You absolutely have the power to create whatever you can dream of. You just have to allow yourself to listen to your discontent, your desires, and activate your imagination of what you really want your life to look like. If you can get to that place of abundance, contentment and happiness, that’s what success is for you. Joining Gerry Foster to spread this empowering message is award-winning transformational life coach, professional speaker, author and minister, Felicia Searcy. For Felicia, getting to a place of success and fulfillment goes beyond working with your mindset. It demands that you work with your identity, because you can only allow results based on how you see yourself. Listen in and be inspired to take action on your dreams, NOW!

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Activate Your Dream With Felicia Searcy

I am dedicated to bringing the best of the best of various people in their fields of expertise that have something to offer the world, the community, and the people that they serve which I find extraordinary from a branding standpoint. One of those individuals is who we have for you. She said something in an email to me that I want to share with you in terms of who she is and what captures her brand essence. She wrote to me, “For those of you who have postponed a dream or purpose or have tried to make it happen, and for some reason it hasn’t come together, then I can shed some light on realizing dreams.”

That person is Felicia Searcy, who is an award-winning transformational coach, international speaker, author, and minister who is passionate about your dream. She has helped thousands create the lives they love. For over 20 years, Felicia has worked with people from all walks of life who are seeking the spiritual side of success. As a highly sought-after international speaker, she has shared the stage with powerhouse leaders like Mary Morrissey, Saundra Yancy, and Les Brown. Her proven dream activation code helps people like you to accelerate your results as you create a richer and more fulfilling life. Her passion is her purpose which is to empower you to discover and express your best self as you create the life that you love. Your dream is her passion. Everyone, let’s welcome Felicia Searcy. It’s great to have you here.

Thanks, Gerry. It is my joy to be here.

Tell our audiences a little bit more about yourself in terms of your work, what you’re doing, what made you do it and all that stuff.

I want everybody to take a moment and ponder how indescribably powerful you are. I’m going to talk about this as we unpack this together. We have been all been given this breathtaking power to be able to create anything that we can dream of. When we understand how powerful we are, I personally think that it would drive us to our knees in deep awe and gratitude. We would then dedicate our lives to learning how to unlock and unleash this power to put it in service to what brings you alive because that’s how we bring our highest contribution to everybody around us in our world at large.

We have been all been given this breathtaking power to create anything that we can dream of. Click To Tweet

That’s effectively what I’m up to. It’s unleashing everybody’s magnificence so we can together move our world forward to create a world that is abundant and works for everybody. I got into this like many people. I came from an environment that was less than preferred, that there were some painful elements. It was at a low spot in my life and I discovered what many refer to and what I refer to as a Universal Law. Many people will distill it down into a single law called the Law of Attraction, which is a secondary law to the Law of Vibration.

I discovered that there was a system and a power underneath that system so people will often distill this down into mindset. Mindset’s a tiny little piece of it. There are so much depths to it that there are these laws and there’s a power undergirding these laws. When I discovered them and I began to deepen my awareness of how to effectively unlock these laws and let them serve what I love in my life. When I deepen my awareness and my connection to the power undergirding it, my life took off in breathtaking ways. I watched it and I realized, “There’s something happening here.” I codified it in my own words. This is not new. I’m not saying, “I’ve got the answer.”

I have an answer that works for me. I have an answer that’s worked for thousands of other people. Lots of people have brought this forward and I’ve codified it in a way that works for me. I’m on fire with helping everybody understand this especially now. It was Thurgood Marshall who said, “Don’t ask what the world needs, discover what you love because the world needs more people doing what they love.” When we do that, that’s the process of unlocking and unleashing this indescribable power, and now we’re putting it in service to good. We’re putting it in service to life that we love which is allowing us to now bring our highest service.

I want to go back to that moment that you had, that shift, that thing that occurred. Sometimes I call it that all of a sudden moment. It’s like a little child that’s learning to ride a bike. They’re on the bike and they fall off and they get back on then all of a sudden, they have this thing called balance. Balance is all of a sudden occurrence. Can you talk more about what was that for you? What took place in that story that you shared that led to this boom that allows you now to take that and help and serve other people?

There’s a bit of a part one and a part two. With all of us, there’s a progression with this. I discovered this and I began to apply it. My life got better. These are mainly the people that I get to work with. They began to apply this stuff and life got better, but then there was a place where it’s almost like it came to a screeching halt. Oftentimes, because you’re working and things are getting better, the place at which where there’s a bit of a screeching halt is that place where things are good in your life.

There’s this satisfied ache that is hanging out in the crevices a little bit. You’re almost afraid to look at it because if I look at it, then maybe I’ll have to do something. I know what bad was and now that I’ve got good, I don’t want that to disrupt that good. It was one of those moments when there was something that I wanted. When I work with people, I work in four areas. I work in the area of your house, your relationships and your vocation, which is how you share your gifts, your talents. That’s your contribution, and your freedom, your calendar and your checkbook.

The two areas for me that were sticking points were good, but I was making good enough be good enough. There’s still this bit of ache of knowing that I wanted something more, even in the face of all of this good and having to stare down the voice of, “Who do you think you are?” “Be happy for what you have.” I realized that my reason for wanting more was because I wanted to grow both. Number one, to improve the quality of my life and my husband’s life with our wealth. I wanted to be able to generate more wealth to give more. I have a deep desire to want to contribute to the organizations and causes that are deeply meaningful for me. I wanted to bring a bigger impact on my work. Impact as wealth and my work.

You are asking about the moment. I will never forget that moment because it’s seared into my memory. I was living in Tennessee at that time. I poured energy into an initiative thinking this was going to be the thing that will bust the energy free. I did the work. I got help with culture and leadership and you do an amazing work. I think you do a part of this work with your branding, but I went and tried to get some help with branding. All of that is important. I’m not saying that it’s not important but I kept putting it into the same container. I kept putting it into the same level of awareness.

BBF 45 | Activate Your Dream

Activate Your Dream: Give yourself permission to pay attention to your discontent.

I would make incremental changes or I would make what I call episodic manifestation changes. The true transformation wasn’t happening. There was an initiative that I poured my heart and soul into thinking, “This is the thing and this is going to bust the energy free. This is my moment.” It wasn’t. I went down flat. It wasn’t bad. It was good. It was okay. My life was good. It was in July, I was in Tennessee, 97 degrees outside, 98% humidity, at 3:00 in the afternoon. I am pounding the pavement with sweat pouring down my face completely oblivious to it because I’m frustrated and I’m at a loss.

Why is it not working for me? What am I missing? I can remember going through that process and having the voices, “Maybe it’s time to hang it up. Maybe you don’t have what it takes. You’re working this hard and you’ve got this level of success? Are you sure you want to give up everything? Do you know how hard you’re going to have to work?” All of that was going through my head, but there was something profound that happened. Here’s the thing that I want the audience to pay attention to because this is what happens for all of us. There’s a moment and it’s what you’re talking about where there’s this rebellion that will rise up inside of you, it rose up inside of me and I heard myself saying, “No. I’ve got this dream. I know there’s a way for me to achieve it and to live it.”

That’s when I made a decision. It’s the kind that you don’t back up from. I didn’t care what it was going to take. I was going to get the stuff figured out. I got strategic, systematic, high calibrated mentorship and I dug in a way in a system that allowed me to see how to work it. There was a system for myself. I understood the nuance application of this. It’s one thing to understand something conceptually. It’s a whole another thing to understand that at the moment nuanced sense of, “This is what this is talking about.” It’s consistent and sustained enough in order to truly make the internal transformation that allowed me then to create and experience the external result consistently and accelerate it with an accelerated growth that this is now what I’m sharing with others. That was a long story. I hope that there was value in that.

There was value in that and one of the takeaways was that it led to you creating this system to create your dreams. Can you share a bit more about the system and what lies at the heart of it? What drives the system? I love the idea that you help people create their dreams, manifest their dreams and live a life they love. I think for a whole lot of people who are reading this particular show, they want to know, “Tell me about this system. Is it simple? Will it work for me? What does it require?”

One of the key takeaways of that story which is part of the system gives yourself permission to pay attention to that discontent. Start tuning into that discontent. People in particular who’ve been exposed to this begin to start excusing away their discontent especially when life has gotten good. You want to realize that this dream and desire is not your dream. It’s not your desire. Its life seeking expression through you and it’s a way that life helps us wake up to even more of our magnificence.

Start noticing where those areas of your life that are good but there’s a part of you that says, “This is good.” Deep down you know that there’s a part that’s saying, “There’s so much more.” What you want to do is you want to take that discontent and let it inform the answer to the most potent powerful question that we can ask which is, what would I love? Understanding that it is love itself seeking expression through you.

It’s the invitation to learn how to use this most potent energy in the entire universe which is our capacity to consciously choose images that we mentally rehearse in our imagination. When we understand the power of our imagination and how our imagination then activates a conversation with this invisible field, where there are waves of energy that quantum physics has proven what spiritual masters have taught throughout the ages. Waves of energy are hanging out and what quantum physics called superposition that what you are mentally rehearsing in this faculty of your imagination generates feelings.

Those feelings generate a vibration or a frequency which then becomes the organizing pattern. Effectively, you are becoming the organizing pattern around which this energy then magnetizes and forms and create your results. There’s the basic explanation of the Law of Attraction which is the secondary law to the Law of Vibration. People here will say, “I know that. I’ve heard that. I believe that.” That’s where I was. I couldn’t do it episodically, but I had to learn how to unlock it consistently or let myself be present for the results. Here’s the nuance. Number one is understanding what a sophisticated process it is to truly vision. It not just slap some pictures on a vision board and say, “I have a vision.” There are many levels and layers of sophistication of understanding of how to direct this faculty of your imagination.

Notice the places where you light up. Notice the places where you’re contracting because that’s your conversation with this invisible field at any given moment. Get clear around what brings you most alive. It’s not what you think you can do and not what you think is going to work. Notice where you start watering it down and keep coming back to, “This is what brings me most alive.” You’re then holding that. You’re moving in that. You’re living in that movie as you’re making your lunch, you’re talking to your kids, you’re checking on your parents, you’re doing the job, you’re building your business or you’re brushing your teeth.

You are mentally rehearsing something. Show the movie that brings you most alive. Here’s the other nuance level of this. As you’re working with that, you then allow it to inform who you need to be. This is where people will often talk about mindset or limiting beliefs. The reason why I go way beyond mindset is because it’s not about mindset. It’s about identity. This is the work that you do with people. You help to build out a beautiful brand. The typical branding people build out this brand but they don’t help the person come along to be able to identify themselves, to be able to step into the identification, the relatedness.

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They have to be able to relate and see themselves as that person retrieving that dream, as that brand. We will never act beyond the way we see ourselves. You will not entertain ideas beyond the way you see yourselves. You will not allow yourselves to have results beyond the way you see yourself. If they do come, you won’t let them last. You do what I call zip yourself into the skin. Zip yourself into the brand of the woman who achieves this and you ask, “If I did that, then how would I feel with it already done?” Here is another one of our superpowers. The first one is that we get to consciously choose our images. The second one is that you get to choose the way you feel. How would I feel that all worked out? I would feel amazing. I would feel grateful. I would feel fulfilled. Here’s the nuance piece of this. The nuance piece is that you are generating those feelings even when your facts are not giving you permission. Your facts are suggesting otherwise.

I’m not saying that you’re whitewashing is what’s going on. I’m not saying life is all rainbows and unicorns when there are some real human conditions. What I’m saying is that you stand in the face of whatever the conditions are. You understand that whatever the conditions are have been a result of your highest level of awareness and permission up to this point. As you work with this amazing faculty of your imagination and you stand in the face of those conditions, you have the conditions. You don’t let the conditions have you.

You are consciously generating a sense of gratitude, fulfillment, joy and courage even in the face of those conditions. As you’re generating state, you are lighting up different areas of your brain. You’re accessing this stream of intelligence that’s always informing us. Now, you have access to ideas and creativity that you don’t have access to when you were living from the same moment to same moment. You can now see ideas and opportunities. They’ve always been there. You just couldn’t see them thinking from this state of identity.

Not only can you see them, but as you continued to do this nuanced rigorous work of generating state, when you’re looking at your facts, not to your preference, there’s where the rigor comes in. There is where the nuance application of this comes in. If you keep working with this, you start owning that identification. You start normalizing what you’re seeing as your dream routine in your mind. You start noticing how it’s showing up in your life and you’re saying, “I’m working these laws” and your world that organizes accordingly. As it’s organizing, you are building those cells of recognition, that identity that then allows it not only to change but to sustain and then to keep growing.

One of the things that I also heard within that speaks to the mindset of most human beings. You use the word facts. You use the word conditions. One of the mindsets of many people and I’d love to hear what your thoughts are about this, is that they’re too busy looking at their stuff. They’re too busy looking at the circumstances, the conditions of their life, their mess and they allow the circumstances to call the shots in terms of dictating their behavior and the way they’re going to start showing up in life.

You said that there’s a shift that can happen in the midst of the calamity, in the midst of whatever that if you hang out with all of that, it can create depression, anger, sadness, and all these negative emotions. The way you said it was profound yet at the same time, I’m sitting here listening to you like, “How do you do that?” This is a major transformational work that you’d have to do here. What mistake do you see that people make when they’re trying to apply this? What are your thoughts about this? Do people bump up against a barrier here?

This is why I do what I do. I never promised a fast-food fix. I think that it’s part of the challenge. It’s some of the mistakes that people make. Number one is that they equate information with true knowing and application. There are tons of information out there. I’m not the only person who’s speaking this. There are tons of people who are teaching this. People will come to me saying, “I know this. I believe this. I use this when I manifested my husband, my job, my house, my car.” It’s as if you can turn it on and off.

The law is always working. That’s like saying, “I suspended gravity so I could get my grand piano off the 10th floor down to the 1st floor easily so it could float down.” Gravity is always working. We cannot suspend gravity. We have to work with gravity. One of the first things I encouraged people to realize is that it’s not that I have these conditions, and how do I do this? You’re doing this all the time. We are always creating. We can’t turn it off. You can’t turn this faculty of your imagination off. You’re either using it intentionally. You’re driving it or it’s driving you. What it’s doing is terrorizing you. You’re allowing your imagination to terrorize you.

I am not dismissing and I certainly don’t want to sugar coat this and say, “Just vision and it will all come about.” In the middle of some daunting circumstances and I have been there, it’s deepening your understanding that this does work. It’s deepening your faith in the power of this, in the face of circumstances and causing yourself to do a pattern interrupt because it requires a disruption in terms of how you’re viewing and seeing. I go much deeper into this when I have a longer time with training and when I get my hands-on people and work with them. It’s beginning to move from having a conceptual understanding or having information to, “Here’s what it looks like to apply it in the nitty-gritty and the nuts and bolts of my day.”

First, I give myself permission to sit down and consciously create an intentional vision because I’m running a vision anyway. Right now, you’re running a vision, Gerry. You can’t not project something. We are always running something. Let’s honor this by being intentional with it. Let’s sit down and write out, what would I love? This is a key thing that I work on with people is working with this process of what would I love. As you’re working with that, you allow it then to inform who I need to be at any given moment. You brand people. You’re speaking to entrepreneurs and business owners.

Let’s say you sit down and you look at your calendar. You look at your schedules for the week coming up. Your schedule is looking bare and you would love to see a whole lot more names on there or contacts and people that you want to talk to. What most people would do unaware would be to look at their schedule and then let their imagination go to, “If I don’t get people on my schedule, now I’m mentally rehearsing what’s going to happen in my checking account, with my bills, and with my business.” Now, that train has left the station. What’s happening is that you’re generating fear in your body. The only thing you have access to are fearful ideas. All you can do is access survival ideas. When we are in a survival state of mind, you have no ability to generate generative, creative and expansive ideas.

If you are looking at your calendar and it’s bare and there’s that part that wants to fear, you say, “Nope, I’m going to put that voice on hold.” I’m not denying the fact that my calendar is bare. This is not pretending and sugarcoating that its rainbows and unicorns. My calendar is bare. That’s a fact but here’s what I know at this moment. I have access to something much bigger. I’m going to access that power by first beginning to imagine how I would like my week to go and how I would like my year to go. In the face of this, let me begin by bringing myself back to an awareness that I have this amazing power. I don’t know how it works. I don’t have to know how it works. I’m trusting Felicia right now that it works.

BBF 45 | Activate Your Dream

Activate Your Dream: You will not allow yourselves to have results beyond the way you see yourself, and if they do come, you won’t let them last.

I’m going to cause myself to come to a place of centeredness. Know that there’s a much greater power at work and my imagination activates it. I’m going to see a result that I would like to see. As I see that result and I’d be the woman or the man who created that result, now I can ask, “What did that person do at this moment? Not a week out and not a month out.” I have people who will come to me and say, “I have some great ideas. I’m going to do it next month.” I’m like, “What are you going to now? What are you doing in the next five minutes?” I got a name for somebody that I’m looking for. The minute I got the name, I sat down and wrote the email and said, “Let’s get this energy moving.” People put it off but when you were living in this state of being and an idea comes, you’re willing at the moment to act on that idea. It’s not just one idea but over and over again as you’re holding the image of the result that you want.

Let’s say it doesn’t happen that week. Let’s say you want ten, but you get two conversations. You celebrate those two conversations because what will happen is that you’ll look at two and you want to think like, “I only got two.” You dismiss the two. The shift is, “Yes, I want a ten and I got my two on the way to ten. Whether I got them this week or next week or the following week. I’m on my way.” That’s a mental move. That’s the nuance move right there where you are generating the state of the person who already did this and you’re celebrating the micro moves every step along the way realizing that those micro moves are moving to the macro move.

This is where the rigor comes in and the high degree of what I call spiritual discipline and spiritual maturity. This is where most people don’t understand that when you start entertaining disappointment because things are not moving as quickly or as expansive as you want it. At that moment, you were shutting the energy down. You’re shutting your creativity down and your momentum down. Do you know how hard it is to move in disappointment? You assume and lock up the doors.

I’m not saying to deny the human experience. I’m not saying that it’s not a real experience that you’re going through, but this is why few people understand this because you have to cause yourself in the face of facts that potentially could be disappointing. Give yourself a moment but then you want to come back and say, “I’m celebrating on my way as I have the image and I am the person who did this. This is what I’m doing right now. I’m staying connected to the stream of creativity and momentum as I’m now allowing these new results to come into my life.”

It’s almost like one must activate who they’re going to be in the moment, realizing they have a choice in the midst of whatever they’re dealing with in this thing called life, and the conditions and circumstances that show up. They can now stand in the place of lack and scarcity or they can stand in the place of overflowing abundance. As you said, your goal is ten phone appointments and you’ve got two. If your mindset and your way of being is, “I’m two on my way to ten,” it’s going to drive some action that’s going to bring you fulfillment. However, if someone stays in the, “I only got two,” one of the conditions that all of us are humans look at is we look at our bills. We think about our financial obligations.

We think about people that depend on us like family, spouse, significant other, and all that stuff. We drive ourselves nuts around all these things that we feel are most urgent versus what’s required. To your point, what’s required in the midst of it is to get in touch with your own greatness and magnificence. This is what I love about the branding work that I do and personal branding around expertise is that you’ve got a gift. You’ve got something to offer the world as profound. Stand in it and be in it so that you can do what you need to do, and have what you want to have in the midst of it all.

When you’re celebrating those two, what you’re doing is that if you don’t see those ten phone calls as a way to get, you see it as a way to give. It’s pouring into those two as if they were ten because it’s like, “I get to serve these two people.” It’s the movement and you’re also magnetizing the field that energetically, this is what you’re sending now. I am a good steward of what the universe has brought to me. I am not dissing or dismissing these two. I am a good steward of the gift of these two and as I demonstrate the reverence, as I’m treating these two, then I’m opening myself up for the ten more or even the more after that are coming. There is a place of coming to understand. This is a key piece or the spiritual piece for me.

Whatever name you to give it or how you define it or anything else, understanding that there is an energy moving through us, underneath us, and all around us that when we open up and be who we are created to be, bring what we are created to bring, and acknowledge what’s already here. Number one, we’ll see how sourced and supplied we are. It’s breathtaking how abundant we are and we’re in that state of receivership where we now allow even more to flow into our lives. If we’re in a state of fear and scarcity and “I got to get,” we stand on the hose and we cut it off. Here’s what we stand on. What do you think the universe’s first currency is?

It’s going to cost something. When I hear the word currency, here’s what comes up for me that I do A or I do B. If I make the wrong choice, it’s going to cost me something.

Somehow it involves money.

The cost could be financial cost. It could be my aliveness, my vitality, or my state of mind because some people can go down a whole path of depression and sadness.

When I think of currency, I think of electricity and also money, “I have to generate money that I’m okay with.” The universe’s first currency is ideas. When we make ourselves available to bold ideas that who we are now will never entertain, but now we’re putting on this being as the person who already did this. Now, we can hear those ideas and not only can we hear those ideas, but now we can physically act on those ideas that are way beyond how we have identified ourselves up until this point.

What do you have to say to the person out there who’s reading who may feel that, “Felicia, I hear you. However, if truth be told, I’ve got low self-esteem. I’ve got lack of confidence. I feel that there’s something wrong with me. That I need to fix something and I need to improve on something. There’s something that I need to do or be first in order to achieve what it is that I want to achieve.” In this world, there’s a lot of that going on where people start looking at not only their present circumstances but their story in terms of their journey, this, that and the other, and all the drama. We make up a story around it. We make up an interpretation of what it means as opposed to, “That’s something that happened. Rocks are hard. The water is wet. What are you going to do next?” It is what I like to say to people. What advice do you have for that person?

It’s one of the things that we dig into when I work with people. I don’t go after blocks. What I do is help people understand that your dream now becomes the catalyst that needs to transform. If you don’t have something that you have a burning desire for, you’re not going to do the work. You know that you need to build confidence. You know that you need to build your self-esteem, but if you don’t give yourself permission to have a burning desire for it, there’s no impetus to dig in and do the necessary work to do the transformation.

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I help people understand and work on, you don’t do work on confidence, then go dream. You let the dream inform who you need to grow into. Because you have a burning desire and you’re able to start imagining who that person could be, you start stepping into that person. It’s also the reason why I always have somebody who stands with me as a partner in believing as a mentor and as a coach. As you do, Gerry, as you’re working with branding and you’re helping people step into their magnificence, there have to be somebody on the outside that looks at you and sees you, “You are brilliant. It’s breathtaking how brilliant you are.”

To take a stand for that person long enough for them to be able to see it for themselves, and then move accordingly to that new understanding, that new revelation. If you’re there saying, “I’ve got low self-esteem. I don’t have any confidence. I don’t know that I can do that,” know that I stand with you with an unwavering belief that you can. You’re not the one that electricity doesn’t work for. Laws work for everybody and this power is moving through everybody. We all have stories. It’s wrapping my arms around the story. Deep compassion for the story and you’re more than that. There is that in you that’s more than that. Let’s discover the even moreness of you as a result of that story. How has that story informed and even moreness of you as you discover and let your dream inform who you are to grow into as you then apply it to this sacred mission of living the life that you love?

When should someone start building their dreams?

Give yourself permission to start noticing where are those places where you’ve made good enough, good enough. You’re already successful. You look around your life and you see, “I built out a good life and I don’t know that I want to mess with it.” We allow it to be okay to turn the dial down a little bit. Notice those places where you’re turning the dial down a little bit because that’s like saying, “There’s so much more” that’s seeking expression through you. Give yourself permission to start living into this sacred most reverent question, “What would I love?” Understanding that it’s not your conversation. That’s life initiating a conversation with you.

That desire is not coming from you. That’s coming from life itself wanting to grow you into an even more magnificent version of yourself and expand the expression of life even more through you. Give yourself permission to pay attention to your discontent and understand that as life moving through you and waking you up. Start paying attention to your desire knowing that it’s not your prayer to life. That’s life’s prayer to you. Now, you become a vessel through which life can grow, expand and bless.

Anybody can be a vessel. Tell people that, because I think some people have such self-doubt when it comes to like, “Who am I? I didn’t go to this school. I don’t have this experience. I don’t have this, that and the other.”

Here’s what I say to that and I say this with absolute love and respect. When people doubt whether or not they have something to offer, I call that the flip side of arrogance. It’s being arrogant because what you’re saying is that I’m the one that was created by whatever relationship you have with it, this indescribable power that somehow, I got missed. I’m the one without purpose. That’s like saying that that blade of grass does not have value. It’s an arrogant thing. There’s a deep level of reverence and humility that’s required to understand, “I can be used. I may not necessarily know how but I can be used in a way that serves others.”

I think as part of that, people have to know it’s okay to deal with the doesn’t feel good stuff. We got to be willing to walk through the flames, go through the storms, and build up a tolerance for frustration. Speaking for myself and I appreciate what you did share because one of the things that I learned along my journey of self-employment and entrepreneurship is that I never took the bait and went down the rabbit hole that I call, “Business is horrible. Why can’t I be successful as others at my field? How come I don’t have this, that and the other? How come this person, my friends, or people that I hear about know about? I need to do something else. I need to go get a job.”

I avoided this whole thing of keeping up with the Joneses. This is good that we’re talking about this. I’m honored to have you here. Many people fall into this trap of believing that they’re not up to par, that they’re not far enough along, and they’re not defining success the way that success should be defined because for a lot of people, success is money and stuff. What are your thoughts about that in terms of how people should take a look at how they define success and achieving dreams for themselves that goes beyond the material stuff?

Money is such a tiny part of it. It’s never about the money. Money is a reflection of my relationship with myself and my abundance. Let me back up because you said that you had to build a tolerance from frustration. I think you have to build tolerance and commendation for joy and fulfillment. We trust frustration as backward as that may sound. I’ve noticed in the work that I’ve done and with myself and with the streams of people throughout the years, is that people mistrust ease.

There’s a trust in frustration. There’s a trust in working hard. It’s like if you let that go, then you make yourself vulnerable for something unpreferred to come at you from behind. It’ll slap you upside the head. What we have to do is build a tolerance. Learn how to accommodate more good and learn to trust the good. Learn how to let yourself let down the hypervigilance in order to allow yourself to experience and trust, and be vulnerable to true joy and fulfillment.

BBF 45 | Activate Your Dream

Activate Your Dream: The moment you start entertaining disappointment, you are shutting your creativity and momentum down.

That’s where the key piece of this work comes in. If we’re approaching it from that frame of reference, the whole thing around money is that you understand that money becomes a tool that you have to use to serve the quality of your own life, serve the quality of the life that people are here for you to serve and to be able to contribute to those things that are meaningful for you. You get to place it in its rightful place and understand that you get to define success anywhere you want it. I had a client who was highly successful. She was overwhelmed with her job and the demands that she had become ill. She was out on a leave of absence and she didn’t want to go back to work. All she wanted to do was learn how to garden and cook organically. That was her dream.

I loved that dream for her because, for her, that was way beyond her comfort zone to be able to exhale, relax and lay down the hypervigilance enough to let her body relax into beingness. It gives herself permission to go into her garden and go into her kitchen. What we were after was a deep sense of wellbeing which could then direct what it is that’s coming most alive for me. I’ve had times when there’s one in particular that I’m thinking about who came and wanted to grow her business, but what we realized when she got in, what we needed to work on first was cleaning up relationships. Her relationship with relationships was the thing that was the pattern that she was bringing in. She couldn’t bring in her work. She couldn’t grow her work because of how she was relating to the people around her.

As we worked on that, she realized that there was a part of her that was afraid to be successful because then it meant that she had that take care of people more. If she generated more money and became more successful that she was going to be more responsible for people. She was able to truly come to a place of deep compassion, forgiveness, and what true love was and understand that love was truly about setting boundaries. She was able to then step into the work that was meant for her to do. Within six months, we tripled her income and tripled her ability to serve in terms of clientele. She has much deeper and more loving relationships with the people around her. She’s using her money in a good way. She’s serving her own quality of life and she’s using her money in ways that feel good for her.

That is good because there are many people out there who not only are baffled by how they define success in their life, the car they drive, do they own, or do they rent? What zipcode area do they live in? They look at all this stuff. What I also love about what you said was showing people where the place its significance. What’s important and let it define you. That’s not based much on all this external stuff, but what’s going on inside of you. Be able to then have more impact out in the world along with what’s most important which is personal fulfillment. It’s what it comes down.

Wallace wrote the book, The Science of Getting Rich. It was the book that The Secret was based on and he talks about being a person of increase. When you are about enhancing somebody’s life is better because of their interaction with you however, brief or however long, you are activating increase as a person of increase because you understand what your source is. You can never be disconnected from your source. When you are in that state of being, you can’t chase an increase away.

That is true because that’s been the case for me. I’ve been in branding my entire adult life. The only thing I’ve done in my existence as a full adult is strategic branding. Most Americans change jobs 10 to 15 times in a lifetime. I’ve never done anything else, but this and people often wonder, not only have I been in the game this long, but how do I stay enthusiastic and turned on. It goes to what you said, which is I know how much of a difference I make to the people that I serve and the impact and the difference that it makes not only in their aliveness, but also in whatever they want to have shown up in their business as a result. That turns me on. I can’t help but get excited about that.

What I love about what you do as you help people unlock their magnificence is that you take a stand for them and see it for them to be able to then see it for themselves. The brand is what’s visible. When we talked and what I heard from you was that it’s much beyond that. That it’s, “How am I now showing up in a way that truly is congruent with who I know myself to be.” You’re creating the container for people to come to realize it, recognize it, and live into it and the outer then reflects that?

A lot of it is being able to show someone as a solopreneur, entrepreneur, whatever, how to be at that highest version of themselves as opposed to that lower version of themselves. When we are consciously aware of who we are at our highest version, that best version, that person that we all aspire to be, that’s where miracles happen. That’s when the juicy stuff in life starts to show up.

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That’s what you do is that you create the container for people to be able not just roll that out, but step into it.

This has been such a magical time spent with you. I can’t thank you enough. For our audiences out there, I invite you to learn more about Felicia and the amazing work that she does. You go to my website, If you want to delve more into what she offers with her programs and services and all of that, you can certainly find that out on my website. Felicia, thank you for your magnificence and your contribution to the planet and the difference that you’re making. It has been a real treat to have you here.

Thank you, Gerry.

To the rest of you, take care.

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