BBF 19 | Exceptional Branding

You either innovate, rebrand, fade into the background, or be a different shade in order to achieve total branding success. This is what Gerry Foster believes will happen if you do not stand out from everyone else. In this episode, he talks about how you can make your potential customers care about your brand identity from others. He taps into enhancing customer experience through innovation and cites some famous brands that took customer experience to a whole new level and stood out in their niches.

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Be The Exception, Not The Rule

One of the biggest goals in branding for many small business owners is that they’re trying to find that magic. They’re looking for that feat of magic. They’re looking for the magic pill or the magic bullet. They’re looking for the magic glue that will stick consumers to their brand. However, there is no magic anything. There’s no quick fix. There is no diet that will instantly make you healthier. There is no quick way to lose weight. If you’ve been in business long enough, you will quickly learn that you cannot microwave your success. For the most part, it requires putting the work in, the time and the effort. It also requires being customer-centric.

That’s the real key to branding success because if you tell your potential customers that your brand, be it your product, service or even you are different from the competition, then you must be able to tell them why they should care about this difference. One of the best ways to achieve this is by delivering what are called exceptional customer experiences by doing things your competitors don’t do, maybe can’t do or wouldn’t do. It’s all about enhancing the customer experience. You’ve got to make that experience as incredible and amazing as possible. You’re enhancing their experience by innovating it to make it as beneficial, enjoyable and pleasing as possible. Do you remember when the iPhone hit the market? We had never seen a phone like that before.

If you've been in business long enough, you will quickly learn that you cannot microwave your success. Click To Tweet

Look at some of the innovative brands that have emerged over the years. Airbnb, the ride-share industry with Uber and Lyft, Tesla, not to mention brands like Whole Foods, the Dyson Airblade that you find in many restaurants, Netflix, Facebook, Monster Energy beverage and of course, Amazon. Do you remember how we have a vault in the way we watch movies? We went from sixteen millimeter to VCR and our tapes to DVD. Now, we no longer even need to own movies. We can rent, buy or stream a movie on demand. We never even have to touch the movie. My point is that it’s all about challenging the status quo. It’s all about you going against the flow. It’s all about infusing your business with some fresh thinking. Ask yourself a few questions. The first question is what would make a difference to your customers, especially your best customers, your ideal customers, your dream customers, the one that you wish you had more like them? Do they have new expectations from a business like yours? Are there new possibilities you could deliver to accelerate your ability to serve them and serve your market like never before? Think about it.

Isn’t that what Enterprise Rent-A-Car did and has done over the years? They have been looked upon as the most popular rent-a-car agency and have been recognized many times as highest in customer satisfaction for rent-a-car companies at or near airports. There’s no one like Enterprise as well as being recognized as one of the top places to begin a career for thousands of college grads. What about Progressive insurance in the super-competitive auto insurance industry where they slug it out with Allstate, Geico and State Farm. These are the four largest car insurance companies in the United States and they go at it with each other.

BBF 19 | Exceptional Branding

Exceptional Branding: Business success is all about adopting in a new way of being, adapting to the new normal.

In the case of Progressive, they’ve got a wide range of discounts. They’ve got stuff that you can choose from. They became innovative. For example, drivers who have many risk-factors working against them like teenagers or drivers with subpar driving records. They’ve got a range of discounts for them. If you are a low-mileage driver, you may benefit from Snapshot which is a usage-based insurance plan that can be particularly attractive for drivers in urban areas who may not rely on a car as their day-to-day form of transportation. Progressive is also known for the 24/7 claim service and customer service. They will cut a check on the scene of an accident, provide you a rent-a-car while they handle the body shop drama and various other service you need to choose coverage that makes the most sense for you. In auto insurance industry, it’s all about who provides the best value, especially when it comes to accident claims.

What’s my point? It may be time for some of you to have a paradigm shift, different thinking, not doing more of the same. It’s time to flip the script. It’s about adopting a new way of being, adapting to the new normal. My friend, you either have what you want out of life or the excuses why not? It’s always easy to come up with reasons and explanations. This happened and that happened. Let me tell you what’s going on. You either innovate, rebrand or fade into the background. You are to differentiate or die. Until the next time.

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