Anjie Grout

Anjie Grout, M.S.W.
Life Coach

Highlands Ranch, CO

“Gerry’s … merriment makes
learning fun and enlightening …”

“If you want to take your business to the next level utilizing the skills and knowledge of a world-class expert, you need to talk to Gerry Foster! He is the authority… the voice to pay attention to…the best of the best when you want to create “impact” with your Brand!

I recently completed his comprehensive program of brand development and his engaging teaching style and expertise over decades enriched my own path of self-discovery. Through Gerry’s gifted, dynamic style of guiding and listening, he helps bring together your highest aspirations and assists you in articulating the ‘greatness of your brand.’

  • Gerry’s exuberant merriment makes learning fun and enlightening…and at the end of the program you realize his keen insight, intuitive listening skills and commitment to finding each person’s uniqueness has served you exceptionally beyond what most coaches are able to do.
  • Since I have a background as a teacher and entrepreneurial coach, I recognize exceptional talent in others when I see and experience it.
  • Gerry speaks from the heart and his deep commitment to serving others permeates all of his work.

He speaks with impact, personal power and sincerity. Gerry’s principled ethics and accountability delivers the message and the product he says he will do. He greatly surpassed my expectations. I highly recommend Gerry Foster as an authoritative, sincere, dynamic and vibrant friend and coach.”