Chuck Kissée, Partner
Sandbox Profits 

Boise, ID

“Gerry is THE go-to specialist
for your branding needs!” 

“In 2012 Sandbox, LLC hired Gerry to help us with a one of our clients and to teach us the principles of Branding.  We found Gerry to be filled with passion and enthusiasm, he is very thorough, and his content is organized and detailed.

He taught us the 4 pillars of branding and helped us take a deep dive into our brand purpose and to understand brand differentiation and brand identity.  With Gerry’s help we were able to:

  • Pinpoint our niche
  • Create motivating positioning statements
  • A brand promise and craft our client’s Statement of Mastery to use with getting clients

We highly recommend Gerry to anyone needing to define a brand or create a brand makeover.  Gerry is THE go to guy for all your branding needs.

When you hire Gerry, you hire the best!”