepreneurs face on their journey, we can definitely count on the hard-earned wisdom that they have learned. Host, Gerry Foster, shares some of those with us in this episode. During the spectacular LA City Summit event in Los Angeles, Gerry has had the opportunity to conduct A Podcast Blitz, where he did rapid-fire interviews with some of the attending entrepreneurs. Take a deep dive into how the first part of those conversations went and learn a thing or two or more about how these entrepreneurs dare to go big and make a difference.

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Dare To Go Big – Part One

As we all know, entrepreneurship isn’t easy. It requires motivation, bold action, resilience and many other qualities to help set yourself apart from the average worker. There are many types of entrepreneurs. Their reasons for starting a business or even a nonprofit vary. Sometimes the entrepreneur simply wanted to offer something new or he or she wanted to solve a nagging problem and make some money while they’re at it. Whatever their reason for going into business for themselves, one thing that most of these people have in common is that they have a vision, a dream.

They believe in themselves. They are determined to succeed. They’re willing to work hard. Even more so they have chosen to create something great in the world. They dare to go big. They’re willing to dream big and play big so they can have big. They’re looking for ways to not only make a big difference on the planet but to make incredible contributions as well. These types of entrepreneurs are the subject of this particular episode. I had the opportunity to interview such people at a spectacular event in Los Angeles called LA City Summit. I conducted what I call a Podcast Blitz, rapid-fire interviews with these types of entrepreneurs, each one about five minutes on average. This is part one of those interviews.

Stay tuned because interviews with even more amazing entrepreneurs are to come. Here’s the thing, these bold and incredible individuals certainly inspired me. I want you to be inspired as well. No matter if you’re just starting out or you may have a full-time job plus an entrepreneurial endeavor on evenings and weekends, the so-called side hustle in this gig economy, or perhaps you have been in business for a while. I don’t want to exclude those of you who are thinking of or planning to go into business for yourself. I hope these interviews will inspire you, lift you up and empower you as well. Sit back and relax and enjoy part one.

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How are you doing?

I’m doing great.

I’m Gerry Foster, the Big Branding Guy, also known as the Branding Evangelist. What’s your name?

I’m Jeff Hoffman.

Tell me about yourself. What do you do? What’s so magical about you?

Nothing. I wouldn’t say anything is magical per se. I’m a tech guy, marketing guy. I’ve been building startups my whole life. Entrepreneurship is my thing and self-determination. I’ve been involved in a lot of startup companies including, and other ones. Now, I spend my time teaching people how to turn their ideas into profitable businesses. More importantly, engineer your life and design your future. That’s what the focus is.

What’s your project right now? What brings you here? What is it that you want our audience to know about you?

Probably the single biggest project is around entrepreneurship. We are teaching people to help themselves. Everybody at this entire event has a skill that somebody in the world needs to learn. Whether it’s finance, marketing, communicating, HR, talking to people, whatever it is, there are people out there that can improve their lives if they have the skillset and the people at this event have the skillset. That’s what we want people to do. Share your knowledge. A rising tide lifts all boats. Let’s all help each other.

What’s your website? Can people find out about you online?

There are two. I have my own, which is Our entity is called the Global Entrepreneurship Network. We’re in 180 countries teaching people how to turn ideas into reality.

Thank you for your time.

This is Megan Fenyoe, a mental health therapist, Founder of I Am Enough Movement, nonprofit,, Tell me about yourself.

Thank you so much. I was in a domestic violence relationship, marriage. When I left the marriage, I felt like I wasn’t enough. I lost my six-figure income and I’m standing here with nothing. I wanted to get back. I wrote my bestselling book. As a mental health therapist, I talk about visual coping skills and the power of changing our mindset by visual coping. I created these cards. On the back, it has the word because with three lines. You write why you believe that you’re enough. You carry these with you whenever you have those doubts. Every single one of us, it doesn’t matter, health, career, relationships, what have you, we’ve all had that struggle. I launched it here at City Summit. In a year, we’ve reached all 50 states and 16 countries with these cards. Now, we’re a nonprofit.

Tell us about your mission. What’s your calling? What’s your purpose? Great brands are purpose-driven. What’s driving you to do this work?

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My passion and purpose is to empower people to believe that they are enough. A few years ago, I didn’t know anything about entrepreneurship. I didn’t know anything about branding. I just wanted to share my story. When you become vulnerable, authentic, real, you press play on your life and you start sharing your story because we all have a story, the minute you do that, your life will change. I am a mental health therapist, but the last few years have been the most amazing years of my life. It’s all about giving back and empowering people to believe that they’re enough.

What are you looking for? Are you looking for donors? What exactly is going to uplift what you’re doing?

I definitely am looking for donations. We’ve been a nonprofit for a few months. The foundation of the nonprofit is to give back to domestic violence shelters. I’m also a veteran. Anyone that’s out there and reading, thank you so much for your service but also giving back to veteran communities, veteran organizations and to be able to put up amazing events. I’m super excited about it. You can find out more at Thank you so much.

Support what she’s doing. It’s valuable. Thank you for your contribution to the world and humanity.

Thank you for your time.

This is Jennelle Gordon. She is the Executive Director and Founder of the Beyond Freedom Nonprofit/The O Factors creator. You can connect with her at or or

The O Factors is my for-profit. I’m a sex and relationship coach. I teach people how to be empowered in their sexuality versus exploited. I was a victim of sex trafficking for ten years and now my work is to help holistically rehabilitate and reintegrate survivors. My for-profit is to help people have this healthy view of it so we don’t have issues like sex trafficking. It’s full circle.

You’re not only doing the profit work, but also you want to give back to the world. What is it that makes your nonprofit different than what else is out there? This is all about your brand. Why you?

What’s different about our nonprofit is that I started this because I was trafficked for ten years. When I got out, nobody helps me. I was a little older when I got out because I was trafficked for such a long time and so people ripped me off. A few years ago, I was homeless in Newport Beach and now I live there with my son. I had a seventh-grade education. I had no job skills, a large gap in work history so what am I going to do? Thankfully, I was able to heal through tantra, which is why I now have my for-profit. Because of Tony Robbins reaching out to me on Instagram after he heard my story, he started sending me to his events, I got a mindset shift. I thought, “This holistic healing works. I’ve got to give and offer this to women.” We are the only survivor-led and run nonprofit that focuses just on holistic healing, rehabilitation and reintegration. We use the best of science and the best of East meets West to get our girls healthy again and get them back into the community thriving.

God bless you for doing this work. What does that mean fueled by porn?

Human trafficking industry is fueled by the porn industry because children are getting their first taste of sex and sex education in the ages of eleven. By 11 to 14, they’ve sent their first naked selfie or naked selfie video. By fourteen, they said they’ve gotten their sex education not from parents, school or church, but from porn. You don’t have to tell me you watch porn before, that’s okay. What’s happening is porn is not portraying women in a great way. It’s abusive and degrading. This is what our kids are watching. This is what they’re growing up with. They’re developing these desires and these things. This is why we have issues like sex trafficking to act out what they’ve seen their whole lives.

You’re doing something that sounds very fresh. I don’t think anybody else is doing this kind of work. What’s the bar code on your head if you don’t mind?

The bar code is talking about these young women are not people. They are products. This is a business. It’s the second largest criminal activity in the world. With that being said, there are high stakes right now. That means that there are high profits, high stakes and they want the best product. They don’t care if it’s your girl or your daughter. They’re going after them.

What are you looking for? If you were to talk to our audience out there, are you looking for something specifically, donations perhaps?

We’re looking for donations. We’re also looking for partners to come in and help us rehabilitate our young women. Events where we can come and train your employees, train your church, train how to spot the signs so you can protect your children and your community. It’s a full circle process.

Jennelle Gordon, she is out there just making a huge difference. Thank you so much for your time. I wish you nothing but success and it’s going to happen for you.

Thank you so much.

I am thrilled to welcome Tyler Ornstein. He is the CEO of Tylers Coffee. He is an incredible guy because we has a personal connection. I helped rebrand his company several years ago. They are rock star in the coffee industry. His father was a biochemist who had designed the Z-Roasting system and figured out how to perfectly roast the bean without allowing tannic and lipid acids to form. Knowing his love for coffee, he then presented his son, Tyler, with a two-ounce silver bag of acid-free coffee. With the spirit of a natural-born entrepreneur, Tyler filled his backpack with two-ounce silver bags, set up on a bicycle to sell them door-to-door. After he had sold the first couple of cases, his father knew he was serious. He had ten more cases made.

BBF 35 | Dare To Go Big

Dare To Go Big: If you’re drinking coffee that’s not allowing you to have the best life, maybe you should change that.

Tyler did something very interesting. He continued selling his coffee to his friends, families and neighbor. Everyone began calling it Tylers Coffee because his name is Tyler. This is how Tylers Coffee was born. His love and passion for coffee are still as strong now as it was when he was a kid. He uses the same delicious, high quality, AAA Arabica, but now they have been certified organic for a superb flavor and quality. You can learn about his coffee at Tyler’s email address is His phone number is (858) 554-3833. Tyler, how are you doing?

I’m doing great, Gerry. I appreciate the opportunity. You’re an amazing introductor. I can’t thank you enough for the opportunity to be here.

The fact that you and I are getting reconnected after all these years. I’m so proud of what you and Becca have done in terms of ramping it up. I know we had a chance to talk. We have a separate episode, which you can read just Tyler and I in detail. What do you want people to know about your coffee in terms of, “This is what makes it so special?”

The unique thing about Tylers Coffee is it’s acid-free. It doesn’t give you heartburn, ingestion and upset stomach. People that have stomach-related issues like Crohn’s, colitis, IC, OAB, they can’t drink coffee anymore. We provide that gift. We provide it to give it back.

That’s very important for those out there who are suffering from stomach issues and all types of ailment because of coffee. This guy has cracked the safe. He’s broken the code on how to have delicious and healthy coffee so you can feel healthier and be healthier.

That’s absolutely true because if you need to make sure that your health is number one and if you’re drinking coffee that’s not allowing you to have the best life, maybe you should change that.

How to have the best tasting coffee for the best life. Thank you. I love you.

This is Andrea Adams-Miller. She is the CEO of The RED Carpet Connection, publicist and sponsorship Executive Director of the Keep Smiling Movement. We’re going to learn about this rock star woman. You can check out what she does at and If you want to email her, it’s Welcome to the Big Brand Formula. It’s great to have you here.

Thank you so much, Gerry.

What do you want people to know about the work you’re doing?

The work that I’m doing is about living RED, living with Relevance, Enthusiasm and Delivery. When you do all three, you hit your target market every time. For sponsorship and publicity, that’s super important to your life, your business, your relationships with everyone. When it comes to being the Executive Director of the Keep Smiling Movement, our mission is we amplify goodness through smiles. SMILES is a Society of Merging International Leaders and Entrepreneurs for Social responsibility.

Smiling doesn’t mean having perfect teeth. A lot of people are embarrassed to smile.

Part of that is we want you to be able to know that your imperfect smile is perfect to us. At the same time, because we’re a nonprofit, we’re joint venturing and collaborating with other nonprofits to help give people smiles who don’t have them, to help with kids who were orphans, to help veterans and the homeless. There are many different avenues that we’re going down to be able to bring advocacy and awareness to other foundations as well as ours, as well as doing research and giving that research out on SMILES like the biopsychosocial factors on the giver and the receiver at the World Congress of Brain Mapping, Tesla Tech, energy and science. We want people to know that smiling literally changes your life.

There could be more love and connection if people would just smile. Smile means everything.

We believe that a smile is a universal expression of love and acceptance across all boundaries. We have a Keep Smiling card in 50 languages now, including braille, because we want people to be able to smile. Children smile at average of 400 times a day and adults smile only 20 times average. We want to at least increase the adult’s at least 50%.

We’ve got to smile more. The kids are beating us.

We lose our playfulness. When we start playing in life, goofy sells, did you know that? The more people show up, we’ve noticed that people with abundance are willing to smile crazy and do funny things for photos and shots with us. It’s because a smile brings out the abundance in your life, in your health and in your relationships. It’s amazing.

Who doesn’t want to bring out the abundance in their life? That’s the whole thing. During this very divided time that we live in our country, we all know we’re more about the divided States of America than the United States of America. Smiling and connecting through the heart and love is what we need because we have more in common than we do that divides us.

The things that you’re doing and making these big shifts forward, you’re an amazing person because you are making the shift in people’s lives. Our books are called Keep Smiling, Shift Happens. It’s about taking that ability to take that step and move things one inkling over the edge to change people’s lives. We collect people’s stories about how people who had trials and tribulations overcome them to smile again. It encourages people. I had two incidences where I had two people admit to me that they were going to go home and kill themselves. They said that me giving them a Keep Smiling card change that situation that they felt like they could go home and have another day for themselves. I was bawling in tears because of the movement of what we’re doing.

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That’s a lesson for our audience out there because it’s not about putting out a product, service or nonprofit or even yourself as a personal brand. It’s about putting something out into the world that makes a contribution. When people can get in touch with their significance, doing what they’re meant to do, born to do, supposed to do, what they’ve immersed their life into, which is what you’ve done. You can have a brand that truly is a world-class brand and that’s what you’re doing right now. Is there anything you want to say about the RED Carpet Connection?

I want everyone to have the stability because I know that you have goods, services and products that help other people change their lives. I want to do a free publicity assessment for you. You reach out to me through We’ll get you hooked up because it’s about you leveraging what your tools are to help other people’s lives be better. That’s what will make us shift and change. We want you to start #KeepSmiling for the Keep Smiling Movement.

Thank you so much for your time. I love our connection. This is going to lead to something very special. Thank you so much.

Thank you. Keep smiling.

I am here with Drew Berman. He is the CFO, Chief Fun Officer, and you can email him at I’ve known this guy for several years. He is a special guy here. This guy is not ordinary. He assists aspiring entrepreneurs to create revenue streams that are fun and lucrative. How are you doing?

I’m doing amazing. I’m having fun and impacting others. That’s what it’s all about.

What is your Can Have It All? What does that mean?

That’s my staple book. It’s called You Can Have It All: The Ultimate Guide to Having Fun, Making Money and Living the Good Life. This is an era where things can be fun. We have a mobile business. We have cell phones that made the world smaller. You can work now from the golf course or from the beach. You don’t have to be tied to an office anymore. Baby Boomers are learning how to be more tech-savvy. Millennials don’t want to be tied to a desk and have a job. The word financial freedom has haunted a little bit of our generation because being an entrepreneur is not easy. I like to call it financially flexible rather than financially free. Instead of having unlimited hours and passive income, people don’t understand these concepts. I call it work where you could be location independent. I teach people how to make their livelihood their lifestyle.

What is your secret sauce for that? How do you make that happen in a way that nobody else can?

It’s something I learned from you. You as the branding expert taught me that don’t be one of the ones that do what you do. Don’t be the best one that does what you do. Be the only one that does what you do. I was at a high-end mastermind and it was all about cooperation and collaboration. We own

What is the Law of Collaboration?

It’s the ability to connect with others. It’s not what’s in it for me. It’s not what’s in it for you. It’s not even what’s in it for we. It’s what’s in it for all of us. Together we all do more. With collaboration, now the possibilities are infinite because it’s me times you, times my Rolodex, times your Rolodex, times our imagination, times Google. There are no limits to what we can do together.

I’ve heard you talk about something called The Lifestyle Triangle. What is that?

The Lifestyle Triangle is where we can have health, have income and have time freedom to enjoy it all. I teach people how to put all of it together so that they can live the lifestyle of their dreams.

Along with these five F-bombs, tell me about that. That’s got me going here.

I’m all about F-bombs. I might be dropping some F-bombs on this. For me, it’s all about fun. As we just discussed, family, fitness, finances and freedom, those are the F-bombs that I help people with.

Drew, you are such an outstanding guy. Check him out and learn what he’s doing. He’s doing some amazing stuff of his app as well. Thank you.

I am here with Kathy Buck. She is a real estate broker. She is the owner of Beyond Realty and Investments. You can connect with her at She’s doing some amazing stuff here. You help buyers save money on purchases. How do you do that?

It’s because we negotiate. Through my more than 25 years of experience, I’ve learned to find out what it is that both parties want. For example, on my last deal, we were able to save our buyers $24,000 on their purchase.

Do you have a secret sauce for doing that? You must be magical.

Yes, we do. I can’t say what that is, but it comes with experience.

Together, we all do more. With collaboration, the possibilities are infinite. Click To Tweet

You also help your sellers get top dollar as well?

I primarily work in the luxury market. There are a lot of nuances with luxury homes. I know what buyers are looking for whenever they are shopping in the luxury market. We make sure that the sellers are prepared to put their best foot forward. In order to do that, we have extra services such as staging and special cleaning companies and all of those things to make the home sparkle.

I’m curious because I’m a brand strategist. I’m all about how to set yourself apart from the competition by getting people to see you as the top-notch brand and that’s who you are in real estate. You are saying that you are looked upon as your real estate resource in Southern California. You’ve been showing people how to build their net worth. How in the world do you do that because that’s a crowded market?

In real estate, there are many different ways that you can make money. We specialize with our investors in providing opportunities for them through joint ventures and also through multi-units. We provide property management. We provide a lot of things that the regular real estate agent doesn’t have access to.

What Kathy is saying is that you go beyond the norm. You exceed expectations. You make sure that seller gets what they’re looking for and that buyer gets their price they’re looking for.

The last thing you’d want to do is put somebody in a property that they can’t afford. We always try to make sure that they have enough money left over after the transaction is done so they can do those fix up that are so important.

I love your personality and I love the energy coming from you. I have a hunch that you have a way of servicing people that probably is second to none.

We do have a strategy and we have everything written down so we know exactly what needs to be done. Our team jumps on things. We stay on top of all of our files. Our sellers and buyers are confident knowing whenever they work with me, they are getting the best service out there.

When you work with Kathy and her team, you are getting the very best in service when it comes to real estate. You can find her also on Facebook, Kathy Buck Sells Homes. What is your geographic area in Southern California?

BBF 35 | Dare To Go Big

Dare To Go Big: When you press play on your life and start sharing your story from a place of being vulnerable, authentic, and real, then your life will change.

I do coastal luxury markets from mostly Orange County, but I go up into LA and down to San Diego as well. Our team covers all of coastal Orange County.

I lived in Laguna Beach for 29 years. Is that one of your markets?

Yes, it is. There are beautiful homes over there.

Kathy, thank you so much for being here. You are outstanding. She is the real estate professional that you want to go with, especially if you’re looking for coastal real estate, especially if you want extraordinary exceptional service, especially if you want to make sure that your dreams come true when it comes to real estate. Thank you, Kathy, for your time.

Thank you. Have a good day.

I am so thrilled because I’ve got Jake Havron here. He’s a health and success coach. He’s not just another health and success coach. Once as a registered nurse, Jake became tired of treating patients for avoidable life-threatening illnesses. Only to have them return a few months later with the same problem. He learned that a strategy is only 20% of what’s needed to make changes and stay healthy, when in actuality 80% of your success is dependent on having the right mindset. As a health and success coach, Jake focuses his message for busy entrepreneurs, teaching them how to build the best habits so they can obtain their dream body while also building their dream life.

Jake teaches the three keys to success that people need to know to increase their vitality, build their competence and raise them to their peak performance. Jake speaks with a simple understanding of how people’s mind and body works and incorporates intelligent thinking that opens doors to making positive changes in their lifestyle. Who doesn’t want to make positive changes in their lifestyle? Jake is working with small business owners, Fortune 500 CEOs or speakers for Tony Robbins.

His goal is to show entrepreneurs how they can obtain and sustain their goals even with a busy and on the go lifestyle. You can email Jake at He’s got his phone number here, (808) 385-0983. His website is Jake, it is an honor. That’s incredible. I always like to ask people, especially when you’re in a market like yours, there are a lot of these coaches out there. What is it that makes you different than the typical health and success coach?

This market is so saturated. There’s every single fitness person and every single influencer doing this, but what makes us stand out is that we do tailored workout plans and meal plans for busy entrepreneurs that are always on the go. If you’re traveling often, we search up the hotel you’re going to be at and we make a workout plan specific for that hotel. The worst thing is when you’re following a plan you got off of some website or some PDF and you show up to a hotel and it has none of that equipment. They’re screwed.

You say, “I’m not going to do any workouts because why I’m not going to think about that.” We make workout plans specific. We’re sending meal prep services. We’re finding local meal preps in your area. We’re making sure it’s in your hotel fridge. You show up and there are no more excuses of, “I’m going to eat at restaurants. I don’t know what to eat. I’ll eat healthy when I get back home.” If you’re traveling a couple times a week for a couple of times a month over the year, if you don’t take care of your health when you’re traveling, you’re not going to take care of your health when you’re at home.

BBF 35 | Dare To Go Big

Dare To Go Big: If you don’t take care of your health when you’re traveling, you’re not going to take care of your health when you’re at home.

It sounds like they can get those meals wherever and whenever. Even if they’re not on the road, you’ll deliver wherever they are.

We’ll deliver wherever they are. We don’t make the meal preps. We set the meal preps up. We’re like the Emirates of health and wellness. We’re going to get you to your destination, get you your dream body, the easiest way possible. We work with even Tony Robbins’ speakers, Fortune 500 CEOs, small business owners, and any other clientele that are looking to level up their health to a new level. This is about more than just health and wellness, but it’s about being able to increase your vitality so you can enjoy your day. You can enjoy your family, have more energy, build the confidence and attain peak performance.

Even skinny guys like me, can you help me?

Whether you haven’t worked out in two years or you just start working out or you’re working on every single day, there always is another level. If you think you’re complacent, you’re dying. You’re either growing or dying and alive. You think you’re going through the flow. You could be getting to a whole new level and have more energy without spending more time. The thing is that people think that when they work out or worry about their health, they’re taking time away from their business. You’re really getting more time to your business because you’re having more brain clarity to get more jobs done and more projects done quicker. You’re not getting tired as quick so you could get more stuff done. You have more time for your family. That’s the thing about why health and vitality should be number one and the reasons why you should change now.

You deal with the mindset, how so?

The mindset is important because mindset is another thing. Everyone talks about mindset. You need to understand how the way you think, but it’s not woo-woo anymore. It’s all about intelligent thinking. If you think I’m like a woo-woo speaker, know that I’m an intelligent thinker. The more you understand how your brain works, the more you’re going to get real results. One of the quickest things that I could give for you is understanding that your brain does not like to work in long time periods. If you have a big six-hour project, it is not smart to say, “I’m going to go bust my butt for six hours,” because your brain is going to distract itself because it can’t handle six hours.

What you can do instead is called the Pomodoro timer effect. It’s 25 increments of deep, hard work and give yourself a five-minute break in between. You’re going to get that project done probably in four hours’ time because your brain is going to work at its optimal peak performance, 25 minutes at a time and you’ll get more stuff done. That is called intelligent thinking. That’s part of the thing of understanding peak performance, which goes into a lot of the mindset as well.

The workouts I assume don’t require equipment. It’s core body work.

Workouts could be either full equipment. It could be minimal equipment or it could be no equipment at all. The main thing is doing exercises. It could take as little as seven minutes a day. That’s the main thing is you don’t have to go crazy with it to see the small changes and take that small step.

Is there anything you want to say about your fees or your prices for this? That always comes up a lot when it comes to personal trainers.

If you go on, you can get my six-week course, which has all the workout programs, all the meal plans that you need and the mindset coaching for me. That’s only $9.97 for a whole six-week program. There are different options and different programs. You can go off from there, but that’s one of the programs you’ll see real results on. I’m being straightforward with the pricing on that.

Jake, we’re going to get to know each other. He’s doing amazing work. Take care.

I appreciate it.

I am here with Sidney Clevinger. He is a digital marketer, coach, keynote speaker and author. You can learn all about what he does at and What he does is he helps people find their superpowers. He’s got incredible accolades. This guy is the Founder of the Better Leads Academy. He’s been mentioned in Forbes and Entrepreneur magazine online. He’s helped 600-plus clients start or scale their businesses online. He has been mentioned as Top Entrepreneur to Watch in 2020 in multiple domestic and international publications. He’s even got six published books on growing your business online. He’s the host of the Better Leads Podcast, multi-seven figures generated for his clients. He’s the cocreator of the Success Secrets for Purpose Driven Entrepreneurs. We’ve got a rockstar here. How are you doing, Sidney?

How are you doing?

What is it that you want people to know about you?

The more you understand how your brain works, the more you're going to get real results. Click To Tweet

I want people to know that you’re perfect just the way you are. You were put on this Earth, given a superpower, given something by your Maker to go out there and make the world a better place. Go out there and give that to the world every day. Shine bright as you can because when you shine bright, you help other people do the same and you help them shine bright. It will ripple, rinse and repeat and it happens over and over again. Go out there and live in your superpower. The best things in the world come from it.

Everyone has the capacity to shine bright. How do you do that? What’s your secret sauce? What is it that you do?

I give away everything I know. The reason that people want to work with you as a consultant, as a coach, whatever it might be, is because they know what you do. They don’t know how to do it. They’re going to come to you. Everybody is so scared, “I don’t want to give away my secrets.” Give away your secrets. Give them all away because they’re not going to know how to do it. They’re going to come to you. They’re going to say, “I need you to teach me how to do that.” I’m going to say, “You do.” You attract who you are. You attract who you want to become. When people see you, they want to be able to say, “I want to be like that guy or what that guy’s striving to be.” They’re going to naturally come right at you. I can’t explain it. It’s the universe. It just happens and I love it.

What I’m hearing you say is that you help people find their sweet spot, their X Factor, their It Factor, that thing that’s going to draw people to them because of their gift to the world.

Everybody has a gift. I had a client. She’s a marriage therapist. She lives out in DC. She’s like, “There’s a million of us.” They’ve got all the political people out there. Who knows what’s going on out there. She was like, “I’ve got all this stuff, but I can’t separate myself.” I asked her, “What do you do so naturally?” She bakes chocolate chip cookies. She wrote a book about her chocolate chip cookies and the compassion they bring to people when she’s going through her marriage counseling. I’ve never seen anything like that. People are attracted to people like them. Find your superpower and just talk about it. People will come at you.

If he can show someone how to find their superpower and have their brand shine with a chocolate chip cookie, imagine what he can do for you?

I appreciate it. I love this gala. This summit, this gala has been so amazing. I’m getting to meet you and we got a chance to chop it up over there.

I appreciate you, Sid.

Thank you so much. I can’t wait to talk to you.

I’m here with Leo Hefner. He is the CEO of South Bend 7. You can learn all about him at or Leo, how are you?

I’m doing fantastic.

Tell me about what you do that’s so incredible.

South Bend 7 is a debt-free private real estate equity fund where we buy and hold cashflowing residential real estate in the Midwest. What’s good is that we have no liens, no liabilities and no leverage. We go into some of these towns and we pick up lower-income housing from a lot of people that don’t care about their homes. We turn around and rehab them back up and give these lower-income families a good place to live.

You’re not just a flipper, you’re out there doing some major work in a community to help save lives.

We’re gentrifying communities. We’re buying cashflow. We’re providing good returns to our investors. We’re giving good places for people to live. The communities win, investors win, the people living there win, you have everybody win.

What do you feel separates you from others who maybe someone thinks they can find the same thing somewhere else? What makes you different and better?

When you go out on your own to buy a couple of houses, you have to buy almost 30 houses before you stop losing money. By being able to jump in with us, we already have a pool of houses. We’ve already mitigated that risk. It’s all part of the risk reduction roadmap that we’ve got in place. People could come in with their self-directed retirement accounts. We’re fully passive. There are no taxes there. We don’t have any debt. There are no taxes on that money earned and it’s all passed through. All the depreciation, costs of home ownership all passes through them just like they bought them themselves.

If you want it to say something to your target audience out there in terms of why you, in ten words or less, I’m going to put you on the spot here, “Come to us because?”

BBF 35 | Dare To Go Big

Dare To Go Big: Without the people and the right processes, you’ll never make a good profit.

Come to us because we’ve been doing it for a few years. We know what we’re doing and just come and ask questions because if you want to invest in real estate, just do it. Take action and get it done.

I know you can’t promise a return, but you can tell them about peace of mind. They’re going to get a level of service. There are things that you do that go beyond the norm it sounds like.

On top of that too, they don’t get any phone calls. There are no tenants calling them. We handle all of that. In the past, investors have gotten more than 6% annualized, which is great being non-leveraged. Because of the SEC, we can’t guarantee the return is going to continue.

Leo, thank you so much. I love what you’re doing and continued success. Where are you located?

I’m out at San Diego, but most of our holdings is in Indiana.

What part of Indiana?

It’s primarily South Bend.

Know about this guy. Take care. Thank you.

I am here with Heather Schooler. She is a business profitability specialist. Her website is She is also known as the Money Librarian. You can contact her by email, Her phone number is (312) 544-9335. Welcome.

Thanks for having me.

Tell me about why you do this work. What is it that inspired you and got you to do this?

I started teaching financial literacy at about 2006. I found out that most of my clients were entrepreneurs. I ran into a partner. We created Red Sapiens. We want to create a world where all entrepreneurs thrive.

Especially around financial literacy?

That’s my specialty, finance and operations. That’s my background. I have a passion just like some of the people at the City Gala. We’re talking about making sure that business owners know about their money because a lot of times you see businesses that are popular and busy. The next thing you know they’re out of business. A lot of times that happens because they didn’t take care of their financial health.

If someone were trying to compare you to someone else, they can get the same thing over there because there are a lot of people out there teaching financial literacy. What do you feel sets you apart?

We care about our clients. We love when they have success. We love to celebrate in their successes. That personal touch is what makes us different from some program in a box.

What I’m hearing, which I love, is that you go beyond the expectations in terms of the level of service, care, attention, guidance, love and all the things that you do. People process profit, what does that mean?

It’s all about the people, that individualized approach, finding out who the person is and who their business is. From there, you help them develop the right processes to run a successful business. Without the people and without the right processes, you’ll never be making a good profit.

You specialize in working you out of a job and into a business. You’re helping all those dreamers out there who want to get out of that 9:00 to 5:00. They want to remove the handcuffs. How do you do that?

I have many years of corporate experience. Going from corporate to entrepreneurship was one of the scariest things I ever did in my life. I know there are a lot of mindset changes. We work with them to help them to overcome the fear, bridge the gap and to be able to just make that transition smoothly and be successful at the same time.

It’s been wonderful talking to you. Let’s make sure we stay connected. Check her out, Heather Schooler,


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