As the straw that stirred the drink,
I love seeing how their exceptional brand has evolved over the years

Cynthia Coleman, CEO & Dave Wallace, President/CFO
Massage Escapes
Phoenix, AZ

“Our new business is off to an unbelievable start!

Gerry’s expertise in guiding us to discover who we are, truly define our brand, and really differentiate ourselves in the industry, enabled us to write a full detailed business plan, attract key advisors and business consultants to our team, and also create a compelling power-point presentation for prospective Capital investors.

Within weeks of completing our work with him we raised $25,000.00 from our first investor!

Gerry cuts to the chase about what does and doesn’t matter when it comes to developing a powerful brand.  His strategic branding wisdom and guidance has not only given us a solid foundation to build upon, it has also empowered us as entrepreneurs.”

(September, 2015)