The Freedom Igniter

Newport, DE

“Gerry helped me to create my brand …”

“My first introduction to Gerry Foster was impressionable as he got me excited about ‘branding’ a ministry I’d been working on for a few years. I had no idea what to expect, but by the end of his dynamic presentation, I looked forward to his teaching, training and coaching me to become a super brand!

  • Gerry helped me to create my brand which involved clearly defining my vision & mission statements
  • He guided my understanding & identification of the features and benefits of my brand, as well as helped me to build an impressive website that reflected his teachings
  • Through a series of exercises, “Uncle Gerry” helped me to organize & make sense of what was jumbled in my head!

Gerry is high-energy and enthusiastic about taking his clients to the next level as he encourages them to Dare2BDifferent! Gerry is passionate and genuinely wants to see his clients shine in their secret sauce! I very much enjoyed working with him and look forward to the successes of ALANI!”